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Convert More Visitors with Loja Integrada Pop Ups

Virtual stores make it convenient for consumers to search and buy what they want. It allows sellers to eliminate friction points and sell where their customers are. So if most of your target customers shop online, you should be selling your products online.

However, it’s simply not enough to have an online store. You need to make successful conversions to keep your business afloat. In this guide, we will discuss how you can further boost the growth of your Loja Integrada store by converting more visitors into loyal customers using pop ups.

What is Loja Integrada

Loja Integrada is a platform that allows businesses to create online stores for free. The platform provides small and micro businesses with responsive designs that are compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktops.


With Loja Integrada, businesses can run free online shops and register products. They can also customize the look of their store or choose from the ready-made themes available on the platform. Loja Integrada offers friendly URLs, integration with a free market API, and smart stock. 

You don’t need any coding skills to build your online store on Loja Integrada. The process can be done in five easy steps. After making your registration, you can start adding products to your online store. You can add up to 75 products.

After adding your products, you have to choose the payment and shipping methods. Once you have done everything, you can start selling. 


There are 500 themes to choose from, so you can create your store with a layout that fits your identity.

With Loja Integrada, you can build an ecosystem of over 30 applications integrations that can help boost your sales. You can integrate apps that will improve your performance in terms of customer service, payment methods, logistics, sales, management, and more. 

Why Pop Ups are Effective

Many people groan whenever the word “pop up” is brought up. We can’t blame them because popups can be annoying if they are extremely obtrusive. But if they are used properly, your Loja Integrada pop ups can be a complete game-changer that will help turn your visitors into customers and sales.

Folder 6

Loja Integrada pop ups can help you get more email subscribers by offering coupons or discounts to visitors who participate in your surveys or fill out forms. 

Email subscribers are important to online stores because these are the people you can market to directly. So by turning visitors into subscribers and leads, you can send them announcements, promotions, and offers about your new products.

They are engaged and interested potential customers, so you just need to focus their attention on one relevant, valuable and timely offer to boost your chances of conversion. 

 Loja Integrada pop ups can also help maximize effective frequency by reinforcing and repeating your message. There are various theories about the optimal number of times to display a message, but the fact remains that you can do it more than once.

By using Loja Integrada pop ups, you are nudging your prospects toward becoming paying customers. 

The Best Tool to Create Loja Integrada Pop Ups: Poptin


Pop ups are primarily used to convert visitors into leads, customers, or subscribers. It may also save 20 percent of your abandoned carts.

Pop ups can also reduce lead costs by 50 percent especially with the use of exit-intent technology. This is particularly beneficial if you want to improve your newsletters, email marketing, and other lead nurturing methods.

With Poptin, you can make your own Loja Integrada pop ups and equip them with features that will help you capture more leads and customers.

slide ins 2

Poptin is a free pop up builder that allows you to create popups, optins, and contact forms in less than two minutes using its drag and drop editor. You can choose from a wide variety of well-designed and fully responsive lead forms templates and popups, including mobile popups, timer and countdown popups, floating bar, Facebook likebox, lightboxes, and welcome screen.

Poptin allows you to make beautiful inline forms using their ready-made templates. You can also make your own contact forms from scratch and add the embedded form on your website with a shortcode. Poptin’s exit-intent technology is included in the free plan, so you can create exit-intent pop ups for your online store anytime. 

loja integrada pop ups

You can add HTML elements, custom backgrounds and images, CTA and entry effects, as well as change the width and height of your forms and pop ups.

Poptin also allows you to integrate your contact forms and popups with your preferred emailing system or CRM, including Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Zoho CRM, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Salesforce, ConvertKit, Zapier, Pipedrive, and many more.

Aside from this, you can add all kinds of fields to your forms, such as date, radio buttons, select and checkboxes. You can use the forms to create surveys and gather feedback as well.


Each contact form and pop up made with Poptin comes with its own landing page link, which can be posted on social media or sent through email. The pop up builder also allows you to track your contact form and pop up analytics. It comes with advanced targeting options including:

    • device targeting
    • URL targeting
    • geo-location
    • IP blocklists
    • scrolling trigger
    • display after X clicks and X pages visited
    • inactivity trigger
    • traffic source
    • new versus returning visitors
    • scrolling trigger
    • OS and browsers targeting

These targeting options allow you to see how many of your visitors saw your overlays and popups and conduct A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t. You can then make the necessary adjustments to improve your results.

Poptin also allows you to make forms and pop ups in different languages such as English, Dutch, Mandarin, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Hindi, German, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese and more. All forms and popups are RTL supported. 

How to Install Poptin on your Loja Integrada Website

  1. Login to your Poptin account. Sign up now with Poptin for FREE if you don’t have one yet. 
  2. Click Settings at the top right corner of your Poptin dashboard. Find the “Code for Installation.”

loja integrada pop ups

3. A popup window appears. Click “Any website” and copy the code below.

image2 (5)

4. Now, you have the JavaScript snippet. Go to your Loja Integrada dashboard. Click Settings, then click Include HTML code.

image3 (5)

5. If this is your initial try, a warning will appear. This is because any changes you make in the code will affect the functioning of your website. If everything’s okay with you, agree to it, then proceed.

image5 (5)

6. Above the </head> text, copy and paste your Poptin code. 

unnamed (9)

7. Once done, scroll down and save the changes. Wait for 15 minutes to finally see your pop ups appear on your Loja Integrada website.

image1 (5)

Poptin is now installed on your Loja Integrada account.

You can now start converting more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales through Loja Integrada engaging popups and embedded forms.

Other Benefits of Connecting Poptin with Loja Integrada

By connecting Poptin with Loja Integrada, you can leverage both tools to boost the growth of your online store.

  • SEO-friendly pop ups and forms

Poptin allows you to build SEO-friendly desktop and mobile inline forms and popups. If something happened while you’re in the middle of building your pop up, you can save it as a draft and go back to it anytime. All changes are periodically saved as well. 

Poptin also allows you to add Merge tags to your contact forms and popups. This feature is particularly useful if you want to create contact forms and Loja integrada pop ups based on the content of your website.

  • Custom HTML feature to integrate third-party apps

Aside from this, you can use Poptin’s custom HTML feature to add social share buttons, Playbuzz quizzes, Opinion Stage polls, Google Maps, Apester, Wufoo, Typeform, and Jotform to your website. You can also make a double opt-in or triple opt-in. If you want to create a slide-in or two-step lightbox, you can do so without any problem. 

Poptin allows you to monitor the performance of your Loja Integrada pop ups and forms on your dashboard and with other tools such as FullStory Smartlook, Hotjar, Crazyegg, Lucky Orange, MouseFlow, and ClickTale.  

  • Target the right Loja Integrada visitor

When you connect Poptin with Loja Integrada, you can target different browsers and operating systems on mobile devices and desktops. The pop up builder also displays pop ups and forms with specific cookies. You can use this feature to display contact forms and popups based on the visitor’s shopping cart data like cart value and number of items. 

  • Boost engagement and speed up conversions

Poptin also allows you to target logged out and logged in users as well as embed a news ticker element on your forms and popups to make announcements and catch more attention.

The pop up builder’s inactivity trigger lets you show Loja Integrada pop ups to users who didn’t type, scroll, move the cursor or click for a certain amount of time on your page.


You can also add coupons to your contact forms and pop-ups and allow visitors to copy the coupon code with just one click of a button. Another option is to display Loja integrada pop ups and forms based on page titles and JavaScript variables.

For example, you can show Loja integrada pop ups only to logged-in users. Poptin has made it easier to access forms and pop up leads as well. You only need to click on the leads number in the Forms or Popups page. 

  • Easily manage your Loja Integrada leads

One of the best things about this feature is that you can delete leads by accessing the Leads tab so that they won’t be stored for months. You can also view your leads’ IP address and include a consent checkbox. Poptin is compatible with all browsers and tested with different versions of macOS and Windows.

So by connecting Poptin with Loja Integrada, you can access unlimited popups, forms, integrations, and leads, which can help you get more sales, grow your email list, recover cart abandonment and boost visitor engagement.


If used intelligently, Loja integrada pop ups can give your online store the lift it needs. A good pop up will not only nudge your visitors toward the direction you want, but it will also help you grow your business.

If you can use pop ups properly, all your tactics and efforts will help you gain more customers who are always ready to purchase your services or products.

Ready to create your own Loja Integrada pop ups? Sign up now with Poptin for FREE!

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.