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How Email Marketing Can Strengthen Your SEO Strategy: 5 Effective Tips

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Despite many predictions, email marketing is still a profitable marketing channel. Even for SEO strategy and is not losing ground yet. More than 50% of site visitors learn about new resources and platforms through emails.

On the other hand, we see SEO: always a sound practice, but often too isolated. Yes, based on keywords, linking, and various technical aspects.

And here, many people lose sight of the fact that email also consists of content and, if desired, email marketing can be charged with powerful SEO strategy potential.

And then, you will see all the benefits of this wise collaboration.

So let’s see how a smart email strategy can boost your SEO efforts.

How you can strengthen your SEO strategy

  • Optimizing Emails To Reduce Bounce Rate

After checking only the home page or looking at no more than one page, people who left the site are your forever lost customers.

They didn’t find what they wanted, or they found your content irrelevant to their request.

All your on-page SEO strategy is wasted: a high bounce rate will knock your website ranking out.

Skillfully implemented email marketing can help fix problems like this.

Of course, you still have to think about making your content top-notch.


But people who came to your site using the link from the letter are probably already loyal to your brand. After all, they took the first step by subscribing to the newsletter.

In a letter, you can tell a lot more about your product or service’s benefits. More than what a potential customer could find at first glance in the search results.

High-quality photo

Also, include a high-quality photo of your product or service image in your email – this will encourage the user to read your offer.

Make sure that no defects are visible in the photo, do the correction yourself or outsource the retouching. This will help people understand much more clearly if they need to click through to your site and significantly lower the bounce rate.

The longer people are on your site, exploring articles and product offers, the more gracious search engines become to your site’s visibility.

Source: https://deepwear.info/
Source: https://deepwear.info/

Another hint: in addition to relevant newsletters with links to fresh and useful content, there is another way to influence the decrease in the likelihood that a visitor will bounce. Use exit pop-ups with an engaging offer on the landing page, which will appear when they intend to close the tab.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, this technique can be easily applied using services such as Poptin: the task will take no more than a few minutes and does not require any knowledge of the code.

Unlike regular pop-ups, this one does not annoy visitors since it does not interrupt site navigation.

  • Helping Target Audience Find Your Website

A quick reminder: there are two main categories of emails:

  1. Transactional: notifications about a completed action, a purchase made, a payment completed, and more for customers who have already taken a conversion action.
  2. Marketing: a newsletter with promotional information about your product, a digest of useful articles, and interesting sales proposals for potential customers who have signed up for the newsletter but have not taken a conversion action yet.

Our current point of interest here is the second category.


As we have already established above, people who come to your site due to your emailing outreach are likely to be friendly towards your company.

They are interested in your product or service and they want to know about all the latest updates. And in order to increase the relevance of the information sent, you need proper email segmentation and, of course, personalization.

Some marketers neglect personalization for marketing emails, considering it to be a prerogative of transactional ones.

This is a serious omission since even mass mailing can be configured so that different categories of people receive content tailored to their interests and needs.

Modern email tools make it easy and fast enough. Moreover, when people subscribe to your newsletter, you can do a small survey with the letter options that interest them the most.


Relevant emails with links to your content ensure that only those audiences who are willing to cooperate with you will end up on your site.

Correctly and specifically formulated CTA leading to the corresponding page will demonstrate to search engines the ideal logic of building your communication with a client.

In turn, this will lead to an increase in targeted site visitors and an improved site ranking as well.

  • Encouraging Social Interactions

After receiving useful content in the mailing list, people are likely to get motivated to share it on social networks.

Therefore, spread your content even further by writing letters with an offer to make social sharing. This can sow organic interest, and attract new potential customers.

As for SEO, even though the number of shares is not a direct factor affecting the ranking of a site, it still has an optimization value; see for yourself:

  1. Increasing the number of positive mentions of the brand;
  2. Getting additional links to your content;
  3. Facilitating the power of word of mouth and more active discussion of your product or service.

Interestingly, according to this research, social media shares do have some effect on website visibility. Experts found that boosted content’s performance was nearly 25% better than the one of the contents that were not shared on social media at all.

pasted image 0 (8)

This proves once again that you cannot underestimate the value of social networks. Moreover, do not forget a simple truth that readers are more likely to share the materials from the letter they found to be of high value.

  • Expanding Keyword Testing Capabilities

The process of SEO depends a lot on proper keywords usage. And email testing can significantly expand your field of vision for the keywords that work best for you.

Of course, you know about A/B testing, when experts compare two types of letters and see which one is better.

This is an advantageous option for polishing content to a flawless state where nothing gets in the way or distracts the reader from the intended action.

By testing the effectiveness of your emails, you can easily highlight those keywords that are more appealing to the reader.

Subject line and body of the letter

Moreover, this applies to both the body of the letter and the subject line, where you can add keywords you are interested in one by one and check the open rate, engagement, and interaction.

Email testing can sometimes provide a lot more insight than advanced SEO tools,” Head of Email Marketing at LinksManagement says, Within successful link building services, it is a well-known rule that If the tools give you a general picture of your targeted keywords, then email testing is more specific and closer to your customers. Accordingly, you see what they need much more clearly.

  • Honing Your Content Marketing Strategy

How are the topics usually selected for regular platform updates? Most commonly,

  • Marketers analyze popular search queries for the desired niche;
  • Study the popular content examples from the competitors;
  • Select topics for promoting thematic pages of products and services, etc.

But what if you try to create content tailored to the particular interests and needs of your subscribers?

Tailor-fit content

It doesn’t mean that you are immediately required to include all the articles that appear on your blog in a row. But only those that are most attractive to the reader. An increase in newsletter engagement will be such an amazing experience.

Seeing that readers are actively responding to a specific headline or email subject line, you can use the data to create an individual article or page.

Subsequently, you can invite subscribers to familiarize themselves with this content. And here you will definitely not go wrong since previous experience has shown people’s interest in this topic.

unnamed (3)

An email’s value increases significantly if you add links to useful articles. You can add relevant information on topics of readers’ interest that aren’t published anywhere yet.

Such an approach is beneficial in several ways:

  1. First of all, your readers will see and appreciate that you really care about them. Make the newsletter useful and interesting without the mere goal of sending them to the site for purchase. 
  2. Also, you create the effect of your subscribers’ participation in an elite thematic club. This is where relevant information appears earlier than on other resources. 

This will strengthen their brand loyalty and make them appreciate your newsletter even more. Thus, you also increase the likelihood of interaction with the site and improve the SEO indicators accordingly.

Of course, you will have to do a lot more work than just adding all the articles. But the benefits of this approach are still worth the effort.

Exclusive content developed for email campaigns is posted on your site as a separate article. Thus. performing a double function and serving the benefit of SEO.

Wrapping Up

Different but united. All channels must work together to ensure an effective marketing strategy. Each of them has its characteristics, but this does not mean that they should not interact.

Nothing within a system is isolated. This deprives the business of additional development opportunities, gaining new customers as well as retaining existing ones.

Email marketing is an essential element within any successful SEO strategy.

Therefore, do not neglect the options of reinforcing the former’s key features. This can be a decisive step in boosting your website’s visibility and ranking.