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  • 1,000 visitors / mo
  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited poptins
  • Autoresponder
  • Branded
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage users
  • Chat & Email support


$25 /mo

$20X 12

Billed annuallySave $60
  • 10,000 visitors / mo
  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited poptins
  • 1,000 autoresponders
  • Unbranded
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage users
  • Chat & Email support


Most Popular

$59 /mo

$47X 12

Billed annuallySave $144
  • 50,000 visitors / mo
  • 4 domains
  • Unlimited poptins
  • 5,000 autoresponders
  • Unbranded
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage users
  • Chat & Email support


$119 /mo

$ 95X 12

Billed annuallySave $288
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited poptins
  • 15,000 autoresponders
  • Unbranded
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage users
  • Premium support

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Unlimited Number of poptins, forms and leads are included in all of the plans.
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Free Basic Pro Agency
40+ templates
All types of popups
Gamified Pop Ups
Lightbox popups
Gamified Pop Ups
Pop Up Teasers
Full screen overlays
Mobile-only popups
Top and bottom bars
Social popups
Thank-you screen
Email forms
Contact Forms
Drag & drop
Send autoresponders
Intuitive editor
Merge tags
All triggers
Exit-intent trigger
Inactivity trigger
Time delay
Page scroll
Page count
Click count
Autopilot trigger
Shopify Cart Trigger
JavaScript Trigger
Advanced targeting rules
Advanced display frequency
New vs returning visitors
Show on specific pages
Timing by day / hour
According to traffic source
IP blocking
Hide from converted visitors
Date scheduling
View count capacity
Cookie targeting
Javascript targeting
Title tag targeting
Browser & OS Targeting
Engagement targeting
Source code targeting
Shopify Customer Tag targeting
Shopify Login Status targeting
Shopify Cart targeting
Previous Page Visited targeting
Shopify Order History Targeting
70+ native integrations
Zapier integration
Mailchimp integration
List Segmentation
All Features
A/B testing
Shareable poptin link
Adblock detection
Entry effect
Launch a poptin from a poptin
Redirect after submission
Show a note on X hover
Show X with delay
Skip button
IP blocking
Grant access to your account
3rd party conversion codes
ADA Compliance
Editor Drag & drop editor
Drag & drop
Add/remove elements
Advanced fields
Advanced fields
Adding or removing “x”
Users’ permissions
Live chat support
Email support
Phone support
Priority Customer Support
Facebook group
Knowledge base


How are visitors counted?
A unique monthly visitor is anyone who visits one of your website pages with our snippet in the last 30 days. A visitor may initiate several sessions and view multiple pages, but they will still only be counted as a single visitor as long as they didn’t delete browser cookies or used a different device or browser.
I have a small website, can I open an account for free?
Yes! You can open a free account which is unlimited for 1,000 views. No credit card required.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! You can cancel your paid plan anytime via the Billing page in the dashboard.
Which platforms can Poptin be used with?
Poptin can be used with any platform: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Weebly, WIX, simple HTML websites and many more.
Can I offer Poptin to my clients?
Yes! Owning an Agency plan allows you to create and manage user accounts for any one of your clients. You can also use our affiliate program.
What kind of conversion rates can I expect?
Conversion rates on your website may double, triple or increase even more. The extent of positive effect depends on a number of factors, such as: attractiveness of offers you make on the poptins you display, how many poptins you use, targeting, display timing, etc.
Will I need a web developer to handle code embedding?
There is no need for a web developer, use of the poptin system requires adding just a single line of code. In any case, you can send the code and instructions for embedding directly to a web developer. If you are not code savvy and have no one to assist you, just contact our support and we will be happy to guide you along.
What are Sub-accounts and Users' managment (Agency plan)?
Owning an agency account allows you to create and manage customer accounts. On each sub-account you can use a different set of poptins. This means you can offer customers or websites a unique set of poptins and to collect data separately for each one.

Owners of agency accounts can manage users. If you operate in the field of digital marketing you may grant access to account managers or even to clients themselves allowing for any scale of involvement in creating and controlling use of poptins. If you personally own and operate several websites you can create unique user accounts and control each separately.

Can I use my own designs?
Yes! You can create uniquely designed poptins of any size and upload them onto the system.
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes! The Poptin affiliate program is open to all and grants a lifetime 25% monthly commission for each new paying member recruited.