Gamified Pop Ups

Make your pop ups more interactive, engaging, and interesting by creating gamified pop ups with ease. You can use this strategy to speed up conversions, gain more followers, increase sales, drive more email signups, and more.

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Create spin the wheel pop up to boost interaction

Spin to win pop up, most commonly called wheel of fortune, appeal to all types of markets. Our innate desire for rewards make it all the more effective in capturing attention and converting visitors.

Surprise visitors with pick a gift pop up

Gift pop ups are highly engaging as it provides an element of surprise to your visitors. For eCommerce store owners, you can use pick a gift pop up to capture attention, improve shopping experience, and speed up purchasing decisions.

Everyone has a winning moment with Poptin’s scratch card pop up

Scratch cards popups catch attention by intriguing the visitors and encouraging them to act. Once the scratch off popup’s offer has been fully revealed, you can ask for their email address to boost your email leads, show a coupon code that they can copy in an instant, and more.

Unique Gamified Pop Ups Elements

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A/B 테스트

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Advanced Targeting

Target the right customers and convert more qualified leads