Source Code Targeting

Easily target the right customers with Source Code Targeting! Show or don’t show your website pop ups and embedded forms to visitors who visit a page that contains a specific HTML code in the DOM. In just one click, you can activate Source Code targeting on your pop ups using Poptin’s user-friendly popup builder. This feature is available for paid plan users.

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Easy to implement with Poptin’s no-code popup builder

With Poptin, you can easily create and design pop ups in minutes and set the Source Code targeting in literally one click. Activating this will enable you to just show or don’t show your popups to visitors on pages with source code that has your specified HTML or text.

Target specific source code in the DOM

Source code targeting, once turned on, checks the Document Object Model (DOM) if it contains the user specification, thus, guarantees accuracy.

Unique Source Code Targeting Elements

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