Plando Popups and Embedded Forms

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Grow your Plando email list with Poptin

Experience easy lead generation with Poptin’s popups and forms. Plus, this Poptin-Plando integration also offers a seamless email marketing process.

What is Plando?

Plando is a user-friendly customer relationship management system in Israel. It offers effective management of leads and efficient communication even until the after-sales process. Plando’s services are a perfect fit for a diverse set of industries, from sales, education, consulting, tourism, fitness, digital services, and more. This all-in-one solution is capable of streamlining the work of managing bulk details as it provides automation processes for faster implementations. Plando’s headquarters is in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Great for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers, portals and eCommerce website owners seeking to:

Increase Visitors’ engagment


ActiveCampaign email subscribers


Capture more leads and sales


Reduce shopping cart abandonment



  • 簡単にカスタマイズできる高度なドラッグ&ドロップエディター
  • 高品質ですぐに使えるテンプレートを豊富に用意
  • 任意のテンプレートにフィールド、画像、要素を追加または削除
  • レスポンシブデザインとモバイルでのポップインの表示
  • コーディングスキルは不要


  • 作成したポップティンの訪問者数、露出度、コンバージョン率などのデータを一定期間取得することができます。
  • 分析を容易にするグラフィックディスプレイ