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Boost Conversion Rate with Squarespace Pop Ups

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is the start when most businesses and establishments close. If you have a hard time gathering more potential customers offline, it’s time to step up and take your business online.

When you decide to use the advancement of technology to promote your business, eCommerce websites would help you a lot. One of the best eCommerce websites you may consider is Squarespace.

Gone are the days that business owners advertise their products and services offline. Today is the time to use website popups to encourage more customers and increase your sales. In that case, Squarespace is the answer. This eCommerce website allows you to install website popups and build your online store conveniently. 

There are loads of benefits you can get from using Squarespace and installing website popups. We will discuss it more below.

What is Squarespace?

As mentioned, Squarespace is a company that offers pre-built templates, allowing its customers to create and host their websites by themselves. Aside from that, there are also loads of benefits you can get from using Squarespace.


For those who don’t know what Squarespace is or starters in this industry, well, Squarespace is like a company to give a helping hand to people who want to create their websites. Squarespace offers two types of subscriptions: monthly and annual subscriptions.

But, despite your subscription choice, you can still have easy and convenient access to the tools and templates they offer. Each template and means you will choose can help you a lot in building and hosting your webpage. Also, using Squarespace does not require you to have a web development or coding experience.

Squarespace enables you to pick your desired website template, choose the tools you will need to get started and help you to expand your audience coverage.


The Squarespace provides you with a wide range of industry-leading website templates, color palettes, and designer fonts. This means that you can choose the one that matches your professional needs and personal style.

The company also offers its users more tools you can add when creating your booking services or an online store. Also, these tools allow you to add your desired third-party extensions.

Another thing that we love about it is that it enables you to broaden your audience coverage. Through their tools and services, your website will stand out in every social media feed and inbox.

With Squarespace’s social tools and a-brand email campaigns, you can quickly grow the number of your audience across several channels.

Why Pop-ups are Effective

You can get lots of benefits from popup, including increasing your website’s conversion rates. You might be asking why. Well, the answer is all about science. But, before we dive into the reasons popups are so useful, let us first know why popups are the number one best friend of every marketer.

  • The Marketer’s Number One Option to Convert

Every eCommerce business owner should hear this: Potential visitors will leave the site if it loads slowly and is usually driven.

There are loads of reasons why most website visitors leave. These include that they are rushed, distracted, the website does not provide the right services, or are not encouraged by the offers.

But despite your reason, you don’t need a scientific basis to know the importance of re-engaging your abandoning website visitors. Through this, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your conversion rates. This is when Squarespace pop ups become handy.


Exit-intent popups offer you a second chance to re-engage your visitors. The possibility of having a higher conversion rate will be notable. You can do this by giving your visitor attention by providing a valuable, relevant, and timely offer.

Now, let’s go back to the reasons why pop-ups are so useful. Read on to know further.

  • Popups Re-Engage Prospects by Using a Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a technique utilized by many salespeople for a very long time now. One of the types of this technique is called ‘pattern interrupt.’ It has a straightforward concept. You need to say or do something that could alter the standard patterns of an individual.


By doing so, we are changing the moments. This is why many people are using this strategy to throw away their bad habits. This concept is also genuine with pop-ups. NLP also offers sentiment analysis of the text, which can find the emotions in text samples.

Pop-ups offer the website visitors something sweet that could convince them to think a lot further about leaving or staying on the site. In other words, pop-up is all about getting people’s attention and diverting it to something different.

  • Popups Improve Effective Frequency

There is a high chance that helpful pop-ups can improve the frequency by reinforcing and repeating the message.

To further understand the concept, let us take an example.

A lady started viewing different ads for a skincare routine over the past years. Initially, she didn’t pay enough attention to those ads. But each time she views the ads, she thinks and is intrigued about their validity.

After several months, the pimples started to pop on her face. That’s why she decided to test the product. After a week, she received the skin care products she ordered.

That was the time we witnessed what a sufficient frequency can do.

If you don’t know what sufficient frequency is, as the names suggest, it is the number of times your visitor views a message before making a decision. Pop-ups can improve good frequency by allowing the marketer to serve and reinforce the message. With the Squarespace pop-ups containing the same statement, you encourage the visitor to be your potential customer.

The Best Tool To Create Squarespace Pop Ups: Poptin

If you are in the marketing industry for some time now, you have probably heard about Squarespace. Squarespace is a good source for creating unique and personalized websites. Aside from that, it also offers tools to help you host your webpage.


Let’s say that you already established your eCommerce website with Squarespace. The next thing you should do is think of ways to gather e customers and boost your sales. One best method to achieve this is to create Squarespace pop ups. 

Squarespace pop ups are great in driving more traffic to your website compared to other forms of ads. To formulate a professional-looking popup, you may use Poptin. Poptin is a great tool that will help you to build Squarespace pop ups according to your needs and preference. 


One of the good things about Poptin is that you can personalize your Squarespace pop ups. The said pop up builder is packed with easy-to-use features, making it beginner-friendly. You don’t need any coding skills to start using Poptin. In just a matter of minutes, you can now create your very own Squarespace pop ups.

For well-designed pop-ups, Poptin is a perfect tool you can trust.

How to Install Poptin on your Squarespace Website

  1. Login to your Poptin account. Sign up now with Poptin for FREE if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Click Settings at the top right corner of your Poptin dashboard for the “Code for Installation”.squarespace pop ups
  3. A popup window will appear. Click “Any website” and copy the code below.image2 (6)
  4. Now that you have the JavaScript snippet, go to your Squarespace dashboard and click Settings.image4 (7)
  5. Scroll down, and you’ll see the “Advanced” tab. From there, click the “Code Injection” button.squarespace pop ups
  6. Above the </head> text, copy and paste your Poptin code.

Note: This Code Injection feature is only available for Squarespace Business and Commerce Plan users only.

squarespace pop ups

Save changes, and that’s it!

Poptin is now installed on your Squarespace account. Start converting more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales through engaging Squarespace pop ups and embedded forms.

Benefits of Connecting Poptin with Squarespace

As we mentioned, Poptin is a useful tool for creating popups. You can connect it with Squarespace and notice an instant boost to your conversion rates.

Through connecting Poptin with Squarespace, you can get loads of benefits, including the following:

  • Attract more subscribers – Through Poptin, you can now easily create a popup window that encourages your readers to subscribe to your website. When you have a long list of subscribers, this means that your website is well-known.
  • Collect more leads – Using your analysis about your website visitors you can formulate offers to suit their needs.
  • Reduce Abandonment of shopping carts – Poptin enables you to create Squarespace pop ups containing offers that your visitors can’t resist.
  • Increase engagement – Poptin enables you to create surveys to know the opinions of your visitors.


Do you want to build your website? Well, Squarespace has your back. You don’t need special skills to use Squarespace. Also, to boost your conversion rate, why not try using Squarespace pop ups? 

Draw more attention to your website with effective popups. You can rely on Poptin if you want to make high-quality and unique pop-ups.

With Poptin and Squarespace’s use, you can now have a successful website with high conversion rates.

If you want to know more about popups, we’ve got plenty of resources for you:

Want to start creating your Squarespace pop ups? Sign up with Poptin for FREE!

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