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7 आंख को पकड़ने ईमेल विषय लाइनें है कि अपने ईमेल खोला जाएगा

ईमेल विषय रेखाएं
Why is email marketing still a big deal today? After all, most people now are using social media, forums, and search engines to find the products and services they need. While this is true – you don’t want to forgo the use of…
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ईमेल डिज़ाइन के 6 तत्व जो संलग्न और परिवर्तित करते हैं (w/उदाहरण)

ईमेल डिजाइन तत्व
We live in a digital age where everyone walks around with a computer in their pocket. Around the globe, there are over 2.5 billion smartphone users. And when you think about it, your email campaigns are most likely opened on these small devices.…
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