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4 Best Email Copywriting Practices To Nurture Leads

Nurturing leads is a very important task for every business owner, and the methods for nurturing future customers are always changing because there is always something new to try out.

Lead nurturing covers engaging prospects and building strong, meaningful relationships with them in order to grow your customer base and increase your business sales.

So, in order to attract your leads’ attention and keep it during the entire buyer’s journey, you need to make their experience as good as possible and provide them with relevant content at all times.

Email marketing has proven to be a very useful way to keep in touch with leads as it helps you resolve any concerns and push them forward to completing a purchase.

There are many tactics on how you can do all this, but we have selected 4 best email copywriting practices to nurture leads that you should try right away!

1. Use segmentation and automation to build the most effective email campaigns

In order for your email campaigns to be most effective, you need to first get to know your prospects enough to be able to find out what exactly their needs are according to their age, gender, location, past activities, and similar.

Segmentation separates your audience and makes your life easier when creating emails that should encourage a certain group of prospects to proceed with their journey.

Sending the same identical email to everyone is a huge mistake.

So, you need to track their movements and pay attention to their behaviour, and then customize emails аppropriately. 

For example, Litmus uses geographic location data to inform attendees of their conference which is to be held in several cities of some important details and thus makes this email relevant to their clients.

This is how the email intended for those who are attending the conference in Boston looks like:


This type of segmentation is necessary, especially where it comes to businesses where location is a crucial factor influencing the number of sales.

Also, this is another way to get more personal with your prospects and make them feel appreciated.

It is important to have high-quality content to offer to your audience, but it is even more important to provide certain groups of prospects with the right content that will be valuable to them.

When it comes to automation, most businesses are already familiar with the process of scheduling email campaigns in order to speed up the whole process and get the maximum out of email marketing.

You can automate various types of messages:

  • A welcome email
  • An up/cross-selling offer
  • News or updates
  • A reminder email
  • Special holiday offers

These can not only make your life easier but also enable you to spend a little more time on some other tasks and learn more about your prospects’ behavior.

By scheduling your emails regularly and sending them at the most suitable time, you get to cover every opportunity there is to make an impact on your prospective customers.

The tool that can help you send automatic emails to your leads is Poptin’s Autoresponder.


It allows you to customize your emails to make them suit your brand perfectly, use merge tags to get more personal with your leads, and see all the metrics you need to track open rates, clicks, and similar.

It is very easy to use, and you can create your first automated email in less than a few minutes.

By incorporating automation and segmentation into your business strategy, you will see how quickly you can increase the number of customers and build stronger relationships, too.

2. Add both compelling and effective CTAs to guide your prospective customers

A CTA (Call-To-Action) is important when creating effective emails because people like to get straight to the point and know exactly what they should do in order to realize their intention.

CTAs need to be highlighted, straightforward, and to clarify exactly what has to be done in order for prospects to take a certain step forward.

They mustn’t be too complex because that can only confuse customers even more, and they need to be relevant to the content of the email itself.

If you want to make your prospects slow down a bit and pay attention to what you have to offer, you need to make your CTAs stand out.

In addition to a great email design, Freelancer has a pretty clear CTA in contrasting orange color that stands out and guides their prospects towards taking a certain action:


There is no room left for any confusion, and that is exactly what might be a key factor in making a purchasing decision and finalizing it.

It also implies that there is no time left to be wasted and that you should ‘Get Started Today’ and join their successful community.

This is a CTA that is simple, clear, and action-driven, which are the main characteristics an effective CTA should have.

Of course, it has to be relevant to the rest of the email content and the content itself needs to be of high quality, educational, and buyer-centered, but more on that in the following paragraph.

3. Pay attention to the subject line and create a strong email body to provide prospects with a valuable content

In order to make it impossible for your prospects not to open your email, you need to pay attention to the subject line.

It has to be unique and interesting enough to attract their attention, but also clear, specific, and it is always a good idea to add a certain sense of urgency.

If they feel like they are going to miss a valuable opportunity if they don’t open that email, it will be much harder for them to ignore it.

So, pay attention to the subject line and offer them a solution to a problem or make some exclusive announcement that will entice them.

When it comes to the email body, it should be well-structured, full of valuable content, and relevant.

When they are reading your email content, leads need to feel like everything is centered around their needs. 

They also need to feel like you care for them and that they are not only a source of income to you.

Some other items that you should take into account are:

  • Optimize your content for mobiles, tablets, and desktop devices
  • Try and A/B test different styles of emails
  • Make your content highly-converting
  • Structure your content well

Structuring your email body is essential if you want to create an effective email and send a clear message.

There are several steps to creating a well-structured email:

  1. Uncover their pain points and show your prospects that you understand them and that you want to help them.
  1. Then, slowly reveal the solution that you intend to present to them and intrigue them by explaining all the benefits of your product/service.
  1. After that, in order to build trust, you need to prove to them that your existing customers are genuinely satisfied with your product or service, and one of the best ways to do that is by using testimonials or reviews.

Casper does it like this:


People feel more confident about their decisions if they know there are others who have already tried a certain product or service and are glad they did it.

When they realize they made a good decision and got what they have been promised, they will only keep returning to your brand.

4. Build relationships with your prospects and personalize emails to create that special bond

Building strong relationships with your prospects is important for several reasons:

  • It builds trust
  • It inspires loyalty
  • It improves the overall customer experience
  • It helps grow the customer base

So, you need to try your best to get to know your customers and to give them the opportunity to get familiar with your product/service and to connect with your brand story.

As long as you take care of them by providing them with useful, educational, and interesting content, they will be glad to return to your brand any time.

Encourage certain tactics to engage your prospects such as using polls, adding interactive videos, asking them questions, and personalizing emails.

Getting personal with customers is crucial because people love this intimate feeling of making a connection.

DAVIDsTEA does this in a great way by using their customers’ personal data as we can see below:


Using a warm tone is a necessary detail if you want to seem friendly and approachable, and it is important that you use the same tone at all times in order to create continuity.

Also, you should be honest, appreciative, and provide them with the relevant content right away.

Your customers shouldn’t feel like they are just a number to you as it could make them turn away from your business, but they should feel special and important every second of their journey.

These are some of the basic tactics you can use to personalize emails more:

  • The From Name – the best tactic here is to change The From Name and use more personalized versions such as a brand name, the product/service name, or the name of a specific employee if you work in a company
  • The Subject Line – as we have already mentioned, the subject line is very important, and what can make it more effective is to include the prospect’s first name in it
  • The Copy itself – you can go even further and use the prospect’s first name in the copy itself; in addition to the first name, you can use any piece of personal data you have acquired so far such as birthday or gender

Create a special bond with your prospects and show them that you care, and your business will reach its peak much earlier than you expected.

With these simple tactics, you can not only grow your customer base but also build trust and loyalty.

The Bottom Line

Staying in contact with prospects is the greatest method that a business owner can adopt, and running email campaigns helps with it tremendously.

Besides targeting your prospects, offering them valuable content, and building relationships with them, you can also automate certain tasks by using tools such as Poptin’s Autoresponder.

It allows you to create and customize engaging emails and speed up the whole process by scheduling them easily.

These 4 email copywriting practices are some of the best that exist, so give them a try now!


Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com