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Email Marketing Examples: How to Use AI to Gain Advantage in 2024

Email Marketing Examples: How to Use AI to Gain Advantage in 2024

Email marketing is essential for every business’s marketing strategy. Why? Because it is one of the most effective strategies you can use to be successful with lead generation. Also, emails have a 15.22% higher conversion rate than other channels.

Another incredible thing about email marketing is its compatibility with technologies like AI. AI is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses meet their email marketing goals on time. It will help you optimize your strategy and save time.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how to use AI to gain advantage in 2024. Also, we’ll go over a few email marketing examples. So, read on to learn more. 

Email marketing example

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What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a marketing approach where marketers send a scheduled series of commercial messages, newsletters, and promotional content to their target audience. Why? The main goal of this type of marketing is to:

  • Build brand awareness;
  • Promote services or products;
  • Generate more sales;
  • Nurture leads;
  • Encourage customer engagement.

Most email marketing examples often have a call-to-action like:

  • Add a product to your cart;
  • Continue reading;
  • Book a call;
  • Get users to sign up.

How to use AI in your email marketing efforts in 2024

As stated above, AI transforms email marketing. How? It has made it more efficient and productive. Below, we’ll give you a simple guide and email marketing examples on how you can use AI in 2024.

Upgrade the way you create email content

One of the best email marketing campaign examples that showcases how to create email content is the one done by Starbucks. Starbucks uses appreciative expressions to welcome its target audience while communicating benefits and features.

You can adopt this marketing element by using AI to create content that makes your audience feel welcome. AI is one of the best tools most marketers use to create email marketing examples. Why? Because AI allows for a fast content generation process and an increased response rate. Some reports say that almost 40% of users believe that content creation is one of the best features that AI offers. 

AI in Email Marketing

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Benefits of using AI in email content creation

There are several benefits of using AI in email content creation:

  • AI allows users to tailor and personalize their emails for specific target audiences;
  • AI allows fast email content generation;
  • AI analyzes past email content and then will enable you to optimize your current content;
  • AI facilitates increased email response rate;
  • AI writes compelling stories that can captivate your audience.

Incorporate unique visuals

Netflix provides one of the best email marketing examples of using AI to incorporate unique visuals. This company offers plenty of skimmable visuals of new releases and a captivating CTA that often prompts users to watch trailers.

Brand example

Source: Image by Freepik

You can follow this email marketing example to ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns. How? For example, use AI to create compelling and relevant visuals by relying on customized AI images. Then, incorporate the visuals in your email. These visuals can increase your email click-through rate by at least 17%.

So, what is the best tool for creating AI visuals? One suggestion of a platform where you can find a good collection of AI tools is Freepik. For example, Freepik’s AI image generator allows you to access and create the most appealing AI images possible by typing a few prompts. Also, it will enable you to enjoy the following benefits.

AI generated image

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 Benefits of using AI to create visuals

  •  It allows you to create unique visuals that make you stand out;
  • It increases your click-through rate;
  • It lets you create more memorable aesthetic photos leveraging the human brain’s capacity to process visuals more swiftly than written content;
  • It boosts customer engagement;
  • It provides a fun way to display complex statistics and data.

Focus on email personalization

AI allows for email personalization. How? It analyzes a large amount of data and then predicts your audience’s needs and preferences. Thus, you can use the analyzed data to create content that resonates well with a particular audience and ensure lead generation.

Loft has one of the best email marketing examples regarding email personalization. This company’s marketing campaign focuses on customers’ needs and uses a humorous strategy with its slogan, “Happy Inbox, Happy Life[3] .”

Benefits of AI in email personalization

  • It enables content creation that resonates with your target audience;
  • It facilitates more effective email copies;
  • It increases the email open rate;
  • It increases the email response rate;
  • It enables the creation of unique and personalized emails.

Start analyzing campaign data

AI marketing tools play an essential role in optimizing your marketing campaigns. How? They allow you to analyze the performance of past email campaigns. This helps you determine the subject lines that will get you the most clicks and the best time to send your emails.

In addition, AI can analyze different email marketing examples to help you determine the health of your campaigns. One email marketing example you can follow is the one by Harpoon Brewery. Harpoon Brewery analyzes customer data and then sends personalized content.

For instance, if you are an email subscriber of this company, you will get a customized birthday message that will make you want to engage.

Email marketing data analysis

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Benefits of AI in analyzing campaign data

  •  AI can analyze user activity and email content to identify subscriber preferences. This allows you to focus on ideas, designs, and styles related to your target audience.
  • AI helps you determine which emails have a high open rate. So, you can center your email marketing efforts to match that of successful content.
  • AI can analyze other email marketing examples. This helps you determine ways to improve your email marketing performance.
  •  Advanced AI allows you to predict the performance of your email marketing efforts before you send them out.
  • AI campaign data analysis gives you a deeper insight into your recipients’ online behavior.

Utilize AI email automation tools

Most traditional B2B marketing examples show that email marketing can be complex and time-consuming. However, thanks to AI, you can automate your email workflows. This automation allows you to send emails to your subscribers automatically.

Some of the most common email marketing examples of where to use AI in email automation include the following:

  • Standard promotion campaign;
  • Retargeting campaign;
  • Post-purchase campaign;
  • Cart abandonment campaign;
  • Welcome email campaign.

Benefits of AI in email automation

  • Increased efficiency in sending out emails;
  • Better content personalization;
  • Improved performance;
  • Better email marketing management efforts.

Manage your email list

An email list is essential for the success of your email marketing campaigns. It provides one of the most direct ways to get to your customers. Your main goal in email marketing should be to maintain and obtain email subscribers.

The best thing is that AI can smoothen this process for you. It enables you to maintain your subscriber list better and have optimal results with your marketing.

Benefits of AI in maintaining and obtaining an email list

  • It helps users to segment their contact list;
  • It enables users to deliver critical information to relevant groups;
  • It automatically processes subscriber data;
  • It provides users with a holistic view of subscriber interests and preferences;
  • It can score the web to ensure you fill the gaps needed to develop rich contact profiles.

Create smart newsletters

AI technology can ensure you have the best and most successful email marketing campaigns. It can help you to craft engaging and relevant newsletters. In addition, regular and timely newsletters that offer relevant and valuable information ensure you can build expertise, familiarity, and trust. This strategy can enable you to foster customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

Casper Labs provides one of the best examples of how you can use it to master the art of newsletters. They offer simple storytelling and problem-solution framework. Also, they use simple graphics to enhance the overall appeal of their newsletters while reinforcing their brand image. So, capitalize on AI and create outstanding and appealing newsletters.

Benefits of using AI to create intelligent newsletters

  • AI technology helps marketers concentrate on great content, ideation, and strategy by managing offer insights and repetitive writing;
  • AI writing assistance helps to speed up newsletter production by crafting drafts from prompts. It can create engaging newsletters from talking points and data;
  • AI analyzes user activity and other newsletters to ensure you create new newsletters that offer great ideas, designs, and styles.


Some of the best email marketing examples in 2024 use AI for their email marketing efforts. Why? Incorporating AI into your marketing efforts is like having a virtual assistant. It handles all time-consuming and repetitive tasks for you.

In addition, AI can boost your conversion rates, increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, and make you stand out from the crowd.


  1. Is email marketing still relevant in 2024?

Yes, it is. Email marketing is still effective and relevant despite the innovation of new communication platforms due to its adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and direct reach.

  1. Is email marketing still profitable?

Yes, email marketing is still profitable. It can generate a high ROI, where for every $1, you get $40 returns.

  1. What is the next big thing in email marketing?

The next big thing in email marketing is using AI to ensure data privacy and protection.

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