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5 Best Pop Up Software to Try for Free

Running an online business is one of the best ideas to try, especially if you’ve always wanted to foster a community, engage with them, and create and sell unique products or services.

However, you need to use top tools to engage with your visitors and turn them into leads, subscribers, and clients. This guide offers 5 pop-up builder tools you can try out for free. 

1. Poptin

Poptin is one of the best popup builder tools you can try. It offers fantastic features, an easy-to-use dashboard, and an excellent view of all the information you need, all for FREE! 

This software has a dashboard in which you can see stats such as conversions, visitors, and conversion rates. Another great feature is that you can visualize statistics from a specific day, week, month, and so on. 

You can change the color theme on the dashboard by picking one of the four options that this popup builder software gives you, which is a good option if you want to personalize your tool. 

At the same time, you have different pop-up templates to choose from depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to get leads, make announcements, or increase sales, you have to choose the correct category and start building your pop up. 

You can add different elements to a pop up depending on your needs and preferences. Some people add videos, images, text, or buttons. Furthermore, you’re also able to choose the input field you incorporate, and you get the following options: 

  • Email 
  • Name 
  • Message 
  • Phone number 
  • Consent checkbox 
  • Custom checkbox 
  • Date 
  • Website 
  • Radio button 

With a number of alternatives to choose from, you can decide the specific target audience you want that pop up to be focused on.

Overall, Poptin is one of the best pop-up software you could use, and it’s ideal for small businesses because it offers a range of options to choose from. Here are some of its pros and cons: 


  • It’s easy to use 
  • Poptin offers many different features 
  • Exit-intent technology
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Responsive templates, including gamified pop-ups, countdown pop-ups, lightboxes, widgets, and more.
  • Many integrations available 


  • It might be expensive for some business owners 

Although Poptin is immensely convenient, its less expensive paid plan starts at $19 per month. The Pro and Agency plans are $49 and $99 per month, respectively.

2. WisePops

Just like Poptin, WisePops is a pop up builder you can use to create different kinds of pop-ups. It’s an ideal tool for various brands and businesses because it offers you numerous pre-designed templates as well as various alternatives to choose from. 

One of the best features about WisePops is that it’s immensely straightforward in use. Therefore, you only need to interact with its drag-and-drop dashboard and make the pop up you want to show your audience.  

Since WisePops offers you pre-made templates, you can choose between those and adjust them too, if that’s what you want. Thus, you get the opportunity to customize everything about the pop up you’ll show your audience, which is not something you can get from any pop up builder. 

This system is well-integrated and completely on the cloud, so it’s certainly one of the best ones. With strong analytic visualization options, you can quickly see your stats and examine them to determine the things you can improve about your campaigns. 

WisePops stands out from its competitor because of its different features. With this pop-up builder, you never miss the chance of improving your site because its characteristics allow you to identify the best opportunities to create top popups and get various outcomes. Take a look at some of its pros and cons: 


  • Powerful features 
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop popup builder 
  • Different devices supported 


  • It’s more expensive than Poptin, so it might not be ideal for some businesses 

Even though WisePops offers strong features, it’s much more expensive than Poptin because monthly plans start at $29, going up to $79 and $149 a month. Thus, it’s designed to be the ideal popup builder for teams and small businesses, but its prices might make it challenging if you’re on a budget. 

3. Optingun

There are many popup builder software options, so in some cases, it’s just a matter of looking for the correct one for your business. However, the most challenging thing is learning to differentiate between the alternatives that give you top features and those that don’t. 

Optingun is one of the best software you could use, and it has changed the world of online business because of its different features. You can make forms in minutes, and it offers you features to help you quickly turn visitors into customers. 

When people are signing up for something, they might find the process tedious, especially if they have to fill out their information each time they enter a website. However, this is different with Optingun because you can build popups to let others simply auto-fill their social media data.  

Optingun is the ideal popup builder software for small businesses and personal brands because it has a free plan that gives you access to all of its primary features. Therefore, if you want to try out an easy-to-use builder tool to make pop ups, this might be the one for you. Some of its pros and cons are the following: 


  • It offers a free plan 
  • Its dashboard is intuitive 
  • Optingun offers various alternatives to choose from 
  • It’s very inexpensive 


  • You need to pay to get access to more advanced features 
  • The paid plans don’t offer as many features as other popup builder software options 

Optingun is a straightforward popup software, and it’s immensely intuitive. At the same time, it’s not very expensive, which is why it might be the ideal option for small businesses to get started with. If you’re going for a paid plan, you can choose between nine dollars a month, $21, $35, and $70. 

However, compared to other alternatives, Optingun does not offer as many features, especially if you’re choosing the free plan. Therefore, even though it’s a fantastic option to make some popups and start turning visitors into customers, you might want to consider other tools as well, especially if you’re looking for more advanced features. 

4. Popup Maker

With nearly 300,000 people using this software to create everything from a simple popup to an exit-intent popup, you might be wondering what’s so interesting about Popup Maker. 

This alternative is a popular plugin for WordPress, and you can use it to quickly create pop ups, marketing overlays, and opt-in forms. 

The interface of Popup Maker is clean and offers various alternatives, for example, strong options when it comes to making an exit-intent popup

Since you can visualize your stats with this tool, you don’t need any other plugin to review your analytics. Here are some of Popup Maker’s pros and cons: 


  • The interface is clean 
  • It offers a free plan 
  • Popup Maker gives you different options to choose from when you’re building your popup 


  • Some users don’t understand all the settings it offers 
  • It might slow down the loading time of the website 

Popup Maker is the ideal popup builder software for teams and small businesses. However, some of its features might be challenging to understand, especially if you’ve never used similar tools before. Even so, it offers a free trial, and the paid plans start at $87 a year (the Grow and Optimize plans are $147 and $247 a year, respectively). 

5. Outgrow

The last option on this list is Outgrow, which is a platform with a specific design that serves businesses of all sizes.  

This alternative has revolutionized the online business world because different industries can use it to improve engagement with customers and create interactive content.  

With Outgrow, you get data analysis tools, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop popup builder, engagement tracking, email marketing, and much more.  

Moreover, you can quickly integrate Outgrow with more than 1000 other marketing tools, including Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and HubSpot. Some of its pros and cons are the following: 


  • It’s a fantastic tool to create popups 
  • You can quickly create engaging content 
  • The support team is helpful and quick to respond 
  • It’s easy to use 


  • You can’t edit your designs 
  • Its prices are high 
  • It’s slow sometimes 

Outgrow offers a free trial period, but not a free plan. Therefore, if you want to enjoy it for longer, you have to pay for one of its available plans: The Freelancer (limited, which is $14 a month), Freelancer ($25 a month), Essentials ($95 a month), and Business ($600 a month).  


Popup builder tools are immensely useful for online business owners because you can create interactive content for your audience and attract more people who could turn into your clients. You can try all the previously mentioned options for free, so give them a go and choose your favorite. 

If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use popup builder with powerful features like exit-intent, try Poptin! Onboarding is so seamless and affordable. Sign up here!

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