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3 Best Sleeknote Alternatives To Grow Your Online Business

November 7, 2019
3 Best Sleeknote Alternatives to Grow Your Online Business

Sleeknote is one of the most comprehensive eCommerce lead magnet tools. However, assuming that you’re landing on this page, you are probably looking at other Sleeknote alternatives. I have tried its alternatives to save you time.

Sleeknote is great for eCommerce marketers, but not for everyone there.

Therefore, I recently tried Sleeknote and its alternatives. Hence, I wanted to share my feedback with you. 

This is especially for readers who are looking for alternatives to save time, energy and days of research. Moreover, it will help you not signup for all and just choose one or two that come close to your needs.

In this blog, I’ll share the following key topics:

  • How to choose a lead capture software 
  • Sleeknote’s good & bad sides
  • 3 Best alternatives and why you should give them a try

Keep reading because you’ll have a good comparison table to evaluate the alternatives in the end.

How to choose a lead capture software

I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s my checklist to choose a lead capture software:

✔️Getting started: Is it easy to use and set up?

✔️Customization: Is it easy to change colors, fonts, and sizes?

✔️Mobile: Does this look good on a mobile version?

✔️User-behavior technology: Does this lead capture tool have the following technologies such as exit intent, scroll-based & time-based technology, and page triggers?

✔️Targeting: Can you target certain pop-ups by source, time & date, new vs returning users, and how often can you show these pop-ups? 

✔️Templates: Do they have ready map templates?

✔️Email Capture options: How many different types of popups do they have? For example, topbar, popup modal, slider, and fullscreen popup?

✔️A/B Testing: Can you do A/B testing with this tool? Without A/B testing such kinds of tools are not that useful.

✔️Email validation: Does it help you validate the emails?

✔️Auto-responder: Does it have autoresponder?

✔️Analytics: Does it have analytics to evaluate conversions? Specifically, you need to know page based conversions. 

✔️Subtle features: Does it have Inline forms to offer subtle content within your blogs? 

✔️Integrations: Does it have integrations with most of the email marketing tools?

So, if you ever go with any lead capture tools, do check the above features to make sure you have the right features.

However, there is one more thing. Email capture tools have many use-cases such as list building, cart abandonment, generating marketing qualified leads for content, and much more.

You should see which tools are good for one or both cases.

Sleeknote – The high-end lead capture tool

Sleeknote has been mostly focusing on high-end eCommerce companies that want to offer discounts and generate more leads.

So, what’s great about Sleeknote?

I definitely love the ease-of-use and flexibility. But the most interesting feature that I liked was the teaser like this.

Sleeknote alternative 1

One thing that I found interesting about Sleeknote compared to the other tools is that it’s focusing on the look of their popups. Why? Because a lot of marketers underestimate the power of nice-designed and eye-catchy pop-ups in their marketing campaigns.

They definitely have beautiful templates that are more eCommerce friendly like this below.
Sleeknote alternative 2

But the sexiest feature I found was the element detection and the editor. They make writing and changing popup text and fonts easier.

Sleeknote alternative 3

While experiencing the app, I enjoyed the fact they ask me where to place my lead capture.

Sleeknote alternative 4

So, if I love the platform. What could be halting me to go forward? 

Well, here’s why Sleeknote might not be a good fit?

Sleeknote could be run well with content and eCommerce. But it’s not a good fit for other use cases.

Moreover, unlike other tools, Sleeknote only gives 14 days of free trial and starts with a minimum of 49$/month. This was halting me to subscribe. It gets very expensive as your sessions are increasing.

Sleeknote alternative 5

Moreover, I found their advanced triggers very limited compared to the other tools I signed up.

Sleeknote alternative 7

Lastly, I saw that they don’t have enough integrations, at least not in-app that I could see.

Sleeknote alternative 8

So, based on my checklist, let’s see how good many do they tick off:

✔️Getting started: Yes

✔️Customization: Very much

✔️Mobile: Pretty much

✔️User-behavior technology: Yes

✔️Targeting: Yes 

✔️Templates: Beautiful

✔️Email Capture options: They have the most options.

✔️A/B Testing: Yes

Email validation: No

Auto-responder: No

✔️Analytics: Yes 

Subtle features: No 

✔️Integrations: Limited

Overall, it’s a great platform only if you can afford it.

Sleeknote Alternative # 1: Poptin – The Smart Lead Capture for All Kinds of E-Commerce & Content Marketing (Freemium)


Poptin is my favorite tool of all because it solves more problems than Sleeknote, and does not cost an arm and a leg. It’s actually free to get started.

You can always 👉 try it for free 

I’ve been using Poptin, and I’m pretty happy with it. Here are some reasons why I love Poptin:

Interface: It’s the easiest to use for non-programmers and e-commerce marketers.

Customer Support: Regardless of the free or paid, they have a live chat, and my problems are resolved immediately. 


Pricing:  Free for some, then starts at $19/month (the best part). It’s 30$ cheaper per month than Sleeknote. 

They have all the features I need without compromising the basic features such as A/B testing, Inline forms, location-based & device triggering.

Talking about the features, you can see all the features available in the free plan here.

Poptin has all the Integrations such as:

  • MailChimp Integration
  • Constant Contact Integration
  • iContact Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Nutshell Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Poptin has more than 40+ integrations. More information on it is here 👉 Poptin Integrations

Why Poptin is better than Sleeknote?

Moreover, Poptin has excellent reviews – You can check here:

Poptin does not limit you with the number of days and everyone can start for free and scale with time. It’s much cost-effective than Sleeknote.

Poptin Dashboard

It has an auto-responder that others don’t.


It has more templates and design variety than Sleeknote and other alternatives. 

It is more cost-effective for content marketing and e-commerce to invest in a tool that grows with you.

Poptin also offers accurate targeting of customers with its wide array of targeting options such as URL targeting (page-level on-site targeting), device targeting, geo-location (by country, including US states), OS & Browsers, IP block lists, days and hours, new vs returning visitors (based on cookies), traffic source (Facebook, Google, Google Ads [Adwords] Youtube, Reddit, Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and any site you want) and on-click popup display.

You may also utilize the triggering options so you can reach out to customers at the right time based on their behavior on screen.


They definitely do have more features than Sleeknote:

🚀 More Elements (timer, shapes, icons, video)

🚀 Separate Desktop and Mobile Editing

🚀 Full View Editing

🚀 Background Editing

🚀 Display Rules Summary

🚀 Autoresponder Templates

🚀 Agency Interface Update

Lastly, it has world-class, and by far the best support among all the tools. They help you set up properly. If you are an enterprise eCommerce, they do support you with all the features like Sleeknote. 

Check out the sneak peek here:

Let’s evaluate in comparison to my checklist:

So, based on my checklist, let’s see how good many do they tick off:

✔️Getting started: Yes

✔️Customization: Very much

✔️Mobile: Pretty much

✔️User-behavior technology: Yes

✔️Targeting: Yes 

✔️Templates: Beautiful

✔️Email Capture options: They have the most options.

✔️A/B Testing: Yes

✔️Email validation: Yes

✔️Auto-responder: Yes

✔️Analytics: Yes 

✔️Subtle features: Yes

✔️Integrations: 40+

Sleeknote Alternative # 2: Drip – The All-in-one Ecommerce Email Capture and Email Service Provider (Free trial)

If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution that helps you in capturing emails and sending emails too, then, look no further than Drip.

Drip has lately become THE SOLUTION for e-commerce marketers to convert leads.

Drip has a lightbox and slider to capture emails from your visitors and offer discounted products.

Although, it is limiting the targeting, scrolling, clicking, and other user behavior tools. Drip will do the job if you want the best of both worlds.

You don’t have to worry about integrations as well.

What’s limiting with Drip?

Drip does get expensive as you grow more leads. Also, if you have zero leads, after 14 days trial. Drip will charge you $49 regardless.

I have personally tried Drip with trigger functions for content marketing email capture. While it is a solid platform for two big use-cases. I feel having more than scroll, time and exit intent technology would help.

Regardless, if you want both things to grow your store. Do try Drip for your store.

Let’s evaluate in comparison to my checklist:

✔️Getting started: Yes

😐Customization: Limited

✔️Mobile: Yes

😐User-behavior technology: Limited (exit intent, scroll and time only)

✔️Targeting: Yes 

😐Templates: Limited

😐Email Capture options: Lightbox and slide-in

✔️A/B Testing: Yes

✔️Email validation: Yes

✔️Auto-responder: Yes

✔️Analytics: Yes 

Subtle features: No

😐Integrations: Limited

Why am I supporting drip it is limited? Because it is a complete email capture and email service provider for eCommerce business.

Sleeknote Alternative # 3: Justuno – For Ecommerce Gamification & Data (Free Trial)

Among the other lead capture tools, Justuno is slowly making its space to become a great Sleeknote alternative.

What do I love about Justuno?

It has Facebook messenger and gamification i.e. Spin it to win features.

Justuno_Sleeknotes alternative 1

They definitely have the most amount of integrations among all the sleek alternatives. They have 95+ integrations.

Justuno_Sleeknote alternative

It definitely has the best and most in-depth analytics for an eCommerce company. 

Justuno_Sleeknotes alternative 3

It is a feature-rich platform for advanced triggers as well.

Justuno_Sleeknotes alternative 4

So, why Justuno couldn’t be a good fit?

First, it seemed very basic and UI was not very interactive. So, it is super-hard to use. You need to go through webinars and training to learn from them.  G2 reviewers also agree with me.

Capterra review

Difficult to use-Justuno

Second, the templates are not that beautiful to use. I have to make my own from scratch. I do agree with the Capterra review below, feature-rich but jam-packed together. 

Too many features

Third, Justuno popups did not work well with mobile and mobile compatibility is weak.

Fourth and last, 14 days trial so I could not start for free. 

So, based on my checklist, let’s see how good many do they tick off:

Getting started: No

✔️Customization: Very much

Mobile: No

✔️User-behavior technology: Yes

✔️Targeting: Yes 

😐Templates: Okayish

✔️Email Capture options: They have the most options.

✔️A/B Testing: Yes

✔️Email validation: Yes

Auto-responder: No

✔️Analytics: Yes 

😐Subtle features: 50-50

✔️Integrations: 90+

So, why I still like the tool? It’s meant for an eCommerce business to upsell & cross-sell to help eCommerce marketers. You should give it a try.

To sum it up

 Sleeknote is a great tool and has been killing it. However, if you’re planning to look for alternatives. Try the following:

-Poptin – For UI, design, and ease of use with analytics features.

-Drip – For Email + Some email capture features.

-Justuno – For deeper analytics, and gamification features.

Hope this gives you more understanding.

If you’re anyway going to try these tools, try Poptin for free 👉 Sign up for free

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com