How Pop Ups Tripled Shapewear Wholesale’s Customer Conversions

Looking for ways to attract visitors to buy from your site?

Shapewear Wholesale CEO Hannan Uygur shares his experience of how its brand successfully converted more visitors into sales and leads more than thrice than usual by using pop ups.

Get to know Shapewear Wholesale

Shapewear Wholesale is a one-stop-shop that manufactures and sells women’s seamless underwear, activewear, maternity products, and more.

This brand with a global sales network caters to a wide array of established brands and distributors, along with startups who are desiring to start their own collection of quality designs. From manufacturing, labeling, and packaging, to shipping and exporting, Shapewear Wholesale helps businesses grow and achieve more.

 How Shapewear Wholesale Gets More Customers With Poptin

Be inspired by the brand’s success through CEO Hannan Uygur himself.

    We almost tripled the number of sample orders. Almost 3x the sample orders. It is a huge increase, especially the response rate to the autoresponder email.

    Hannan Uygur

    CEO of Shapewear Wholesale

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    • 어떤 비즈니스 문제/문제 Poptin으로 해결 하려고 했다

    In today’s world, doing business is getting more and more detailed. There is so much to do and so much to follow. And, automating these processes can be the best thing a manager/CEO can do to help the entire team, business, and clients.

    When a client visits our website and contacts us for more information, or would like to order samples, we might not be online all the time, which might cost us losing that potential business.

    I believe it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many smart solutions out there and Poptin is a great example of that.

    Every time someone needs more information and contacts us, Poptin automatically sends them a link to FAQ and sends our catalog, price list, and a guide to order samples.

    Now, I can’t imagine dedicating a team member to do this instead of Poptin automation, instead, we can use our resources for other essential stuff such as growing our business!


    • Poptin과의 파트너십을 모색하기 전에 문제를 어떻게 다루었습니까?

    Well, it was the old school way. When someone reached out to us, a team member would copy and paste the pre-written text and send it over to the potential client.

    But, considering that we have clients worldwide, and we are not online for 24 hours, this had become such a daunting task. It is very important to reach back to the potential client immediately. If you are late, that might cost you that potential business.

    It’s not something that a business can afford in today’s competitive business environment, many other businesses will be ready to steal our client.


    • 당사의 제품/서비스를 사용한 후 측정 가능한 개선 사항이 있습니까?

    The most important thing in our business model is to encourage a client to order samples. Because, if a client wants to order samples and is willing to pay for those, that means that they are serious about making business with us.

    Nobody will email you, fill out an order form, and pay for it unless they are serious. So, this is a crucial step to start in terms of our business model.

    By automating this process, we almost tripled the number of sample orders. Almost 3x the sample orders. It is a huge increase, especially the response rate to the auto-responder email.

    We were hoping that Poptin would help us to achieve this but weren’t expecting these amazing results to be honest!

    • 비즈니스 개선에 영향을 미치는 Poptin의 가장 효과적인 요소는 무엇이었습니까?

    We use Poptin as a way for our potential clients to contact us. Some people just don’t send an email or use the contact form, but they simply fill out the website pop-up that we generate from Poptin.

    Our conversion rates are amazing, way beyond our expectations! We have seen a significant increase in new business that we value the most.

    In today’s business customer acquisition, the cost is one of the key metrics that every business must keep a track of, and if you can find the right formula combined with Poptin pop-ups, you might see great results that add value to your business.

    • 향후 포틴을 극대화하려면 어떻게 해야 할까요?

    We have seen a huge success in acquiring new customers. We will further evaluate our options on how we can implement Poptin more effectively in our business.

    At the current stage, we are so happy with how it’s performing right now, so we are not planning to make any major changes. Having said that, Shapewear Wholesale’s parent company Depotel is also a partner at Wholesale Bag Factory. WBF manufactures canvas cotton bags for brands, supermarkets chains, and promotional agencies in the EU and the Middle East.

    Our next objective is to implement the knowledge that we gained from Shapewear Wholesale in terms of marketing automation and lead generation, then apply that to Wholesale Bag Factory.

    Our new customer acquisition has more than tripled after implementing Poptin popups on our website. Especially the response rate to the autoresponder email.

    Hannan Uygur, CEO, Shapewear Wholesale