Ecomail Popups and Embedded Forms

Grow your Ecomail email list with Poptin

Increase email signups and seamlessly sync visitor responses with your Ecomail’s email list database with Poptin’s popups and forms

What is Ecomail?

Ecomail is a multi-channel marketing platform that offers advanced communication features for email, SMS, and social media. By using Ecomail, you can send out beautiful and highly responsive emails that you can customize based on your campaign, no coding required. Ecomail makes it easy for users to automate marketing funnels, segment email subscribers. and track performances with its built-in analytics. You can even utilize AI to precisely target your market with the right content. Since 2015, this email platform continues to help small to medium-sizes business around the world get access to smart and effective email marketing.


Great for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals and eCommerce website owners seeking to:

Increase visitors’

With Poptin, you can conduct surveys, get feedback and offer visitors another content item they will be interested in.



Capture more leads
and sales

Want more leads? Show relevant offers based on their unique behavior and substantially improve conversion rates.

Reduce shopping cart

A potential customer is planning to ditch their shopping cart? Pop them an offer they can’t refuse and increase sales in no time!


  • 先进的拖拽编辑器,实现简单的自定义
  • 大量的高质量、随时可用的模板可供选择。
  • 从任何模板中添加或删除字段、图像和元素。
  • 响应式设计和在移动端显示poptins。
  • 不需要编码技能


  • 获取指定时间段的数据,包括您创建的poptins的访客数量、曝光率和转化率。
  • 图形显示,便于分析