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5 Automated WorkFlows to Generate More Leads Using Poptin & Zapier

Business owners today are particular about maximizing workflow processes for better outcomes. Businesses are conscious of the time invested in various activities because time spent can either result in revenue or losses. 

A key strategy for most businesses in the digital age we live in now is to maximize every opportunity to generate leads and grow business sales. But the process of finding leads can take a lot of time and be boring, especially when done by hand. 

People are always looking for new ways to generate more leads in less time as such, powerful tools that automate lead-generation processes are usually in high demand. These tools make it faster and more efficient for you to convert your website visits into actionable leads.

A powerful combination that any forward-minded business owner should implement is the use of Poptin & Zapier to streamline lead generation.

Poptin is a no-code popup builder that allows you to create popups that are shown on a website or landing page to grab visitors’ attention and get them to take action. Zapier, on the other hand, is a platform that lets you connect and automate processes between different apps. 

When businesses use these tools together, they can make powerful automated processes that bring in more leads and make their sales process better. Consequently leading to increased revenue and dominance in the marketplace.

Do you want to get convert more leads to boost your sales funnel profitability? Or refine your conversion rates for new customers on your website? Whatever your strategy might be. We’ve compiled a list of processes that can help speed up the lead generation process and save time and money.

Here are 5 automated workflows that you can implement to generate even better leads. 

1. Add New Contacts to Your Email List

Targeting new customers is one of the most effective ways to build leads, whether you’re a small business, an agency, or a SaaS company. A workflow that automates lead collection via email marketing offers a simple and faster way to generate leads via emails. 

Popups offer an effective method for enticing website visitors to sign up for your emailing list. With Poptin, you can create a popup that collects emails and add specific targeting rules based on metrics like traffic source, countries, pages visited etc. When a user fills out their information on the pop up, they’ll be added to your email list. 

To achieve this, you need to set up a mailing list on your preferred email marketing platform, create a popup with an option to fill out email addresses and names, then create a zap that links leads from your popup directly to your email contact list. 

By collecting email addresses from pop up forms and connecting them to your email contact lists through Zapier, you can nurture those leads with targeted emails, based on the actions and activities they took on your site and eventually convert them into paying customers. As you collect more leads, you can experiment with different actions to see what works best for your business.

Here are a few email automation workflows to try out: 

Welcome emails: These are important for generating leads because they give you a chance to make a good first impression and get to know a new prospect while also introducing your brand’s personality and products to the prospect.

Whenever new leads sign up through your popup, they’ll get a personalized welcome email through your email marketing software. This not only helps to establish a relationship with the lead immediately but also helps to ensure that they stay engaged and familiar with your brand.

Such leads can also be added to other email marketing workflows that connect to the goals you have set for your business – product trial; paid subscription, etc.

Schedule follow-up emails: The ability to maintain communication with prospective customers and cultivate a relationship with them over the course of time is made possible by sending follow-up emails, which are an important component of lead generation.

After the initial welcome email, it’s important to keep your leads engaged through follow-up emails. You can automate the process of scheduling follow-up emails by setting up a workflow that connects your popup tool to your email marketing software. This ensures that every new lead that signs up through your popup receives a series of follow-up emails that reiterate your brand’s values and promise. 

2. Alerts Your Sales Team of New Leads

One of the major factors that make leads grow cold over time is no follow-up. If you don’t follow up with a lead in a timely manner, they may lose interest or forget about your product or service. This can lead to a lack of engagement and eventually, a cold lead. 

How then can you prevent this crack in your lead-generation process? Automate your lead source with your team’s project or collaboration tools. 

When a lead signs up through your popup, it’s important to ensure that they are followed up promptly. With Zapier, you can automate the process of assigning tasks to your sales team by setting up a workflow that connects your popup tool to your project management software. This ensures that every new lead that signs up through your popup is assigned to a sales team member who can follow up promptly.

A sales team representative can further solidify the chances of a sale by providing timely and efficient resources to a lead who might be in doubt about your product; unsure about its usefulness for them; or simply uninterested in using a service. 

Your sales and customer service teams should work hand in hand to deliver a personalised experience to new leads, in order to increase your chances of conversion in the long run. 

3. Send SMS Messages 

SMS marketing strategies can have a significant impact on a lead generation because it offers a direct and personalized way to reach potential customers. This direct method allows for better personalization similar to the support provided over live chat.  They can be personalized to the recipient delivered instantly and include a clear call-to-action, such as visiting a website, calling a number, or making a purchase. All of these contribute to helping move leads through the sales funnel more quickly.

You can create an automated workflow that automates the process of sending SMS messages to new leads that sign up through your popup. 

4. Add New Leads to Your CRM

Managing leads can be a time-consuming process. It often requires consistent and accurate data entry and management across all sources. This can be especially challenging if the data is not standardized or if different sources use different formats. 

Moreso, not all leads are created equal, and some may be more valuable than others. It can be difficult to prioritize leads from multiple sources, integrate data from different sources c and determine which ones are most likely to convert. 

For this reason, it is essential to have all your leads housed in a central repository where you can easily manage the sharing of accurate information as it relates to your business. 

An automated workflow that connects your popups – which collect leads across different channels – to your CRM is one that is very beneficial to businesses, especially companies with a large database. 

You can automate the process of adding new leads to your CRM by setting up a workflow that connects your popup tool directly to your CRM software. Your popup can show a contact form or a field for collecting email addresses. This ensures that every new lead that signs up through your popup is automatically added to your CRM, making it easier to manage and track leads.

5. Slack Notifications for New Leads

One of the best secrets to impressing new prospects is delivering excellent customer service at different points in their consumer journey. 

Slack notifications can alert your team members to new leads in real time, allowing for a quick response to potential customers. This can increase the likelihood of converting the lead into a paying customer, as quick response times can impress potential customers and demonstrate a high level of customer service.

To automate this workflow, simply create a zap that sends slack notifications to your support team when new lead signs up or takes a premeditated action. 

This workflow offers an effective way to ensure timely responses, facilitate collaboration and promote accountability for leads within the team.

Final Thoughts

Effective lead generation can help businesses to grow their customer base, increase revenue, and achieve their business goals. However, lead generation can also be challenging and time-consuming, requiring a significant investment of resources, including time, money, and effort.

Take advantage of the possibilities that technology provides by automating different aspects of the lead process using popups. Try out these Poptin & Zapier workflows to streamline your lead generation process and maximize the efficiency of your efforts. 

Idongesit ‘Didi’ Inuk is a Content Marketer at Poptin. She's driven by conversations about technological products and the impact they have on the people they're created for.