Send an Automatic “Welcome” or “Thank You” Email to Your New Leads

Create designed or plain email template that will be sent automatically to your subscribers once they submitted a form or a popup on your website.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

Easily Design and Send Beautiful Responsive Emails

Change the font, add images, links, emojis, lists or anything that will match your brand. You can also edit its HTML easily.

Get the stats you need:
open rate, clicks, and bounce

See all the metrics you need such as: how many subscribers open
your emails, how many clicked on a link and more.

Make it personal! Use merge tags in your emails

You can send more personal emails by using the subscribers’ information within the email they get. Use their first name, phone number or any other detail they shared with you.

Send an automatic coupon code to your subscribers

Autoresponders are the best way to squeeze the most from your popups and forms. For example, show an exit popup
and send a discount code to any visitor who is about to leave your checkout page.