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How Optimizing Pop Ups Can Be a Great Option For Your CTR Strategy

Pop ups have a bad reputation in the industry. While many think they’re distracting or annoying, nothing matches the power of the optimized pop ups for your business.

Pop ups are very similar to the catchy and flashy banners used in traditional marketing strategies. If that was right and still considered as a great option, why not pop-ups in digital marketing?

Think about optimizing your pop-ups for the best benefits to your CTR strategy.

First of all, accept that advertisements must remain effective, short, and crisp for delivering the purpose of placements.

Once the purpose of pop-ups is clear, it is time to move to the optimization strategies to prevent them from working against your CTR strategy.

However, it is not that easy.

But, we’ll make things easier for you. We have all the tricks and tips to level up your pop-ups for maximizing the benefits of your CTR strategy.

But before we discuss it more, let’s understand the magical world of pop-ups.

World of Pop Ups in 2021

Pop-ups are facing multiple criticisms over the years that have particularly increased in the last five years. The introduction of anti-pop-up tricks tries to alter their functioning.

The introduction of ad-blockers further facilitates the visitors from doggy and catchy pop ups on your websites. So, is that it for the pop ups in 2021?

Pop ups deliver good results in boosting the click-through rates for any website. In addition to that, optimized pop ups are higher performing than any other channels used to improve the clickthrough rates. Like the Facebook boost button, it all depends on how you’re using it for your benefit.

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Selecting the Right Pop-ups

The efficacy of pop-ups is dependent on their types. Some pop-ups are high-performing, while the others come with medium results. It further depends on the budget and type of the industry. Poptin helps different companies select the best pop-ups.

Thus, depending on your requirements, you can select any of the different types of pop-ups available in the market. The top five types of pop-ups are:

1. Scroll-based pop ups

Scroll-based pop ups come only after visitors scroll a defined length on your web page. Thus, scroll-based pop ups work well as customers are already engaged. Multiple eCommerce websites use these scroll-based pop-ups for better results on their blogs and articles.

2. Interaction-based pop ups

Interaction-based pop ups show when a visitor hovers over specific content on your website. Thus, these are the favorites of the marketing teams that work on offering personalized experiences. Therefore, interaction-based pop-ups are highly dependent on the customer’s interest.

3. Delayed pop ups

Delayed pop-ups come into existence after visitors spend a considerable amount of time on any web page. Thus, these are similar to scroll-based pop-ups that come after proof of engagement only.

The team at Mahjong Challenge, for example, used delayed popups to launch surveys to gather feedback on how to improve their mahjong games. Because their users were already invested in playing their games, the delayed popups received more engagement.

4. Exit-intent pop ups

Exit-intent pop-ups come at the time of exit from your webpage. If you are thinking about why people like the exit-intent popup today! So here is the answer, it’s the last opportunity to reach a client that influences bounce repeatedly (on usual, 70 to 96% of visitors that leave your site will never return)!

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5. Entry pop ups

Entry pop-ups are the first popup that appears on your web page. These are the most notorious pop-ups that have a bad reputation in the industry due to their intrusive nature.


Why Optimize Pop-ups?

Powerful pop-ups are sure shot calls to action on any website. It attracts the customer and provides them useful insights into your products and services. All optimizations and customizations are necessary to drive the best practices on problems, solutions, and intentions.

1. Valuable information to the audience

The best reasons to optimize pop-ups are to provide your audience with the best information. Thus, it is crucial to optimize your pop-ups to create and display the best relevant content for your audience.

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2. Managing customer experience

The full-screen pop-ups can hamper the customer experience to great levels. Thus, it is equally crucial to managing the customer experience and feedback from pop-ups.


3. Mobile-friendly pop-ups

Any pop-ups intended for mobile users should not cover the main content. The rule is simple to go for the mobile pop-ups that don’t hamper the user experience but improve the mobile-friendly nature of your website.


How Optimized Pop-ups Affect CTR Strategy?

1. Providing first-time discounts

Many websites, especially retail and eCommerce, use pop-ups to offer first-time discounts to visitors. This is the best way to create an effective pop-up that is highly appealing and not irritating to the eyes.

Thus, the main problem in optimizing the pop-ups is resolved by offering first-time discounts using pop-ups.

Source: https://www.blushsaloncl.com/steals-and-deals
Source: https://www.blushsaloncl.com/steals-and-deals

This type of pop-ups optimization doesn’t only improve the CTR strategy but creates a smooth ground for business.

You can’t miss the mouth-of-the-word marketing offered by first-time discount pop-ups. Additionally, the effective data collection of email addresses, contact numbers, etc., is useful to generate customer data.

2. Advertising a free demo

Proposing a free demo to your customers once they’re on your web page is another great option to optimize the pop-ups.

It eliminates the irritating feel of the pop-ups and can be used as exit-intent to draw a final call-to-action to all visitors.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

With the majority of your website visitors not ready to buy at the immediate moment, it is best not to pressurize them but to keep them warm using more options.

A chat that prompts the website visitors to know more about the product and services creates interest and is one of the best ways to use the exit-intent pop-ups.

3. Connecting to an email-gated landing page

Redirecting the pop-ups to landing pages is another best way to optimize your pop-ups. It keeps the essence of pop-ups intact while managing the traffic on your website.

The information about upcoming webinars or limited-time offers can attract pop-ups that land on all the details. Thus, the connection of pop-ups with email-gated landing pages is beneficial in sharing information and attracting more traffic.

You can manage the landing pages for short-time promotions or newly introduced offers. You can further use newsletters, sign-ups, content downloads, etc.

4. Hiding the form on the landing page

Pop-ups that hide the Forms on the landing page are tried and tested techniques to optimize them. The several options in form fields on the landing pages decrease the conversion rates. These pop-ups convert better than any other email pop-ups.

The landing pages with no form fields have greater conversion rates than the ones full of different and confusing forms. Henceforth, hiding the forms on the landing page using pop-ups serves the purpose.

5. Manage shopping cart abandonment

Mark the words of e-commerce, abandoned shopping carts are actual pain points for marketers. A gentle reminder about the abandonment of the shopping cart at the time of closing the web page is sufficient to manage the shopping cart issues.

The best method is to go for the exit-intent pop-up that raises addresses like total costs, payment methods, total savings, website errors, etc.

6. Remind limited period offers

How about combining the pop-ups with limited period offers?

The next step in optimizing the pop-ups is to promote the deals and limit offer sales using the scroll-down pop-ups.

These pop-ups, while never interacting with the content, effectively draw the attention of the customers.


7. Offer exclusive content

The relevant and best way to optimize your pop-ups is to promote relevant offers and exclusive content like e-books, content management, etc. Marketing the exclusiveness of your content to the already engaged customers is a great way to optimize your pop-ups.

Wrapping Up:

It all starts with customers and ends at customers. Thus, first of all, all pop-ups should be customer-centric rather than one-fit-for-all types.

The world of pop-ups is drastically changing. Once considered as a hindrance is now considered as an opportunity to grab the best out of the available products and services.

You can select from the different types of pop-ups based on your requirements. These different types ensure the best coordination to your existing CTR strategy. Companies like Poptin offer the best pop-ups optimization for different businesses.

Pop-ups are not dead yet and further have a promising scope in the future.

Try the techniques and tips mentioned in the article, and do let us know how they helped you. 

Author Bio:

Janki Sharma is Head of Operations at N2N Digital and has over 5+ years of experience working in the marketing and sales domain. She provided innovative ideas and solutions for business growth. She loves to write on a wide range of topics like digital marketing, tech, and many more.