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3 Awesome Examples of SaaS Email Copywriting

There is no doubt that B2B businesses have the toughest time when it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy. Not all content and not every channel is effective for B2B companies, which they often have to learn the hard way, like SaaS email.

However, among the many strategies, email marketing has so far proven to be the most popular and effective one for B2B businesses. These stats by Hubspot prove this point:

  • 81% of B2B marketers say the most important content they develop is an email newsletter
  • 87% of B2B companies say that email is one of their top free organic distribution channels
  • 90% of marketers in this field also confirm that the top metric they get from email marketing is engagement 

SaaS companies, who are also members of the B2B family, can extract a lot of benefits from email marketing. But without a good copy, email marketing can become a disappointment and a huge waste of money for a SaaS company as well. 

So, what does it take to write a good SaaS email copy? 

Let’s take a look. 

1. Open the Door to New Experiences with an Onboarding Email

One of the main purposes of email marketing is lead nurturing. In other words, you need to make sure that your subscriber becomes your loyal customer. 

That’s why it is important to diversify your email marketing strategy with onboarding emails. These emails introduce customers to new product experiences and convince them to purchase or keep using your service. 

There are three types of onboarding emails that you can use in your SaaS email marketing campaign:

  • Welcome email. These messages are an absolute must since they are the first step to introduce a new customer to your product a bit closer. Besides, welcome emails have a whopping 50% open rate, so why not take advantage of that?
  • Polls and surveys. Although these messages are not exclusive to the onboarding process, they can help you find out how satisfied a first-time user is with your product. 
  • Reengagement emails. If it’s been a while, and your subscriber still hasn’t bought your product, you can slightly push them in the right direction using various kinds of re-engagement emails. 

Indeed, getting a new customer on board is a complicated process, and the quality of your email copy can make it or break it in terms of lead nurturing. 

How do you craft a good onboarding email?

Let’s consider the following example of a SaaS company. 

Tidio, one of the leading chatbot companies in the world, has a great customer onboarding process, which includes all three types of emails mentioned above. 

We will take a quick look at Tidio’s welcome email as an example. It is a simple message that contains essential details about the company and its product:

What do we see here?

  • An introductory part. The company greets the new potential customer and briefly mentions what it does for its customers. 
  • Benefits. Next, the message includes social proof to show how Tidio’s product helps thousands of businesses to increase their revenue. 
  • Product details. Then, the email continues with a brief description of one of the product features and how it works. Besides, a subscriber also gets all the necessary details, how to set up the product. 
  • A call-to-action button. This essential element is present throughout the email and helps the new customer quickly access the dashboard and navigate other product features. 

As you can see, a welcome email doesn’t have to be too long and contain too many details. You don’t want to bombard a new user with too much information. 

Instead, distribute this information across several onboarding emails and start nurturing your new lead gradually, luring them in with more and more exciting product features. 

How do you get more subscribers?

It’s a ‘Duh!’ moment. Of course, you cannot have a successful customer onboarding process if you have no one to onboard. That’s why you need to invest in building up the list of subscribers beforehand. 

How can you do it faster?

Pop-ups are the way to go. They can help you collect the information from your subscribers, including their names and email addresses, completely automatically. Besides, there’s also a ton of other benefits:

  • you build brand awareness
  • your business saves costs
  • pop-ups add a new revenue stream

Poptin can help you take advantage of all these benefits. Our service allows companies, both big and small, to build pop-ups within minutes and track their performance via our automated dashboard. You can also sign up for free and start testing our service to see if it fits your business needs.  

2. Create Product Guides

Another reason why email marketing is so beneficial for SaaS companies is that it provides an extra opportunity to educate customers about their products. 

One way these companies are doing it via email is by sending out different product guides. 

SaaS products are usually quite complex and have multiple features. Sometimes, customers may not even be aware of all benefits that your product can bring to them. Thus, creating a set of product guide emails can help them learn more about what they are missing. 

What should product guide emails look like?

Take Canva’s email, for example. 

Canva is a service that offers templates for personal use and marketing purposes. Among many features of its product, Canva’s subscribers can also create presentations. To educate its customers about this option, the company sends out an email product guide. It briefly explains the process of creating a presentation with Canva’s dashboard:

Let’s take a closer look at this email. 

As you can see, the structure of Canva’s product guide email resembles a blog article, but shorter. You can notice the following structural elements:

  • Introduction. This section gives the reader an idea of why the visual looks of a presentation are important for the way it tells the story. 
  • Benefits of the product. The email goes right to the description of how Canva’s storyboard template can solve the problem stated in the intro. 
  • Guide to using the product feature. This is the main section, in which a customer briefly learns about every step of building a presentation with Canva’s solution. 
  • CTA. The email ends with an invitation to put this guide to practice and make the presentation with Canva’s dashboard. 

What’s good about such product guide emails is that they build up the credibility of your company because you make an effort to educate your customers more about your services. 

Such an approach to email marketing makes your company stand out from the competition because you’re not trying to force your services onto your customers. You’re merely showing them the benefits of your product. 

What else can the product guide email copy include?

The above-mentioned product guide email promotes the product directly. However, such emails also can be not so straightforward. 

You can also write a product guide email copy that just gives general tips. Canva has an example of such an email as well:

This email provides basic design tips with Canva’s solutions incorporated in them. Along with the text, there are also animations that explain the process described in the email. 

Like with any other digital copy, it is important to keep these emails well-edited and proofread. You can do that using online tools like Grammarly, TrusMyPaper, or BestEssayEducation

On top of that, it can be useful to add some social proof to these emails. It will help build up the credibility of the content and make you sound like the industry leader. 

3. Celebrate Your Customer’s Achievements 

The goal of every marketing strategy is to win the customer’s heart. And one of the key tricks to do that quickly and effectively is through personalization.  

Customers always expect a more personalized approach from brands. Reportedly, 80% of customers say they are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer highly personalized experiences. 

Email marketing is one of the ways that can help SaaS companies add more personalization to the customer journey. And celebrating the goals that your customers have reached with the help of your product can be a great opportunity to help you achieve that. 

How to write an email copy that celebrates your customer’s goals?

Grammarly, an online editing service, has one of the best examples of such emails. 

What’s so great about this email?

  • It offers a weekly goal update. This way, the email encourages a customer to keep using Grammarly’s service to unlock more achievements. 
  • It shows evidence of how the goal was achieved. The power is in the numbers. Indeed, when using Grammarly’s product, their users rarely think about how productive they are and how accurate their writing is. Giving them some performance stats can reassure them to keep using Grammarly’s service to achieve their goals. 
  • There is a social aspect to this email. Grammarly encourages its users to celebrate their achievements with others on social media. It’s like a virtual pat on the back for doing a great job. 

You can also use such emails during the onboarding process to push your customers to the right purchase decision. This email doesn’t force your product. On the contrary, it shows your product’s benefits in their full glory and makes your customers more confident that they’ve chosen the right solution that meets their needs. 

Over to You

Contrary to the popular misconception, SaaS email marketing doesn’t have to be boring. The examples of the emails that we introduced to you effectively prove this point. 

So, don’t be afraid to let your creativity loose. However, don’t forget that your emails should carry educational value and show that your company is the leader in its industry. 

About the Author

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