Join Poptin’s Affiliate Program

Want a monthly passive income?

If you’re a savvy affiliate marketer/you have internet and social network marketing skills or you own a mailing list which has potential, you can earn 25% from the sum of each purchase made through your unique link! You can get recurring commission (every month) for every user referred by you (as long as they continue their subscription).

Here’s How It Works

1. Join our affiliate program now by registering for free.

2. Share your unique link (provided on the control panel) on websites and social networks.

3. Earn a 25% commission for every visitor referred by you who signs up as a user and purchases any one of the packages we offer.

4. Continue receiving a monthly commission as long as the paying users you had referred continue their subscription.

5. You can collect your earnings via PayPal once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 100$.

6. Affiliate commissions will not be applicable for users who sign up and upgrade their Poptin account via Shopify billing.

7. NOTE: Google ads or any other ads that include our brand in any variation are not allowed without our formal approval via email.

An Affiliate’s Control Panel

1. User friendly interface

2. Ways to share your unique link directly from the control panel

3. Payment demand direct from the system to your PayPal account

4. A tracking cookie for 90 days