Shareable Poptin Link

Want to show your pop ups in action with your team? Before you launch your pop ups on live site, you have the power to test and share it with anyone using a link going to Poptin’s landing page feature, the Here you can see how your pop up enters/exits, what it looks like in actual, and how it works with your integrations.

poptin shareable link

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Easily test your popups on landing page

Poptin’s shareable landing page feature allows you to see and simulate your pop ups based on how it will actually look like in action.

Share the landing page link to anyone in your team

The landing page link is shareable and can be a way to get it across your team for further testing and collaboration before you officially launch your pop ups.

Unique Shareable Poptin Link Elements

강력한 편집기

사용자 친화적이고 혁신적인 인터페이스로 팝업 만들기

Test and Share

Launch and share your popages landing page in just a click

Simulate Integrations

Fill out the popup fields and see if it syncs with your integration