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Want to write a blog post? Here are our writing guidelines

January 2, 2023
Guest Post Writing Guidelines

We’re excited that you’d consider sharing your thoughts on a diverse range of topics on our blog. We value the diversity in perspective that authors like you bring to the table.

While we do get a lot of guest post requests, we can’t accept them all. The guidelines below will guide you through the best practices for getting your guest posts published on our blog. 

Our Audience

Our audience consists of SaaS companies, eCommerce drivers, marketers, freelancers, sales teams, and digital agencies. All guest posts should be relevant to our mutual audience.

Our Tone

Our blog speaks from an informative and authoritative point of view but our tone is conversational. Think of it as sharing valuable information with your friends and family. Use a second-person perspective when writing. 

Our Topics

We write about eCommerce, SaaS, B2B, B2C, lead generation and conversion, marketing ideas/strategies/developments, social media, pop up marketing, website optimization, etc. 

Guest Post Requirements

We only accept high-quality guest posts for our blog. If you’d like to write a guest post that will be published on our blog, please follow these rules:

What We Love

  1. Articles that mimic our tone and style of writing. Friendly, conversational, and informative. 
  2. 1500-words minimum. (Don’t add unnecessary fluff to try and hit this mark)
  3. Short Introductions. Think 100 – 150 words. Don’t add backlinks to this intro.
  4. Use headings, subheadings, and short paragraphs to share your points. 
  5. Submissions about topics that we haven’t covered already. Do a site search on Google site:websitename.com [topic]
  6. An informative, concise, and well-researched article that brings value to our readers. Be objective. Don’t try to sell anything.


  1. NO STOCK IMAGES ARE ALLOWED. The article should include a minimum of five (5) relevant screenshots or images that can bring value to our readers. 

Seo & Backlinks

  1. When submitting a topic proposal, please indicate your target keyword and monthly search volume.
  2. Include at least five (5) internal links to other Poptin blog posts and to our other sites: Premio, Prospero, Klutch, and Chaty.
  3. Two outbound links to your site only. Including the one in your author’s bio. Don’t link to websites with DA below 40 and DR below 70.
  4. If there are statistics and findings, be sure to link and give credit to the original source, including charts and graphs if necessary.

External links to sites other than your own are okay for citing images, showing relevance, and including stats. Don’t try to earn backlinks for other sites by including too many backlinks.

  1. Strictly NO promotional links. Link to blog posts/resources only. No links to product pages or home pages.
  2. Add a meta description within 160 characters max.
  3. Send your Gravatar email account if you have one, along with 1-2 sentences about you.

Important Note

Poptin has the right and authority to add, edit, and remove any element from the article if we find it applicable to our guidelines, standards, and agreements.

Poptin holds the final decision on the publication date of your guest post.

Ready to Pitch?

Please send an email to [email protected]. 🙂

Highly dedicated entrepreneur, co-founder of Poptin and Ecpm Digital Marketing. Nine years of experience in the digital marketing field and internet project management. Graduated with an Economics degree from Tel Aviv University. A big fan of A/B testing, SEO and PPC campaigns' optimization, CRO, growth hacking and numbers. Always loves testing new advertising strategies and tools, and analyzing the latest start-up companies.