JavaScript Targeting is an advanced feature that allows you to show or hide pop up campaigns based on the JavaScript variable present on the page and/or browser. Just set the variable names and values and your pop ups will be displayed automatically to the right customers. Pair it with the right smart trigger to maximize your conversion results. With Poptin’s user-friendly drag and drop interface, it only takes a few clicks to implement the JavaScript Targeting on any kinds of pop up campaigns. The JavaScript Targeting is available for Basic users and up.

Никаких строк. Кредитная карта не требуется.

Show pop ups and engage with potential customers

With JavaScript targeting, you have the power to display your pop ups to visitors who are more likely to be interested in your content. Compared to showing your campaigns to a broad set of audience, turning JavaScript targeting on saves you time and money.

Easy, fast, and simple

All you need to do is to set your key JavaScript variable and the corresponding value, and you’re good to go!

Unique JavaScript Targeting Elements

Мощный редактор

Создавайте всплывающие окна с нашим удобным и инновационным интерфейсом.

A/B тестирование

Easily determine the best location to target your visitors

Код конвертации

Преобразование трека на вашей любимой платформе Analytics