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7 Power Words To Use To Increase Blog’s Click Rates

Using the right words to create quality content and engage the audience is essential because words are those that make an impact and compel people to take action.

To increase your blog’s click rates, you have to pay attention to every detail whenever you write something.

Using power words is like giving visitors a little push towards clicking and helping you to increase your website’s conversion rates.

They have proven to be extremely useful if used properly, and some of the places where you should use these words to quickly attract your visitors’ attention are:

  • Headlines
  • First and last paragraphs
  • CTAs

These are the places where they can be most effective, but you can use them in your email marketing and social media marketing, too.

With these 7 power words, your blog’s click rates will increase enormously, so don’t waste any more time and try them right away!

1. Free

The word “Free” in itself gives people a sense of added value.

“Free” is the most used word in online marketing because people are most attached to offers where they think they will get the chance to benefit in any way.

By including this word in your blog posts, you can appeal to a huge number of people and give them an opportunity to bargain.

This will increase engagement as well as your conversion rates because it delights people and makes them want to take action more than ever.

It totally compels them because people love free stuff, so you should use it to your advantage, for sure.

They will click on a link or sign up to get a special offer which will, at the same time, give them a sense of accomplishment, which is good for both them and your business.


Source: AmyPorterfield

As in this example, you can capitalize the word FREE as well as the rest of the main offer, or you can emphasize the word FREE individually to focus on the meaning of the word itself even more.

When your visitors see the opportunity to get something for nothing, it will be hard for them to turn it down and ignore it.

You can also add it when you want to inform your visitors that they don’t have to pay for something, for example, shipping, which will instantly increase the value of the offer/product itself.

2. New

People are always looking for new things and that is why it is very important to include this word in your copy.

They like to learn about new ways to do something or about some special new offers that are coming, so add the word “New” to your headlines and you’ll see its magic in action.

Also, when visitors see the word “New”, they immediately think “Better”, so this also gives a certain appeal to your offer and makes them more excited to click and try it out.

People crave something new in their lives, so providing them with something to be excited about is certainly great for increasing click rates.


Source: SeoPressor

It is important to keep visitors on their toes and provide them with new experiences in order not to bore them.

Provide them with a value they need, promise some kind of progress, and visitors will be forever grateful.

This will maintain people’s attention and, ultimately, positively impact your business.

3. Proven

The word “Proven” is a direct trigger that lets people know how sure and professional you are as an online marketer.

When something is “Proven”, it means that it works for sure.

At least, that’s what visitors expect.

So, include this word in your blog posts if you want to attract your visitors’ attention with the expertise and some proven strategies.

When a person doesn’t have enough time to try some strategy out, he/she will probably stick to the headline that contains “Proven” in it as it suggests that you have all the answers they need.


Source: BrianTracy

If you present yourself as a trustworthy source, visitors will be coming back for your content again and again which will ultimately result in more sales.

You need to make your visitors feel secure and inspire trust.

This is important for any blogger who wants to improve its blog’s click rates, so be sure to include words that can help you build trust and credibility with your visitors.

4. Secret

To get your visitors’ attention but also keep it, you sometimes need to activate their curiosity.

The word “Secret” instantly activates their need to participate in something special and gives them the feeling that they have a chance to get something that other people don’t.

The reason why they will click on your blog post is that they will want to know more about what they just read.

The words you use in your headlines need to tempt your readers and make them want to be a part of something rather exclusive.


Source: Jcwebpros

For example, the word “Secret” is used here to motivate people to click on this article, which is the whole point if you want to increase your content’s engagement.

The basic human need is to want to find out something, that is, to be intrigued enough to open something, especially if it seems forbidden.

So, try to put this powerful word in the right places to drive decisions and make visitors want to click and read the whole post.

5. Instantly

People want their problems solved right now.

They don’t want to wait or waste their time, so when they see that they can find a solution that will bring them success instantly, they have to click.

The word “Instantly” implies that visitors will immediately get what they want, which is a perfect trigger for all those busy people.


Source: GrowthHackers

In this example, we can see that the word “Instantly” is used to emphasize that as soon as the visitor reads this article, his business will consequently benefit from it.

So why wouldn’t he take some time and actually read it?

This is a perfect way to entice your visitors with an instant solution and motivate them to take a certain action.

6. You/Your

Many would say that “You” is the power word that resonates with readers the most.

That’s because personalization is a big part of getting people to connect with what they just read and with the offer itself.

You need to address your audience, make them feel special, and persuade them to take action in that way.


Source: SeoPressor

By using these words, each visitor gets a feeling that a certain offer is made just for them.

“You” or “Your” also creates that intimate atmosphere between you and your readers and shows them that your only focus is to get their individual needs satisfied.

These power words automatically create relevancy and invite people to click and open a certain article or blog post.

7. Easy

The word “Easy” belongs to the sloth words, which directly implies that it has something to do with laziness and doing things in the simplest way possible.

People are always looking for the easiest ways to get something done, if there is a possibility for it, and your job as an online marketer and blogger is to provide them with an easy-applicable solution.

You don’t want to waste your visitors’ time, so by including the word “Easy” into your headline, you get the opportunity to offer them an easy solution to their problem and provide them with value at the same time.

People are not interested in complicated or confusing guides, hacks, tips, or similar.

They want to use the minimum of their effort and achieve their business goals as planned.


Source: Indeed 

The headline that has “Easy-To-Follow Steps” in it sounds like a shot worth taking, so incorporate this power word wherever you can and where it is appropriate.

Make them click on it by offering them a shorter path to success.

Use irresistible headlines in your blog posts, and show your visitors that they can achieve their goals with less effort while being equally successful.

The Bottom Line

To get your visitors to take action, you need to evoke certain emotions in them.

Using power words is the easiest way to do that, especially if you use the right words in the right places.

As an entrepreneur and a blogger, your main job is to make people want to click and read your blog posts or take your offers.

If you want to use power words in pop ups in addition to the title or the body of the article, use the tool called Poptin.

It can help you create interesting pop ups for your website and encourage your visitors through CTAs.

Use these 7 power words we have chosen for you and significantly increase your blog’s click rates! 

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com