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9 Exit-intent pop-up ideas for recovering cart abandonment

Exit pop-ups are designed to prevent people from leaving your website ahead of time.

The key item here is – getting ahead of time.

What exactly does that mean? Well, you certainly don’t want them to leave before they perform a specific action. This may be leaving an email address, completing a survey, making a purchase, or anything similar.

When you think of yourself as a salesman, you may be wondering why you would keep anyone who wants to leave at all, he certainly won’t do what you want him to do anyway.

However, this may not be completely true.

You are there to persuade him. Yes, that’s right. To convince him that what you are offering is something he surely needs or that what he needs to do is very important.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors.

The situation is as follows.

You see a particular product, you like the features, but the price is a little higher than you planned to set aside for that product. One second before you click on the “X”, a discount offer pops up which now makes this product ideal for you in every sense.

In that case, you will definitely buy the product and even have that good feeling that everything turned out as you imagined.

That’s exactly what your customers think, so why shouldn’t it be in your favor?

This is now more than a good reason to resort to the options offered by using exit-intent pop-ups, right?

So, let’s see how you can retain your visitors and create a great user experience!

1. Offer help via phone

Visitors may also leave your website because they have been unable to find their way.

You must always keep in mind that all content such as call-to-action must be tailored to your audience’s capabilities. Some people can cope more easily and with much difficulty, and this is something that you need to pay special attention to.

Of course, you cannot always know where a particular visitor will encounter an obstacle. This is why it is important to show them that you are there for them and that you will guide them.

A visitor may want to make a purchase but he is not clear where he can pay, find different options, and so on. His next intention would be to leave that website and find another one that will be easier for him to understand.

It is here that your exit-intent pop-up window arrives on the scene, offering to call him and solve his doubts.

This is an important part of customer care. 

If you tailor it completely to your target audience’s capabilities, rest assured that people will know that you appreciate them so they will appreciate you in return.

For example, HubSpot lets visitors contact the sales team or customer support by leaving a phone number. This way, they are showing that they are ready to provide help at any time.

2. Offer help and launch a live chat

Another option that you can offer to help a visitor is through live chat.

When it comes to Poptin, you can do it via the Conversion code area.

exit-intent pop-up ideas poptin conversion code

3. Offer a discount

Offering a discount can be a really great way to keep your visitors on your website. The discount may encourage them to still make a purchase.

The fact is that the higher the discount, the easier it will be for customers to finally decide to buy. But even if you offer a discount as low as 5%, 10% or 15% on the existing price, it can certainly have a great effect when it comes to conversion rates.

Offered discount is also subconsciously seen as a privilege, and with the copy, you can really present it as such.

If you are a Shopify user, by using Poptin, your discount can be redeemed directly.

You can send a coupon to your users in three different ways:

  1. Just activate ”Thank you screen” and write your message with coupon code.

exit-intent pop-up ideas poptin coupon code

  1. With Poptin integrations, you can connect with your current marketing platform. Then, using the platform, you can send an email with coupon code.
  2. You can send a coupon code using Zapier’s integration with Gmail.

In the following example, you can see how the Uniqlo brand offered a discount with the help of a pop-up. Attractive design also contributes to the efficiency of the offer.

exit-intent ideas uniqlo example

4. Offer a small gift

If you sell a particular product, you can offer a suitable gift with it that will either make that product even better or a nice token of your appreciation for your customers.

You can also offer the option of paying for one product and getting the other one for free or 2+1 action. 

Of course, be sure to check out which of the options is best for your business.

Also, you can offer free shipping. 

People generally don’t like to pay for shipping no matter what the cost of shipping itself is. This always seems like an extra, unnecessary expense to them so, if you have a possibility of realizing that, free shipping is a very tempting idea.

Free delivery or similar convenience always looks like something that should not be missed. This is an example of the Oka brand.

exit-intent pop-up ideas oka example

5. Show a survey

Exit-intent pop-ups can also be used to offer visitors a survey. While it will not lead you to new sales directly, it can play an extremely important role in increasing sales in the long run.

Just ask why they don’t want to buy a product, or even better, what they would add or subtract to a particular product.

You can use a copy like Oops, it looks like our product was not the right fit for you. Please, tell us what would you like to see improved?

Leave a space under the copy where the buyer will be able to answer or ask a few specific questions to get exactly the answers you are looking for.

This feedback will help you understand why visitors did not choose to buy and you can use it to enhance your product so that it becomes much more compelling.

You can see how Zen Mountain does this. After the main question, there is a kind please for visitors to help them with what needs to be improved.

exit-intent pop-up ideas zenmountain example

6. Show a pop-up with urgency

When it comes to sales, the urgency effect usually has a great impact on people.

In general, most of them have that fear of missing out. You can use that FOMO moment to your advantage. Various promotions and discounts or signage such as “Soon out of stock” or “Only two more available” encourage people to decide to buy as quickly as possible.

This way, you do not give them time to think too much and end up forgetting to buy.

Be sure to add the key benefits of your product to such a pop-up to present it as a great opportunity that may not be available in the next moment.

Flash sales like this on the SiteGround example can increase conversion rates significantly.

exit-intent pop-up ideas siteground example

7. Show testimonials

Testimonials are the best social proof because seeing other users who have already purchased your product makes you look trustworthy as a seller.

This is why it is important to present your satisfied customers. In this way, you create a certain reputation and credibility.

Before visitors leave your website, you will intervene with a bunch of positive experiences and encourage them to think again.

8. Use the human element

Exit-intent pop-ups can also be a great way to show the human element. Today we live in a world where everything is automated, saved replies and chatbots are used constantly, so it’s good to enable human-to-human contact. 

With the help of pop-ups like the following example, you can build much stronger customer relationships because people naturally connect much more with other people than with bots and robots.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 14.14.41

9. Show a pop-up that will offer a full guide

If people have shown an initial interest in what you offer, they are very likely to be interested in everything they can find out about your product.

With the help of exit-intent pop-ups, you can offer them a full guide to see what solutions your product offers, how it is used, what are its main benefits, and similar.

Invite them to provide you with an email address to send them a guide. Keep in mind that the primary goal here is to explain to them why a full guide is important.

After collecting their email addresses, you can nurture your leads through all kinds of important and interesting email messages.

Backlinko is a great example of this! They offer a full SEO guide for free that is consistent with the innovations, and the target group will surely want to leave their address to retrieve the copy.

exit-intent pop-up ideas backlinko example

The bottom line

Although the primary goal of this text was to give you ideas on how you can make the most out of exit-intent pop-ups, we are sure you have realized the potential these windows can have for improving sales!

It is up to you to choose among the many ways that will suit your business and fit into your overall strategy the best.

If you want to take full advantage of the pop-ups and at the same time be able to easily create effective and engaging windows, we suggest you try Poptin and start converting more website visitors.

Try and test different ideas, and, with the help of A/B testing, find the ones that will deliver the best results when it comes to your business.

Let passive visitors become your most loyal customers!

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com