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5‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌Reduce‌ ‌Cart‌ ‌Abandonment‌ ‌

The primary goal of any eCommerce business is to increase sales. He does everything in his power to increase the chance of making as many purchases as possible.

What is important is to dedicate yourself to your potential customers from the moment they enter your website to the moment they decide to buy your product.

Some of them will immediately know what they want. Some will change their minds repeatedly. And there are those who will decide to leave your website without taking action.

Cart abandonment, that is, a term that is used for visitors who decide to leave your website without completing a purchase. It is the most common problem of online shopping.

There are many ways to reduce cart abandonment. We have selected the 5 most effective ones to help you contribute to your website’s improvement.

1. Create effective pop ups and use them on your website

Pop ups are designed to catch your visitors’ attention quickly and keep them on your eCommerce website a little longer.

These windows are usually easy to install, and besides being set up to appear at the right moment, they can be interesting, creative, and highly engaging.

One of the tools that can help you create and implement this kind of pop up window is Poptin.

This tool is intended for online marketers, bloggers, or eCommerce website owners who, among other things, want to use engaging pop ups to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Poptin can also help you collect more leads, increase the number of subscribers, and more.

You can show your customers the right message at the right time using customized popups, and do it all very easily.

With the help of its drag and drop editor, you can fit your pop up into the design of your website by changing color, size, adding or removing various elements, and similar.

reduce cart abandonment poptin editor

Also, you can use beautiful templates from their templates library, and just some types of pop ups that you can create are:

Those that are especially important for reducing cart abandonment rates are pop-ups with exit-intent technology.

Just at the moment when your visitors want to leave your website without making a purchase, this pop-up will appear with some attractive offer to make them reconsider.

They need to be non-intrusive but still interesting enough to make your visitors pay attention.

These interesting offers can be some of the following:

  • Offer to schedule a demo
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer a discount
  • Offer coupons 

In less than a couple of minutes and without any coding skills you will be able to provide your customers with something of value to encourage them to complete purchasing products in their cart.

There is nothing easier and yet effective, don’t you think?

2. Develop a strong email marketing strategy to increase sales 

Just because they left your website and their cart without finishing their purchase doesn’t mean you should stop communicating with your potential customers.

On the contrary, you should collect their email addresses and develop a strategy to make them change their minds and remind them what they are missing.

Abandoned cart emails are widely used because they can increase your revenue quite a bit.

To create an effective and engaging email, you should use some of the following tactics:

  • Add a CTA button and ask your visitors directly to get back to their cart
  • Be specific and show them what they are missing if they do not go back and finish a purchase
  • Add a sense of urgency
  • Keep it simple and do not include unnecessary information
  • Personalize the email and let them connect with your brand
  • Remove any obstacles and make it very easy for them to go straight to a checkout page via a link

You can send multiple emails over the 7-day period, for example, and see how your customers respond and whether some new purchases have been made.

Using humor within your subject line is also important, and one such example is the way a store called Chubbies that sells beachwear does with its emails:

poptin chubbies cart abandonment example

By using words like “Transport” or “Teleport”, this brand tries to please their audience and make them feel like that’s exactly what they need to do.

You can also include testimonials into your email strategy and persuade your customers by showing them all the positive experiences other users had when it comes to your service or product.

Compel your visitors and remind them that they left something unfinished because, although many businesses neglect email marketing, it is actually more than crucial if you want to earn more money.

3. Activate push notifications and reach your customers even after they leave your website

A push notification is a message that pops up on your visitors’ desktop or mobile devices and reminds them of their abandoned carts.

Besides being reminders, these messages can inform your customers about promotions and even help them finish their order delivery.

When you create push notification messages, it is best to follow these important tips:

  • Carefully choose when is the optimal time to send them
  • Use geo-targeting options to reach the right audience at the right place
  • Personalize your messages and show your customers that they are important to you
  • Test your messages and find out which type works best
  • Keep them short and precise

Use the option of cross-selling and offer them some products that would perfectly go with the products they left in their carts. You can even try adding a discount as did the famous brand HudaBeauty:

poptin hudabeauty cart abandonment example (1)

These simple yet effective messages can significantly affect the development of your e-commerce business, so incorporate them into your marketing strategy to reduce cart abandonment by offering something that pays off.

Make your messages creative and challenging to ignore by activating customers at the right time, showing emotion, and specificity, and luring them with special offers.

Statistics say that push notifications have an opening rate of an incredible 90 percent, which only additionally indicates how useful they are.

4. Optimize your page load time and do not make your visitors wait for too long

Customers can be pretty impatient, so another essential thing to start practicing is optimizing your page load time.

If your page doesn’t open fast enough, rest assured that visitors will go to your competitor’s faster website.

Fortunately, there are various tips on how to increase your page speed and improve the user experience:

  • Use compression and resize and optimize your images
  • Reduce redirects, that is, the time it takes for a visitor to move from one page to another
  • Minimize JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, that is, optimize your code
  • Improve server response time

Many tools can help you measure your page load times, and one of these, popular Google Analytics, is easy to use and pretty effective when it comes to tracking your website’s progress.

poptin google analytics cart abandonment example

For each page, you can see how fast it is and therefore further determine how to improve that result.

Reduce waiting time as much as you can, and you will see immediate results when it comes to your sales, too.

Make online shopping a pleasant experience for your customers.

5. Add social proof and show your customers they have nothing to worry about

If anything can make customers feel more secure in their choices it is any kind of social proof or, in other words, proof of other people’s positive experiences when it comes to your products.

Social proof can be placed on your website in several different ways:

  • Add customer testimonials, that is, a kind of a recommendation that benefits your brand
  • Provide case studies, that is, in-depth reviews
  • Include certifications and trust badges
  • Post ratings and reviews
  • Show popular products

Visitors love when they can see with their own eyes that there are people who are happy with your service, and it makes them feel safer, happier, and a more loyal customer.

It is important to provide verified reviews, and you can do it easily using any type of social proof software.

To enable your visitors to grow trust, you can use a platform that deals with gathering social proof and analyzing it like TrustPulse or some other and increase revenue quickly.

poptin trustpulse cart abandonment example

Ratings and reviews provide a realistic picture of your products, which inspires customers to make a purchase decision sooner.

Make sure to put them as well as certificates and trust badges in a visible place on your website to reassure your customers.

Put them in a position that they do not want to miss a good offer and encourage them to take a step as soon as possible.

That sense of urgency is always welcome and every online business owner knows it.

The Bottom Line

We have singled out for you 5 ways to reduce cart abandonment and to do it easily and effectively, so it’s up to you to reconsider changing and maybe adding some new tactics to your business strategy.

Cart abandonment is not an uncommon problem but it is also not difficult to solve as there are many different tips and tools that can help you stop your visitors from leaving without finishing a purchase.

If you want to surprise your visitors with engaging pop-up windows, try using Poptin pop ups and see how these customizable windows elevate your e-commerce business.

Try these 5 ways to reduce cart abandonment and skyrocket your sales now!

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com