Drag & Drop

Create Poptins in Minutes Using a Drag & Drop User Interface, No Coding Skill Required!

  • Advanced editor and Drag & Drop user interface for simple personalization of any template
  • Plenty of high quality, ready to use templates to choose from
  • Sets of colors for every template
  • Responsive design and display of poptins on mobile
  • No coding skill required

Choose From a Wide Range of Fully Responsive and Well Designed Templates

  • Lightbox
  • Top and bottom bars
  • Poptins specially designed for mobile
  • Full screen Poptins
  • Side poptins at six possible locations
  • many more…
All types of popups and overlays
stats poptin

Stats at Your Fingertips

  • Get data for specified timeframes regarding number of visitors, exposure and conversion rates of poptins you’ve created
  • Graphic display for easy analysis

Advanced Targeting Tools

  • Target by traffic source (search engines, social networks etc.)
  • Target by specified dates and time of day
  • Show on specific website pages
  • Show to new or returning visitors
  • Control frequency of display to each visitor
  • Much, much more . . .
designed popups

Show Poptins Designed According to Each Visitor’s Unique Behavior

  • Upon planning to leave your website
  • After scrolling down a specific amount
  • After staying on the page for several seconds
  • After clicking on the page several clicks
  • After clicking a link or an image

Integrate With Your Favorite Emailing System or CRM

  • Quick and simple integration
  • Synchronizing options with a growing number of email marketing and CRM platforms
  • See all the integrations

A/B Testing Made Simple

  • Create A/B tests in less than a minute
  • Compare timing, interactions, patterns and triggers so that you can discard all but the most effective version of the poptin

Highly Rewarding Affiliate Program

  • Free signup (no membership required)
  • Lifetime 25% commission for every referred recurring user!
  • Extremely friendly affiliate user interface
תוכנית שותפים מתגמלת
Account and user management

Agency Package: Managing Users and Accounts

  • Create a separate account for each client or website, all controlled from one single panel
  • Grant any user access to any account

Run Your Poptins With Autopilot Trigger and Get Optimized Results

  • Not sure what’s the best timing to show your poptin?
    Let our Autopilot Trigger algorithm learn the behaviour of your website visitors,
    run dozens of tests and choose it for you
  • You can always switch back to a manual trigger
  • Works on any kind of poptin

Create your very first poptin in less than 3 minutes!

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