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5 Photography Marketing Ideas That Will Catch Your Customers’ Interest

Marketing is one of the most challenging parts of the photography industry. You need to know how to market strategy in order to capture the attention of potential online clients and do an excellent job at marketing your brand while showing off your photography skills.

To attract a bigger audience, it is imperative that you ensure your photographs are breathtaking and stand out from amateur photographs from want-to-be photographers. Fortunately, there are many applications with comprehensive and selfie editor options that will allow you to retouch photos perfectly, as well as plenty of tools, which can also help replace the color in an image.

It would be best to build your marketing plan around developing a relationship with potential clients while simultaneously illustrating how your photography proposals will benefit your ideal client. This means that you ought to use marketing ideas that reflect your professionalism, personality and might enable you to become an influencer at some point.

What Photography Marketing Techniques Will Help You Captivate Your Customers

1. Promoting Images Through Social Media

Promoting your photography on social media is the simplest way to share your work. On social media platforms, extraordinary photos are shared far and beyond your circle of friends.

The following are the top social media platforms that can help you exceed your local reach:

  •  Facebook: Over 75% of the content shared on Facebook is often associated with pictures; visual posts are shared more
  • Instagram: Many individuals have built their entire lives through sharing their craft on Instagram. By posting regularly, this medium can work wonders for you
  • Twitter: Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the best platforms where photographers can share their photographs with the rest of the world

2. Starting a Blog

As a photographer, you shouldn’t get too intimidated when it comes to writing a few words; you will get better at it as you continue practicing. In most cases, your pictures will be doing most of the talking.

Having a personal blog where you can showcase your craft along with a short story that briefs readers on what the photograph symbolizes or the inspiration behind it is a really powerful way to reach out to potential clients.

Doing this also positions you as an expert. Creating a blog is an excellent strategy for sharing and marketing content. The photography industry is based on creating content; showcasing your content is the only way to go about marketing it.

3. Running a Contest

To get the attention of an everyday audience, you might want to consider running some kind of contest. The contest can involve a giveaway of a prize or service of your choice. When you decide to offer an essential service, you can be sure that the people who would be interested are the people who actually need or want your service.

The following are examples of contests that will help you get in front of your target audience:

  • Caption Contests: Share your photographs and let users caption them to get a chance to win
  • Spot the Difference Contests: For this, make slight changes to a specific photo and let the users try to figure and point out the differences
  • Photo Contests: Ask people to submit their photos for a chance to win a prize and showcase yours to them

4. Getting Featured

A variety of local and global websites offer features for fantastic photography. This kind of exposure could be great for name and brand recognition as well as having access to the backlinks they provide. Getting featured can be an excellent addition to your local SEO strategy.

5. Offering Referral Bonuses

People are more susceptible to talking about experiences that they enjoyed. Getting a referral bonus such as a gift card or discounted services from you will have them excited to share the details of the work you do with other people. Word-of-mouth advertisement and referral programs are the most effective way to market any business.

In Conclusion

Marketing your photography might seem daunting, but it’s the only way to build on your photography career. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to work. By being conscious and putting in the effort to develop your own brand as well as promoting your craft, you will become a photography marketing expert in no time.