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Poptin 2.0 is live!!🐦🔥💜

September 18, 2019
Poptin 2.0

We just launched Poptin 2.0 on Product Hunt!


Ok cool, but here is what’s new:

          • New website & Interface design

            Check it out: www.poptin.com


            Our mascot also got fresh new colors:

        • Embedded forms! Including A/B test

        • New Templates

          via GIPHY

        • New Elements

          Besides images, fields and links, it is now possible to add these elements to add these elements to all of your templates:
          – Timer
          – Shapes
          – Icons
          – Video

          New elements

          Another cool feature we added it the ability to rotate any element.

          Rotate element

        • Separate Desktop and Mobile Editing

          mobile editing

        • Full View Editing

          Full view editing

        • Background Editing

          Now you have more control over your poptins’ background:


  • Display Rules Summary

  • Autoresponder Templates and UI upgrades

    • Agency Interface Update

Agency account

You can switch between subaccounts and each account will have its own dashboard.
Once you choose to manage a specific subaccount, you will see it as a single account with its own overview, popups tab, forms tab, autoresponder tab and leads tab.
Obiously you can still create users and give premissions to specific subacconuts.

If you would be granted access from a different account, you will also see it in your subaccounts list with a Shared icon on its right side.

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