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Major Factors to Increase Domain Authority [Updated 2022]

Almost all the web owners are familiar with the domain authority and the benefits of increasing it. There are a lot of efforts required to increase the domain authority of a site and usually, it takes months and years to increase naturally. 

However, if the web owners could know these factors, especially with the presence of professional SEO services, this might increase the domain authority within a small period and it would save a lot of time and effort. 

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If you are aware of the domain authority or you are willing to increase the domain authority of your site then this article is for you. 

This article will explain more about the domain authority and how it can be increased easily. 

What is domain authority and why is it important for a website?

The domain authority is a measuring metrics of a website which is introduced by Moz and it helps the marketers and other peoples to see the strength of a website. 

The domain authority is based on different factors that are introduced by Moz and if the website is enriched on these factors then this would increase the domain authority of your website. 

Below are some of the important domain authority for a website:

  • It helps to know the optimization of a website

Google or any of the other search engines don’t have any of the analytical tools or features that can provide a score for optimization to the search engine.

The majority of the DA factors are similar to the factors of Search engine optimization and if the SEO of a website is effective then it would increase the domain authority of the site. 

Hence, we can say that the site with a better domain authority score has the potential of ranking higher in the search engine result pages but remember, the domain authority doesn’t have any direct relation with Google or any other search engine.

If you a person is buying the site of another then this number can be considered to know the strength of the website and make an appropriate deal for this. 

Thus, a good score of domain authority will help to increase the selling rate of the website. 

  • It helps to compare multiple websites

Whether getting a backlink or you are making the review by comparing multiple websites, in this case, the domain authority can be considered as the measurement of the strength of these websites. 

For example, if you are comparing two blogs then through domain authority, you can identify which of the sites is better than the other. 

  • Helpful for marketers

Marketers usually search for sites with high authority to get a benefit and have collaboration with them. 

For example, if the SEO expert is willing to buy the backlinks or a guest post from a website then the first thing which would be looked at is domain authority as it is enough to explain the quality of the website as well as the backlink. 

Marketers, then make the effort for increasing the website’s optimization, they measure all of their measurements with this score. 

For example, before starting a project, they look for the DA score and after the project is complete, they measure their effort by measuring again and noticing the difference. 

How to increase the domain authority?

Different factors need to be focused on when you are increasing the domain authority while the below-mentioned factors are some of the most important ones. 

Focusing on these will lead to an increase in a quick time. 

  • Write lengthy articles (at least 2000+ words)

The first important thing for the increase in the domain authority is the lengthy articles that help to keep the user on your website for a longer period. 

Google and other search engines love the lengthier articles because it looks more informative when the articles are lengthier. 

Now, only 2000+ words are not enough for decreasing the domain authority. Instead, you need to have a qualitative article too. 

There was a time when writing short content wasn’t the matter but now, the long content has a great value to increase the domain authority. 

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If your marketing efforts have the mission of competing with others then you should focus on making 2000+ words. As an example, we can see that the top-ranked article usually has lengthier articles. 

The article with more words will generate more leads and have a better trust rate. 

  • Improve your link profile

After content, the most important factor to increase the domain authority of your website is a high-quality link profile. 

A link profile of a website is the number of outgoing and incoming links. 

Internal Links

These are the links inside your site’s pages or posts that refers the user to another of your page or post. The search engines and Moz’s algorithms love this factor because this is a pioneering way to ease the navigate as well as increase the user experience on your site. 

You must increase the number of internal links by linking the URL to the most relevant and authoritative link of your web page or blog. 


Backlinks are the connections that come to your site from another website and this is an important factor because it increases the authority and trust level of your website. 

Backlinks are also important for search engine ranking because it increases the reference to your site and there comes more chances that your site would get referral traffic. 

There are different ways of getting the backlinks to your site including the following:

  • Guest Posting 
  • Backlinks from Broken links
  • Self-Submission sites 
  • Infographics
  • Remove Bad links 

There is a term, Spam Score, which is also introduced by Moz. This Spam Score is a measurement of the website to know the spam of a website and one of the main factors behind the increase in this number is bad links. 

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Bad Links are the backlinks that are artificial or of low quality. Having some bad links to your site will also stop increasing the domain authority which means that removing the bad links is essential for the website. 

The bad links include different types and some of the identification of the bad links are written below:

  • Incoming links from the irrelevant website
  • A backlink from the low authoritative site
  • Broken link 
  • Links from the Gambling or Adult sites 
  • “User-generated Content” links (Forum posting, Blog Commenting, Backlink maker tool)

Different SEO tools are used to identify backlinks like Ahrefs and UberSuggest

  • Social media presence 

Social media marketing is common for all the search engines and if you are addicted to it then you wouldn’t be able to increase the domain authority as well as the ranking on the search engine. 

There are different social media platforms and amongst them, you should have a profile on the most common platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google+, and some others. 

If your site is connected with these platforms then it would be a positive signal for the Moz algorithm to increase your DA score. 

Now, once you are present on social media websites, what to do next?

You need to share the content on your website on the social media profiles using the URL and there are more chances of referral traffic from these platforms. 

Whether you are uploading a new blog post or you are having a new web page, it must be shared on the social profiles. 

  • Website security 

Website security is important because it would generate better communication between the user and the server. 

This increases the trust of the customers, search engines, and helps to increase the DA score. But how security is possible?

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You should have the certificates including the SSL that would convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS. 

The website security will improve the security of the data that is being transformed from the user to the database. 

This is another factor behind the increase in domain authority. This factor is important because it helps the site to increase the user experience of the website. 

The technical SEO of a website include the following factors:

There are different other factors inside the technical SEO and for this, you can use different SEO tools to identify the technical SEO faults in your website. 

How to find the domain authority of a website?

When you are applying the factors for increasing the domain authority, you can only know the outcomes of your efforts with the help of checking the domain authority. 

The DA checker online is the tool that is used to check the domain authority of the sites before and after the implication of the above-mentioned factors. 

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Remember, marketers can easily use these tools to get the result of their efforts and if the results are improved, the DA score would be increased for that website. 

These tools are available for free while the most authentic tool is Moz itself which is free and quick to use. 

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