Интервью с Джероеном Кортутом и Жилем Де Клерком о росте продаж

интервью с продавцом
Name: Jeroen CorthoutAge: 31Role: Co-FounderBackground: Previously to Salesflare, Jeroen worked as a sales person himself, assisting customers with overhauling their digital marketing-sales and CRM strategy. Name: Gilles De ClerckAge: 26Role: Growth StrategistWhen did you join Salesflare and what did you do before it?…
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Как применить 5 психологических принципов для увеличения продаж магазина электронной коммерции

22 августа 2017 года
We are all aware that the field of online shopping is constantly growing before our eyes. Some numbers to put things in perspective:–  In the US, online sales currently account for (only) 8% of total retail sales;–  in Europe, this number stands at 14%.– …
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Сделайте это сами: 21+ полезных инструментов для создания профессиональных дизайнов бесплатно

конструкторские инструменты
We don’t all have Photoshop or the need for complicated design software programs with a steep learning curve. Most times we just want to fix a photo or design an ad for Facebook or a banner for social media. I’ve gathered here 21…
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