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Content Writing For Beginners: 6 Tips to Take Note

November 4, 2021

Content writing includes all processes related to the writing and editing of any written material that is later used for marketing purposes.

People who deal with content writing, and especially those who are just starting out, often look for the easiest but also the most effective ways to become even better in their work.

In addition to being organized and well-planned, well-created content must interest your readers, be relevant, and above all, be clear.

There are certain tips useful for beginners as they are like sponges that absorb information and learn constantly.

Check these 6 noteworthy tips when it comes to content writing for beginners. Use them to become the content writer you always knew you could be.

1. Use pop ups to highlight offers and be more engaging to your readers 

Pop ups are intended for anyone who deals with online marketing. Or anyone who wants to add a certain flavor to their content presentation.

These windows will appear to your visitors at a certain moment. Plus, some amazing offers and encourage them to take action.

As one of the ways to make your content more relevant, these windows fit perfectly into every concept that is based on attracting the attention of readers.

In order to create amazing pop ups for your website, for example, you can use various tools.

Poptin is one of these tools.

Poptin allows you to make incredible pop ups. The purpose is to engage your visitors and to do it all very easily using its highly customizable drag and drop editor.

content writing for beginners poptin editor popups

It offers you the possibility to edit your window by changing its colors, font sizes, removing fields, adding images, and similar or you can use their ready-to-use templates to speed up the process.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, popups can be interesting and very useful.

With the help of certain triggers like exit-intent, after a certain percentage scrolled, after visiting a certain number of pages, on-click, and more, activate your pop ups and your visitors will be instantly engaged with the right offers.

This can be a useful tip for someone who wants to attract attention and to try a high-quality tool for this purpose and learn something new.

2. Do your keyword research but be wary of keyword stuffing

Keywords are basically the main topics, words, and phrases, that you plan to cover in your piece of writing and that people type in their search engines when they want to find something in particular.

It is of high importance to include important, appropriate keywords to make your content more valuable and searchable. But it is also important not to overdo it and make your piece of writing look suspicious.

If you don’t want to leave this balance to chance, use some of the keyword research software that can help you find adequate keywords such as the marketing toolkit called SEMrush that provides traffic-driven keywords. 

content writing for beginners semrush keyword analyzer content writing tips example

By using its keyword analyzer, you will always be updated and able to find proper keywords for your website from its extended database to improve your SEO.

Include keywords in the following segments of your content:

  • The page title – the main subject of your page and it actually explains what your content is about
  • Subheadings – these are the main parts of your content that make it easier for your readers to go through all the content by pausing and absorbing piece by piece of what they read, they allow them to scan your content
  • Meta descriptions – or in other words tags, they give a brief summary of your content that encourages people to visit your website
  • The content itself – as we already mentioned, it is important to pay attention to keyword stuffing so do not use keywords in every other sentence but use the main keyword at the beginning or use variations of that keyword throughout the content.

Besides these, you can use keywords in image titles, links, and similar.

Depending on what people need, how relevant your content is, and how easy it is to get to it, keywords are the primary thing to explore so that you can learn to use them in the right way.

3. Organize your content and don’t neglect to format

First and foremost, your content must be easy to read, non-confusing, and well-distributed within the entire structure.

Most visitors first read the title, perhaps the opening paragraph, and then continue to scan the entire text looking for a certain value, so it is important to format it and make it easier to skim.

In terms of formatting, add the following:

  • Bold and italics to emphasize certain parts
  • Bulleted and numbered lists if you want to list certain items
  • Gaps in between paragraphs and in between sentences for clarity

These are all important for your visitors because they do not want to waste time and want to quickly look at everything that interests them and what is of value to them, so be careful.

content writing for beginners gsuitetips content writing tips example

Source: GSuiteTips

People also do not like to read long texts but they prefer short paragraphs, clear sentences, and above all, it is important that the content is relatable, interesting, and informative.

As a beginner, you should also pay attention to word count.

They say that on average the best text length is between 1500 and 2500 words.

It is only important that the minimum is somewhere between 500 and 1000 in order for the text to be positively ranked.

Of course, it depends on the topic and the audience you are addressing, but you will already see it for yourself when you start writing.

4. Create an interesting headline and entice your readers

The headline is especially important because it is the first thing your visitors will see and pay attention to, so you need to make it as compelling as possible.

It needs to be eye-catching, to sound believable, to not be misleading and too long.

Use your main keyword in it to help Google rank it higher in search engines, active verbs to sound more powerful, and if you’re still not sure what is required of you, visit some of the tools like HeadlineAnalyzer:

content writing for beginners headlineanalyzer content writing tips example

Creating a strong headline should always be your first concern. The first paragraph is also critical. It decides whether the reader will continue to read the whole text or not.

Be creative, and write thoughtfully from the start.

5. Proofread your content and be maximally professional

Grammar and spelling mistakes are actually not that uncommon. Especially when it comes to various kinds of writing material that are on the Internet nowadays.

So, prove that you are a professional and proofread your texts before you post them.

Pay attention to typos. Read your content a couple of times until you are sure that everything seems correct and logical.

Of course, sometimes a small mistake will slip away, but you can spot most of them right away. You can find various tools on the Internet. One of them is an app called Hemingway Editor:

content writing for beginners hemingway editor content writing tips example

Besides correcting common errors like grammar or spelling errors, it will enhance your writing and your style. You can also identify any type of problem by using different colors to highlight them.

A double-checked text is a reflection of your professionalism. People will gain confidence in the validity of your content after you do everything to earn it.

Also, an additional plus is if you let a third party read your text. And, if you check its quality from someone else’s perspective before you put it online.

That way, you will cover this no less important segment of content writing, too.

6. Practice writing as much as possible until you reach perfection 

Practice makes perfect, and it’s completely true.

The more time you spend researching and writing, the better you will become at it. More than half of the processes will become familiar and like a routine to you.

Also, content writing is a job where you can always learn something new. So there is no shame in asking someone for advice or looking for tools that can make writing-part less complicated.

Be consistent with your writing. It will provide you with the necessary exercise and habit that you can only gain through experience.

Although we are not sure whether “perfect” writing actually exists, you can get close to it. You just need to believe in yourself and work on it.

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to content writing for beginners, there are several segments that every writer must cover. That is if he wants to progress and get as many jobs as possible.

Doing keyword research, search engine optimization, organizing your content, and creating an interesting headline to grab your visitors’ attention are just some of the practical ideas you should adopt before starting a piece of writing.

When talking about attracting the attention of visitors, we must mention the tools that deal with the creation of pop-ups such as Poptin pop ups. These engaging, high-converting windows are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Follow these 6 tips on content writing for beginners and begin your journey fully geared!

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com