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Explode Your Email List and Boost Sales with Shoper Pop Ups

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For the past decades, many have seen a boost in terms of the latest digital channels. But despite the explosion of these new technologies, email marketing is still important.

Aside from that, many online merchants use paid search, television, and social media marketing to improve their customer engagement and drive their sales up. If you still don’t believe it, email marketing was said to help boost your online sales by around 23 percent.

Considering the tight competition in the eCommerce industry, online sellers should think of a strategy that could help them to boost their sales and email list.

One way you can do this is to use website popups. Compared to other advertisements, Shoper pop ups are more effective in increasing your eCommerce sales and email list. Interestingly, creating one can be done easily. 

If you have not yet created your eCommerce website, you can do it with Shoper. Some of the merchants think that building an eCommerce site requires complex procedures. But the truth is creating one is pretty simple and easy to do. Just make sure that you are using the right tool. 

We will discuss more Shoper as well as the best popup builder below. Read on to know further. 

What is Shoper?

Shoper is a kind of e-commerce website that allows anyone to start their online store. Here, you can sell almost everything, from skincare products to fishing rods. This is a great website for those who want to create and start their own e-businesses, whether small, medium, or large.


Shoper is packed with features in making a professional-looking website. These features will also aid you in improving your e-commerce sales.

This eCommerce website is equipped with more than 250 pre-built functions that you can use easily. This is an ideal tool to speed up and facilitate your trading process online.

All you need to do is to create your shop and pay close attention to your customers and orders.

Why Pop Ups are Effective

Pop ups are among the most common yet popular marketing techniques to boost sales and explode the email list. Aside from that, many are using a pop up to grab the attention of site visitors.

As stated by its name, popups will instantly pop up once the internet user visits your site. There are several contents you can include in your popups.

shoper pop ups

You can also encounter several types of pop ups, such as opt-in popups used for generating leads and exit-intent pop ups to boost the traffic volume of your website.

A lot of internet users usually consider pop ups off-putting, irritating, and intrusive. Also, many of them think that these are related to malware, spam, and other unnecessary internet content.

However, if you will implement it properly, pop ups can provide your website with loads of benefits. These include improved customer engagement, increased conversion rates, and boosted subscriber and customer counts.

Take note that web design and branding strategies may change over time. When there is a change to your customer needs, business owners should change their tactics as well. While we live in a modernized world, pop ups are still effective. Read on to know why:

Implementing Shoper pop ups properly and professionally can bring a lot of positive effects on the overall performance, conversions, and lead generation of your website.

  • Visibility

Once a web user visits your website, the first thing that will welcome them is the Shoper pop ups. With this, you can control their first impression of your site.

Compared to other eCommerce marketing tactics, Shoper pop ups are way more effective when it comes to engaging and grabbing the web users’ attentions. In addition to that, no one can ignore Shoper pop ups. This means that they need to interact with it before it fades.

  • Increase Conversions

A lot of studies claimed that popups could help you to generate more subscription opt-ins and clicks compared to other ads. There are several benefits you can get when you add a well-crafted pop up to your page.

These include an effective way of marketing your goods and services, improving the number of your subscribers, and boost your site followers. In case that you are running an SEO company, using Shoper pop ups will help your customers to connect with you easily and conveniently.

  • Custom Website Pop-ups

The good thing about pop-ups is that you can customize them according to the products and services you provide. What’s more, is that you can do this without compromising the branding and style of your eCommerce website.


Aside from that, pop-ups provide a personalized experience for your visitors. You can do this by giving them what they want and encourage them to click on it.

The Best Tool to Create Shoper Pop Ups: Poptin

If you are in the eCommerce business for many years, then you probably know what Poptin is. Well, Poptin is a pop-up generator tool. You can do several types of Shoper pop ups with Poptin, such as the exit-intent pop ups.


Poptin allows you to make website popups that look perfect and professionally-made. The good thing about this pop-up builder is that it offers a free trial. This means that you can use the tool for a few days and decide if it is worth investing in or not. 

At a very low price, you can use Poptin whenever and wherever you want. Each plan can provide you with several features that you can use to create Shoper pop ups.

Poptin - Thinkific 3

So, what are you waiting for? Use Poptin when you decided to integrate popups to your eCommerce site. 

How to Install Poptin on Your Shoper Website

  1. Login to your Poptin account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up now with Poptin for FREE.
  2. Click Settings at the top right corner of your Poptin dashboard. Find the “Code for Installation.tienda nube pop ups
  3. A popup window appears. Click “Any website” and copy the code below.shoper pop ups
  4. Now that you have the JavaScript snippet, login to your Shoper account.
  5. In the administration panel, go to Configuration / Design / Active theme.
  6. In the Modules tab, search for the “Add Module” button. It will enable you to paste custom HTML and JS, which in this case the Poptin JS snippet, that you can insert in the theme.

Note: Shoper doesn’t recommend inserting JavaScript directly into your own modules. If so, do it in the “Custom JS Script.” On the other hand, it doesn’t recommend inserting JS directly into Shoper’s own modules either. It’s better to insert it by Own JS file. More information here.

Once everything’s done, save changes.

Poptin is now installed on your Shoper account.

Start converting more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales through engaging popups and embedded forms.

Benefits of Connecting Poptin with Shoper

As the world turns to become more digital, the number of internet users is continuously increasing. Considering the situation of the world today, most business owners started to run an e-commerce business. This means that the competition in the e-commerce industry is getting tougher and tougher.


Of course, to stand out among the other online merchants, you need to create something that will catch the attention of the users. In connection to that, you may consider creating a popup.

As mentioned, Poptin is a good tool to build Shoper pop ups. This will benefit you a lot, especially if you will connect it with your Shoper website.

The following are some of the benefits you can get from connecting Poptin with Shoper. Read on to know further.

  • Popups help you to turn your site visitors into potential customers
  • Poptin enables you to use their features to generate Shoper pop-ups for free.
  • With Shoper Pop-ups, you may notice a sudden boost in your sales as well as to your email list
  • It helps your customer to have the best experience on your site.
  • You don’t need to require your clients to provide more information about themselves to determine their needs
  • You can easily update your customers about your new products or services.


If you decided to enter online marketing, it is your job to know and understand the ways that will help you to create a long email list quickly.

Creating an email is a common way to connect and communicate with your visitors and customers. Despite the popularity of the use of social media channels, creating your email list is the most important digital channel you need to have.

When it comes to Return on Investment, a lot of studies claimed that sending an email is the best form of online marketing strategy. If your e-commerce website does not yet have an email list, it’s time to create one. If you already have an existing one, looking for ways on how to explode it is your job.

Worry no more. With a well-crafted pop-up, you can now improve your e-commerce sales and boost your email list at the same time.

If you are having a hard time staying on top of the competition in the e-commerce industry, one of the effective ways you can do is to try creating pop-ups. These are great tools to convert your visitors into your customers.

A high number of customers means a high number of sales. So, to always stay on top, make sure to create your Shoper pop-ups with Poptin.

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.