Page Count Trigger

Engage your visitors more by capturing their attention after visiting a specified number of pages on your website. By showing them an enticing pop up using the page count trigger, you’re more likely to boost their browsing experience and make them engaged with your brand all the more, resulting to a successful conversion. With Poptin, you can apply the page count trigger on your opt-ins in just one click with its user-friendly and feature-packed pop up builder.

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Surprise your visitors with targeted CTAs while they’re busy browsing

You can easily boost conversions with page count trigger as you get to reach out to engaged visitors. As they browse, you can pop them irresistible offers that can improve your brand’s value to them.

Not sure about the page counts that work? A/B Test.

Poptin has an easy A/B testing feature that helps users determine the best triggers that would work successfully for their target market.

Unique Page Count Trigger Elements

Мощный редактор

Создавайте всплывающие окна с нашим удобным и инновационным интерфейсом.

A/B тестирование

Easily determine the best page count that’s best for your visitors

Код конвертации

Преобразование трека на вашей любимой платформе Analytics