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7 Email Marketing Templates To Try Out This Holiday

The holidays represent a significant sales opportunity. However, it is not that easy to attract the attention of holiday season buyers. With every brand putting up, special discounts, and deals on their products, you must do something different to stand out in the email inbox. A holiday email blast with a  visual appeal can make a huge difference.

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to customers during the holiday season. With the right email marketing templates, you can create personalized, engaging messages that will capture your customers’ attention and drive sales.

From template designs to automated campaigns, there are plenty of options to choose from to ensure you’re making the most of the holiday season. 

So, are you ready to have a look at some great holiday season email templates?  We have compiled some of the most effective Christmas holiday season email templates for your email marketing campaigns to stand out from the rest. 

Holiday Reward Email Template From Starbucks 

Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Jesus, celebrated by Christians all over the world. This holiday involves family dinners, sending gifts to family and loved ones, singing carols,  and so much more.

Have a look at this template Starbucks sends to its subscribers to let them know about some rewards they are offering this Christmas. 

Why Do We Like This Template?

  • First of all, the brand color image depicts the Christmas season’s spirits. 
  • The header says Starbucks reward, so it informs readers that it is not a promotional email. But it is something for the reader, something useful for the reader. 
  • A short copy followed by the CTA, with no extensive content, makes it easy to skim through.
  • Varied fonts to create a distinction between sections is another attractive thing about this template. 
  • CTA is not boring but something that evokes action.
  • All the information and guidelines are in gray color, so it doesn’t get all the attention, and readers first focus on the main thing. Mobile optimized. 
  • It follows the format of the image, heading, description, and CTA button. 

New Year Email Template From Google 

The new year is celebrated all around the world, and people welcome the new year with high spirits. It is the time when most people start new routines, pursue new goals, and start new jobs; in short, they realign their lives.

So, this is also the time when businesses come forward with different e-commerce marketing tactics introducing great deals, discounts, and new products and features. The following template is what Google sends to its users to welcome them in a new year with new features. 

Why Do We Like This?

  • The brand logo on top reinforces the brand. The newsletter template clearly explains what they are going to tell you at the very start of the email. 
  • Image use is very on point; it depicts the very element of festivities. 
  • They have followed the zig-zag pattern of text and images to make it easy for users to navigate through the email. 
  • The short copy is another attractive element so that users don’t have to spend a lot of time reading the long walls of words. Also, the copy is very good.
  • The link at the end of the email takes readers to the blog so that they can explore more.
  • In the footer, they also introduced feedback with just one click option so readers can leave their feedback easily.
  • White background, black font, contrasting color; in short, the email is easy to read, and images are prominent. 
  • The formatting this email follows is a heading, a description of what the email is about, image. 

Happy Thanksgiving Email Template From Fracture 

Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday in the United States and Canada that commemorates the harvesting and other benefits of the previous year. In the template below, the brand is not promoting anything; rather, they just wished them happy thanksgiving to remind the users that they care for them.

Why Do We Like This?

  • The email starts with the mention of the festival, which is a very nice thing. Readers will know what this email is about. 
  • The image is very much aligned with what the festival is about (family and friends gathering). The image color is another beautiful choice, as orange is the color of a happy and motivational mood. 
  • The contrasting background makes the text easy to read.
  • The email is a simple thank-you note, so the copy is short. This email is targeted at the audience who already knows about the brand, so it isn’t loaded with introductory material and just a simple wish to their audience. 
  • But the footer has social media links so that readers can follow or join them in case they are not already, a nice tactic. 
  • Few important links so people can go to the website if they want to know more. 
  • Formatting includes festival name, heading, image, contrasting background, and simple note. 

New Year Sale Email Template From Postable

New Year is the time or date which represents the start of a new calendar year, and the year count on the calendar increases by one. Numerous cultures celebrate the day in various ways. This new year email is about the sale Postable is offering on this happy occasion. 

Why Do We Like This?

  • So, this email combines the holiday season and the sale they are starting. 
  • At the top, the brand name and the logo tell readers who are sending this email.
  • The purpose of the email is very clear from the very start of the email.  
  • Clear explanation of how to avail of the sale and what %age readers get.
  • CTA is good, and people don’t have to scroll to the end to get to know what this is about. They will understand what they are getting with just one look.
  • Then, there is an image to help people visualize what this sale offers to them. 
  • Simple terms and conditions in light font, so it doesn’t get in the way of the main message of this email. 
  • The dark background makes the image and text pop out, attracting the readers. 
  • The format is the logo, heading offer, CTA, and image of the product. 

Seasonal Holiday Deals Email Template From Oculus 

The holiday season is when 2 or 3 festivities occur together, like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. A time of giving and receiving gifts, dinners, heavy meals, and just love and affection. The following is an email newsletter template. It is about how Oculus is making the holiday season more joyful for its readers; by offering different deals.

Why Do We Like This?

  • The email starts with a straightforward heading and CTA. This is a really great responsive email newsletter template.
  • Then they go into the details of the offer with heading, image, and offer for each product. 
  • The color palette represents the brand really well, and the contrasting background makes it easy for the readers to focus on the description and image. 
  • The CTA color is also very prominent, which makes it pop out from the rest of the stuff on this email.
  • The best thing is their alignment. Everything is aligned centrally so people can view their email in a single look, and they don’t have to move their eyes right to left to read on one side and have a look at an image on the other side. 
  • By using the words “Limited time offer,” they are creating a sense of urgency in the readers that they can miss out on these deals, so they better hurry up. 
  • The format is heading, image, CTA, product descriptions, and again CTAs for each product. 

Father’s Day Email Template From Evite 

Father’s Day is a celebration of paternity, paternal connections, and the societal importance of dads. This is the best time to give something to the Father, who always showers us with love. The following email is sent by Evite to its users to remind them of father’s day and provide different gift ideas. 

Why Do We Like This?

  • It starts with a clear headline describing what people can expect from this email. Catches the attention. 
  • The image depicts the holiday. The description tells people some ideas about the email. 
  • Image of what holiday invitations can look like and then CTA to browse more of those invitations. 
  • The mentioning of father’s day cards and the beautiful imagery of their cards, followed by a CTA to browse more of these cards. 
  • Different color backgrounds make the email easily skimmable. It separates each product category from others so people can easily notice everything. 
  • The email is really long because they have also added their products for different holidays and events as well. 
  • So, this is pretty great to make your first-time readers or new subscribers get to know your brand, product, and values in detail. 
  • The format is heading description, the image of the product, using alternative background colors, and CTA.

Special Gift Box For Holiday Season Email Template From Barkbox  

The holiday season is a festivity not just for humans but for their four-legged friends as well. This is just the right time to spoil your pet with cute and useful gifts. This email is by BarkBox, who are offering a special gift basket they introduce, especially in the holiday season, so that our furry family members don’t feel left out of the fun. 

Why Do We Like This?

  • It begins with a very quirky headline showing the pet as an ultimate consumer. The overall copy is really catchy and attractive.
  • From the very start, the email helps readers visualize their pets in a happy mood and how this product can be the best holiday gift their pets deserve. 
  • The color theme is aligned with the Christmas season and uses very bright colors making it a very eye-catching email. 
  • The images are quite attractive and represent what pet lovers want for their pets. Perfect to attract people considering pet insurance or a veterinarian practice.
  • Then again, there is a cocky headline followed by a CTA. 
  • The best thing is the image of the gift basket showing what it looks like and what products are in there for the pets. The placement of CTA right next to the attractive product image is a clever tactic to make people click on the link. 
  • In the end, there is a funny image to evoke positive emotions and leave an impression on the readers. 
  • Formatting is a background image with a bold color, quirky headings, product images, actionable CTAs, and something to leave a positive impression on the reader.  

Bottom Line 

You send multiple emails throughout the year, right? But we all know the holiday season is something all brands are pretty active in trying to generate more sales, lure in more customers, and increase their email subscriber list. To compete with them in email marketing, you must have access to elegant, modifiable email newsletter templates for all of your messages.

The templates we mentioned above are the ones that generate more sales for their respective brands, and you can also use those tactics to change your email marketing campaigns and close more sale deals than ever.

Author’s bio: Trevor is a managing partner of SendX, a powerful email marketing software for sending campaigns, building your list, and automating your marketing. SendX is a product of SendWorks, a software product suite with tools that help send emails that hit the inbox.

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