poptin logo vs Poptin: A Better Pop Convert Alternative

Poptin: A Better Pop Convert Alternative

Looking to boost brand awareness and increase customer engagement? With Poptin, you can create attention-grabbing pop ups to effectively promote new products or services, make announcements about upcoming events, or share important information with your website visitors.

Widely Recognized As a Market Leader By Our Customers

Poptin Pop Convert
G2 4.8/5
Capterra 4.8/5
Trustpilot 4.9/5
WordPress 4.9/5
Shopify 4.9/5
Shopify 4.9/5
Wix 4.8/5
Wix 4.7/5
Total Reviews: 2000+ Reviews
Total Reviews: 6336+ Reviews

Poptin vs. Pop Convert Comparison Table

See how Poptin stands out in comparison to Pop Convert

Poptin Pop Convert
Free Plan Yes No
Starter Plan $25 (Basic monthly plan) $20
Visitors/Pageviews (Starter Plan) 10,000 Visitors 20,000 Pageviews(Est. 6,666 visitors)
Unlimited Websites/Domains Yes Limited in Starter, Premium & Growth plans
Unlimited Popups Yes Yes
Built-in Autoresponders Yes No
Popup Types
Lightbox Popups Yes Yes
Floating Bar Yes Yes
Slide-in Scroll Yes Yes
Mobile Popup Yes Yes
Gamified Popup Yes Yes
Countdown Popup Yes Yes
Contact Forms Yes Yes
Inline Forms Yes Yes
Yes/No Forms Yes No
Basic Settings
Drag & Drop Editor Yes No
Template Library Yes Yes
Entry & Exit Effects Yes Yes
Custom CSS Yes No
Thank You Messages Yes No
Countdown Timers Yes Yes
Advanced Settings
Exit Intent Trigger Yes Yes
Time Delay Yes Yes
Page Scroll Yes Yes
Page Count Yes Yes
Inactivity Trigger Yes No
On-click Trigger Yes No
Click-count Trigger Yes No
Autopilot Trigger Yes No
Shopify Cart Trigger Yes Yes
Targeting Rules
Page Targeting Yes Yes
Device Targeting Yes Yes
Traffic Source Yes Yes
Geo-Location Yes No
Cookies Yes No
Javascript Yes No
Date & Time Yes No
Ad Block Yes No
IP Address Blocking Yes No
Retargeting Yes Yes
Shopify Customer Tag Yes No
Shopify Cart Yes Yes
Shopify Order History Yes No
Send leads to email Yes Yes
Built-In Analytics Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes Yes
Websites & CMS Yes Square not available
Split Testing
A/B Testing Yes Yes
Account Management
Sub-Accounts Yes No
User permissions Yes No
eCommerce Platforms
WordPress Yes Yes
Wix Yes No
Shopify Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Facebook Group Yes No
Knowledge Base Yes Yes

Why is Poptin a Better Pop Convert Alternative?

Free Plan Access

Poptin offers users a free plan, enabling them to create engaging popups and forms. This accessibility is invaluable for teams operating on a low budget, allowing them to increase conversions without financial constraints. In contrast, Pop Convert restricts its offering to a 7-day free trial, limiting the opportunity for extended exploration and use.

Drag and Drop Editor

Poptin distinguishes itself from Pop Convert with its easy-to-use editor, empowering users to effortlessly design popups and forms that align with their brand’s style and messaging. The absence of this vital feature in Pop Convert makes it difficult for users with no design skills to create popups and forms.

Advanced Targeting Rules

Poptin offers advanced targeting tools, including device targeting, adblock detection, and IP address blocking. These features enable precise customization of pop ups display for specific audiences and scenarios, thereby enhancing engagement and conversion rates. In contrast, Pop Convert lacks these targeting capabilities.

Trigger Settings

Poptin, a viable Pop Convert alternative, provides comprehensive trigger settings for precise control over when your pop ups appear to visitors. These settings encompass page scroll, page count, inactivity, on-click etc. In contrast, while Pop Convert does offer trigger settings, it lacks the variety and precision provided by Poptin's advanced trigger options.

Autoresponder Feature

Using Poptin, users have the capability to customize responses that effectively engage customers at crucial touchpoints along their journey. Conversely, Pop Convert lacks this functionality, which hinders users from automating communication and potentially neglecting valuable opportunities to foster relationships and boost conversions.

Encourage Actions Easily

Leverage pop ups as a strategic tool to capture visitor attention and drive desired actions on your website. Employ them to prompt actions such as newsletter sign-ups, showcase special offers, or highlight product promotions.

Use Autoresponders for Instant Interaction

Engage with customers instantly using autoresponders triggered by predefined prompts or customer actions. This method streamlines communication, ensuring consistent and timely engagement with your audience.

Drag-and-Drop Editing

Create beautiful popups effortlessly, without the need for extensive technical expertise or coding knowledge, by simply dragging and dropping elements from the sidebar onto the page layout, and rearranging them as needed to achieve the desired look and functionality.

Enhance Workflow Efficiency with Integration

Effortlessly integrate Poptin with your work tools such as WordPress, Shopify, and others, in mere minutes. This seamless integration system fosters smooth collaboration and boosts productivity throughout your workflow, enabling streamlined operations.


How are monthly visitors counted?

A unique monthly visitor is anyone who visits one of your website pages with our snippet in the last 30 days. A visitor may initiate several sessions and view multiple pages, but they will still only be counted as a single visitor as long as they didn't delete browser cookies or used a different device or browser.

I have a small website, can I open an account for free?

Yes! You can open a free account which is unlimited for 1,000 views. No credit card is required.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can cancel your paid plan anytime via the Billing page in the dashboard.

Which platforms can Poptin be used on?

Poptin can be used with any platform: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Weebly, WIX, simple HTML websites, and many more.

Can I offer Poptin to my clients?

Yes! Owning an Agency plan allows you to create and manage user accounts for any one of your clients. You can also use our affiliate program.

What kind of conversion rates can I expect?

Conversion rates on your website may double, triple, or increase even more. The extent of the positive effect depends on several factors, such as the attractiveness of offers you make on the poptins you display, how many poptins you use, targeting, display timing, etc.

Will I need a developer to handle code embedding?

There is no need for a web developer, use of the Poptin system requires adding just a single line of code. In any case, you can send the code and instructions for embedding directly to a web developer. If you are not code-savvy and have no one to assist you, just contact our support and we will be happy to guide you along.

What are Sub-accounts and Users' management (Agency plan)?

Owning an agency account allows you to create and manage customer accounts. On each sub-account, you can use a different set of poptins. This means you can offer customers or websites a unique set of poptins and collect data separately for

Owners of agency accounts can manage users. If you operate in the field of digital marketing you may grant access to account managers or even to clients themselves allowing for any scale of involvement in creating and controlling the use of poptins. If you own and operate several websites you can create unique user accounts and control each separately.

Can I use my designs?

Yes! You can create uniquely designed poptins of any size and upload them onto the system.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! The Poptin affiliate program is open to all and grants a lifetime 25% monthly commission for each new paying member recruited.

Is Poptin a Pop Convert alternative?

Yes! Poptin is a great Pop Convert alternative that can be used to create popups, inlines, and embedded forms quickly.