Триггер бездействия

Want to get your visitor’s attention when they become inactive on your website? Poptin’s inactivity trigger lets you drive engagement by showing relevant pop ups and website campaigns once it detects that the visitor is idle for a specified period of time. This feature tracks certain behavior of your website visitor on different devices, such as scrolling, clicking, moving, or typing. Once any of this is non-existent for a certain time range, a pop up will be triggered to appear, reawakening visitors with exciting offerings and promotions. Inactivity trigger effectively boosts engagement, drives more email signups, and even reduces cart abandonment.

Никаких строк. Кредитная карта не требуется.

Create relevant offers to catch visitors attention

Overcome short attention spans by showing enticing pop ups to your visitors when they become idle. There may be a lot of reasons why they’re inactive, but exclusive offers would really excite and lead them back on track.

Easy to set up on your pop ups

Whether you implement the inactivity trigger for mobile or desktop users, Poptin offers an easy way to set it up. With just a quick toggle on the buttons, you can equip your pop ups for maximum conversions.

Unique Inactivity Trigger Elements

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