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How to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience: 7 Ideas to Implement

September 8, 2020

Real-time experience is a long-term strategy that defines the company’s success. However, it’s still the missing point for most of them. Therefore, it’s the aspect that is needed to be implemented and continuously worked on to win the customers’ hearts and increase sales.

If the client has an immediate question or a problem to solve, real-time customer experience is the first that helps the situation and create the first impression.

The main advantages of the professionally implemented real-time customer experience are the raise of the company brand trustworthiness and responsiveness.

Wide-ranging analytical surveys have shown that the sales revenue increased at least two times if implemented right. Hopefully, it will be enough to persuade you about the real-customer experience importance. Before we reveal the beneficial aspects of the real-time customer experience, let’s define the meaning of this term. 

What Exactly Is Real-Time Customer Experience?

Mainly, real-time customer experience serves two purposes, it gives the customer an immediate response and solution to the customers’ issue and communicates with him in a present. In general, customer experience is the process of the customer’s interaction with a company brand.

The whole customer experience chain includes links from marketing to sales, service, and many more. Moreover, there’s a term of customer experience marketing, however, we’re going to focus on it a bit later. 

The main thing about customer-experience is the fact that it’s almost 100% defined by the customers and their feelings and emotions towards your business, service, or product. Therefore, it almost fully depends on actions taken by the company management. 

One of the main aspects of successful customer experience is the personalization of the customer which is valued and deeply appreciated by them. Finally, who doesn’t want to be valued and respected?  However, let’s focus on the real-time customer experience and the value it brings to the wide-ranging businesses. 

Today’s business world in an era of digitalization moves to real-time customer experience. It shows overwhelming results in winning customer’s hearts, attention, and increasing sales. Real-time customer experience allows you to interact with your customer in a present moment that significantly strengthens the brand positioning of your company.

The main benefit and the beauty of the real-time CX is the ability to combine the power of Artificial Intelligence and the data. This approach allows us to predict and, therefore, suggest the assortment of products, services, and goods according to the customers’ needs and interests. This powerful combination of AI and data creates a high level of personalization that brings a lot of profit to the business. 

7 Ideas to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience 

The perspectivity and profitability of real-time customer experience for wide-ranging businesses and products are overwhelming. The implementation of real-time cx will significantly strengthen the brand position at the market and increase sales.  However, there might be some questions related to the strategy of the real-time interaction between the company brand and the customer.

We’ve done our best to highlight all the aspects of this interaction and the successful ways of this approach. So, if you’re ready to move further, what are the next steps of the real-time cx implementation? 

  • Improve the average response time 

Image Source: pexels.com
Image Source: pexels.com

The response time is the first and foremost the most obvious and clear way to show the value and respect for every customer. It’s definitely one of the most important aspects that should be considered while implementing real-time customer experience. Moreover, this approach allows companies to stand from the crowd of other competitors. 

Response time helps to create a positive image of the company and retain the old customers or attract new ones. The fast response time is the most crucial aspect of an excellent company reputation. Here is some advice on how to improve this aspect:

  • Structure and prioritize the process of inquiry and the following response. Who will answer it or transfer it to other employees? 
  • Set some strict responsibilities
  • Expand channels like e-mail, phone, social media, etc.
  • Implement automation  
  • Align content with customer needs 

Image Source: gamingbrotherhood.eu
Image Source: gamingbrotherhood.eu

Content is a powerful way to boost your business. However, single content marketing won’t save your business from the lack of professionalism, absence of financial planning, and management along with other crucial problems. One of the most specific and pretty hard aspects is the necessity to localize content for the narrow segment market. Let’s mention the important aspects of the content for the successful promotion of your business and increasing sales. Let’s go!

  • The first one is the engagement of the content. It should be well-written and create some emotional response from the reader. It’s important from the view of SEO promotion and simple interest. 
  • The content should be attractive in terms of sales and interest increasing
  • The content  should be persuasive and convincing 

If you’re struggling to create well-written copies, use the help of Grammarly or ProEssayWriter to ensure the high quality of your content.

  • Humanize your chatbot 

Image Source: miro.medium.com
Image Source: miro.medium.com

Everything’s pretty simple, the more personalized and tailored your chatbot, the higher the level of the brand recognition and sales profit of your company. Here are some tactics that will help you to improve the real-time customer experience with users:

  • Create a character  

You need to create a character that will make your brand stand from the crowd. Moreover, it will bring some fun, creativity, and joy to the process of interaction between the company brand and the customer. 

  • Add some picture and visual expression 

It will also bring creativity and expression to the communication process. It can be GIFs, videos, emojis, or images.  Also, it can raise the credibility of the company brand among the customer audience. 

  • Choose the style of interaction

It can be formal or friendly. Select the right one to raise engagement and trustworthiness. 

  • Allow cross-channel communication 

The cross-channel approach gives a lot of benefits to the company. Let’s go through the steps of successful cross-channel marketing. Unify the data with a Customer Data Platform. CRM is typically considered one of the best solutions for this type of task. Next, it’s better to define the segment of customers.  

  • Enable customer support at all hours 

Image Source: nkashtec.com
Image Source: nkashtec.com

Customer support is one of the crucial aspects that literally defines the success of the company. The more responsive the customer support is, the better for the brand positioning and profitability of the company.

With the great competitiveness among the market participants, it’s extremely important to have customer-support not only within business days but 24\7. The responsiveness of the company and it’s professionalism is one of the decisive factors for the potential customer. 

There’s a pretty obvious and popular rule telling that the customers don’t like to wait. They require an immediate response and fulfillment of their needs and demands. The implementation of the “Follow the sun model support” or 24\7 live chat suggests immediate and seamless customer support and raises the level of trustworthiness. 

In addition to 24/7 live chats, you can create popups and forms to stay connected with customers and invite them to check out your live chat feature.

If you’re not sure how to create popups and forms, Poptin can be of great help. The intuitive inline form builder will help you build responsive embedded forms for your website. While an advanced Drag & Drop editor enables you to design customized smart popups in minutes. 

Image Source: poptin.com
Image Source: poptin.com
  • Implement automation tools

Use various software to automate your marketing and business processes. Decide what tasks exactly you’re going to automate. Set your automation targets, track results, and follow the process.  

  • Learn from the customer feedback

Collecting customer’s feedback allows your business to ride the wave of opportunities and success. Analysis of the customer’s feedback allows us to see where exactly is the interest of the customers, what they purchase the most, etc.

These aspects should be constantly monitored to deliver the highest level of customer experience. Moreover, customer feedback allows you to track the whole selling and marketing processes of your company, from the very beginning to the interaction with customers.  So, what are the most effective ways of customer feedback collection? These are:

  • Usability tests
  • Surveys of customer feedback
  • Customer and email contact forms
  • Interviews with customers to discover the demand
  • Website feedback
  • The on-site activity of the audience
  • Social media

Listening to the customer’s feedback is extremely important for the overall progress of the company. Ideally, you can start with one simple way to collect the customer’s feedback and move to something more complex. The first step is the customer support team that interacts with customers face to face. 

Final Thoughts

Real-time customer experience is shown as the fastest and the most progressive way to succeed and conquer a business Olympus. It allows you to differentiate and stand out from the other competitors that haven’t introduced this type of interaction.

There are a lot of website examples that you can use to create your own one. Such site examples have already been tested by real visitors. Real-time cx is shown as the fastest way to collect the right information about customers and solve their issues immediately in the present time. 

The implementation of this approach will allow your business to retain customers and raise the level of trustworthiness among wide-ranging customers. Also, it’s an indisputable assistant while winning the attention and respect of new customers. The popularity of real-time cx is overwhelming, however, it’s still underestimated by some companies.

Therefore, it’s a perfect time to implement this strategy to retain, win, and satisfy even the most demanding customers in the industry. Hopefully, our article has persuaded you to carefully analyze, compare, and accept all the beneficial aspects of the real-time customer experience implementation. Don’t hesitate to get armed with it to conquer some new heights!