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What’s Really Inside A Poptin Plan + Why You Need One?

What’s Really Inside A Poptin Plan + Why You Need One?

If you’re looking for a highly effective way to capture leads, boost conversions, and engage your website visitors, you’ve probably stumbled upon popups.

Popups, love them or hate them, are one of the most effective tools for capturing new leads and enticing visitors to take action on your website. 

You’ve probably encountered them while browsing the web, and maybe you’ve even used them on your own site. No matter how you feel about them, they are a powerful marketing tool that can make a big impact on your website’s performance.

Popups are like your website’s secret weapon for grabbing attention and engaging with visitors. They come in different shapes and sizes, but their main mission is to deliver a message loud and clear. 

Whether it’s promoting a special offer, collecting email addresses for your newsletter, or guiding visitors to a specific page, popups are all about getting your message across.

How do you get popups on your website? Well, you use a popup builder like Poptin to create all kinds of popups. Poptin brings the magic of popups in an intuitive platform that helps you optimize your marketing efforts for success. 

What’s a Popup Builder? 

A popup builder is a versatile tool that empowers businesses to create and customize engaging popup messages and forms on their websites. With our intuitive popup builder, businesses can design eye-catching and conversion-optimized popups without any coding skills. 

Poptin popup builder interface showing live popup sample

Our builder offers a wide range of customizable templates, ensuring that businesses can tailor the appearance and content of the popups to align with their brand identity and marketing objectives.

Using a popup builder like Poptin can bring numerous benefits to your business. Firstly, it can capture the attention of your website visitors and guide them toward specific actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a webinar, or claiming a limited-time offer. 

Additionally, the advanced targeting and segmentation options provided by Poptin allow businesses to display personalized messages based on user behaviour, location, and other factors. This level of personalization enhances the user experience, making visitors more likely to engage with the popups and take the desired actions. 

How Do Popups Elevate Your User Experience on Your Website?

Creating a seamless, engaging, and personalized journey for your website visitors is paramount to capturing their attention and driving meaningful interactions. Here’s a breakdown of how popups – a versatile tool that, when used thoughtfully, can significantly enhance your user experience and elevate their experience.

1. Instant Engagement: 

Popups are like a friendly handshake that greets your visitors as they step into your digital space. They provide an immediate opportunity to engage your audience with relevant content, offers, or announcements. This instant engagement minimizes the risk of visitors bouncing away and keeps them invested in what you have to offer.

2. Personalization at its Best: 

Generic experiences often fall flat in today’s personalized digital world. Popups offer a chance to tailor your messages to each visitor’s needs and preferences. Using data like browsing history, location, and referral source, you can deliver content that resonates on a deeper level and wins them over. 

Imagine a visitor from a specific location seeing a popup showcasing events happening nearby or a returning customer being offered an exclusive discount. These personalized touches create a connection that fosters a sense of relevance and importance, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Guided User Journey: 

Popups can act as strategic signposts, guiding your visitors through their journey on your website. They can introduce new arrivals to your best-selling products, offer helpful tips during the onboarding process, or suggest related content based on what the visitor is currently viewing. With such guidance, popups ensure that users discover more of what interests them, resulting in extended time spent on your site and increased chances of conversion.

4. Exit-Intent Salvation: 

Visitors leaving your site without taking action? Exit-intent popups swoop in to save the day. These intelligent popups detect when a user is about to leave and present them with a compelling reason to stay or engage before they hit that dreaded back button. Whether it’s a last-minute offer, a subscription invitation, or an invitation to explore further, exit-intent popups provide a final opportunity to rekindle interest and turn a potential bounce into a valuable conversion.

In the grand symphony of user experience, popups play a pivotal role by adding layers of interactivity, personalization, and relevance.

What A Poptin Plan Really Offers You

If you’re curious about what you’ll be signing up for or paying for with any of our plans. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect. 

Firstly, let’s get into the basics. Poptin offers a free plan and three paid plans – free, basic, pro and agency. 

Poptin pricing plans

Each of these plans provides basic features to help you create your first popup and add it to your website in no time. However, the paid plans provide more range for functionality to really optimize your lead generation efforts. 

Free Plan ($0) 

Getting started with lead generation can be scary if you’re new to running an online business or e-commerce website. However, there are many tools to make the process easier. This is where our free plan shines through as it is suitable for small businesses, freelancers or websites that are still experimenting with their marketing efforts. 

All of our plans include exit-intent technology, which detects when a visitor is about to leave your website and triggers a well-timed popup. This smart feature presents your offer or call-to-action just before they navigate away, giving you a second chance to engage and convert abandoning visitors into valuable leads or customers.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your marketing efforts on a tight budget, you can get this plan for next to nothing. But it doesn’t mean that this free plan isn’t feature-packed. 

Do you know you can create a video popup with the free plan?

The free plan covers 1000 visitors/per month to your website, for a single domain and offers unlimited popups for use on your website. 

Compared to similar competitors that offer popups, the features on the Poptin plan make it almost a steal. For context, Popupsmart offers a single popup for its free plan compared to the unlimited popups offered on Poptin. 

The free plan also provides 40+ templates, different types of popups, mobile-optimized popups, email forms, contact forms, a/b testing for popups, access to live chat support and a knowledge base to help you make the most of your popups.

You have access to customise your popups with different elements including text, buttons, images, HTML, icons or even videos. You can also set advanced targeting rules and display frequency to really target your website visitors based on their behaviours and interests.

However, even with the benefits of the free plan, you’re still missing out on a lot of features that can get you even better conversions. 

One of the absent features on the free plan is the autoresponder. On this plan, you can’t get access to autoresponders, that’ll allow you to easily establish connections with your website visitors after their initial contact.

For Shapewear Wholesale, adding an autoresponder to their leads funnel was a game changer for their business that resulted in almost triple of their previous sales numbers.

Poptin dashboard showing popup conversions

These are huge numbers – numbers that can move a business’s bottom line in the right direction. Now that you’re aware of that, let’s show you what you can achieve with the paid plans.

Paid Plans  

With Poptin’s paid plans, you have the same power to create highly customized and visually stunning popups that align perfectly with your brand and convert visitors using smart exit intent technology.

While you can also choose from a wide range of templates or build your own from scratch using the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor with the free plan, the paid plans give you more customisation options – customize colors, fonts, and images – to create popups that captivate your visitors and deliver your message with impact.

Popup sample created with poptin

Take a look at this popup that Scrumbles made with Poptin as an example. This popup is made to fit the brand’s look, feel, and images, which is similar to how their website looks.

This customized popup is also unbranded, which simply means that you can remove the “powered by Poptin” watermark that usually sits at the bottom of a popup made on the free plan. 

While the paid plans vary, there are still some commonalities between them: 

More Visitors Per Month

Each paid plan offers access to more visitors/per month. For medium-sized businesses that attract a decent amount of monthly traffic, say up to 20,000 visitors per month, the pro plan will be the best choice for optimizing their lead generation efforts. 

Multiple Domains:

Many companies opt for multiple domains to cater to different product lines, target markets, or branding strategies. While this approach offers versatility, it also presents a unique challenge – how to effectively engage and convert visitors across various domains. 

The paid plans offer businesses with multiple domains a range of compelling reasons to harness their power through popups. Popups can act as dynamic bridges, directing visitors from one domain to another based on their preferences or needs.


Every business has its unique voice and brand identity. Customization options allow you to infuse your brand’s personality into your popups, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. From fonts and colors to imagery and tone of voice, you can align your popup design with your brand guidelines. This is easily achievable with any of our plans.


When a visitor interacts with your popup, they’re showing interest in what you have to offer. Autoresponders capitalize on this engagement by delivering instant gratification. Whether it’s a welcome message, a discount code, or a downloadable resource, autoresponders ensure that your audience receives what they’re seeking right away. Our paid plans provide businesses with access to autoresponders that can be automated to streamline the follow-up process after contact has been made via a popup.

Refined Targeting Options:

Not all website visitors are the same, and their interests, needs, and behaviours vary widely. Targeting and segmentation allow you to create popup messages that address specific segments of your audience. Our paid plans provide more options for businesses to refine their targeting and segmentation.

Basic ($25/Month)

The basic plan covers 10,000 visitors/per month to your website, for a single domain and offers unlimited popups for use on your website and 1000 autoresponders. 

Check out how to create an autoresponder here:

Pro Plan ($59/Month)

The basic plan covers 50,000 visitors/per month to your website, for four domains and offers unlimited popups for use on your website and 5,000 autoresponders. Plus, you also get unbranded popups that can be tailored to your brand style.

Agency Plan (Starts at $119/Month)

The agency plans offer unlimited popups for 150,000 – 2,000,000 visitors/month. On this plan, you get unlimited domains, 15,000 autoresponders, unbranded poptins, premium support and account/user access management for your popup builder

Depending on your business size and needs, custom plans can be created to make the best use of your traffic and marketing efforts.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Poptin isn’t just a software tool, it’s a strategic partner that empowers you to connect with your audience in meaningful ways, driving engagement, conversions, and business success.

Our plans offer great features at economically competitive prices. Get started with Poptin today and watch your business goals skyrocket.

Idongesit ‘Didi’ Inuk is a Content Marketer at Poptin. She's driven by conversations about technological products and the impact they have on the people they're created for.