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Valentine’s Day Pop Ups for eCommerce

Did you know that more than 21 percent of people are prepared to spend between $100, and $500 for Valentine’s Day? While the day may bring excitement for many love birds, it is also a great time for businesses, who profit greatly from this holiday.

Many still wonder whether website pop ups still help drive revenue. The short answer is yes, they do. Popups are a great marketing tool that helps you drive Valentine’s Day sales. 

Here are a few Valentine’s Day pop up ideas to get you earning on this holiday of love.

Valentine’s Day Pop Up Ideas

1. Use Valentine’s Day subscription pop ups to grow your email list

You can create subscription email popups to expand the size of your subscriber list for Valentine’s Day. Simply create the pop-up, and position it on your landing page before the festivities. Don’t forget to add enticing offerings, discounts, and special promos to further drive more engagement and website conversions.

2. Add video pop ups that demonstrate how to create a specific personalized gift item this Valentine’s Day

It is possible to embed a video in any popup. Video pop ups tend to draw more attention than regular pop ups.  You could get a lot of attention on Valentine’s Day if you create an attractive and eye-catching video popup with a Valentine’s Day theme.

3. Show exit-intent pop ups to give more customer value to your Valentine’s Day items

valentine's day pop ups

You can add an exit-intent pop up to your website before Valentine’s Day. This kind of popup appears just as your website visitors move their mouse to the “X” button to exit your website. Create popups with discount offers to persuade your visitor to remain on your website and make a purchase.

4. Countdown pop ups for time-limited discounts

countdown popups ecommerce valentines day pop ups

Countdown popups are a great way to announce the end of holiday sales. This kind of popup features a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency so you can speed up your customer’s buying decision process.

When website visitors notice that Valentine’s Day offers are about to expire, they often do everything in their power to obtain them before the deadline.

5. Survey pop ups to improve your offerings

Creating a survey popup shows your customers that you care about them. Conduct a survey on your website using a pop up in the days, or weeks, leading up to Valentine’s Day. Chances are that visitors may return to see if you have taken their advice.

6. Design social pop ups to widen your reach

Socializing is one of the things most people look forward to on Valentine’s Day. Creating an attractive social popup is the best way to take advantage of this. 

When using a social popup, you allow visitors to share your page or article on social media to spread the word about your business and/or Valentine’s Day promotions.

How to Create Your Valentine’s Day Popups with Poptin

If you’re new to this, no worries! Poptin has a user-friendly drag and drop editor that allows you to design and customize your Valentine’s Day pop ups with ease.

Follow the steps below to create your Valentine’s Day pop ups on Poptin.

1. Sign up or log in on Poptin

If you do not have an account with Poptin, you can create one for free. This gives you access to Poptin’s functional editor, to help you create pop ups for your website in no time at all.

2. Select your Template

On the Poptin home page, you should see a button in the top right corner that says “+ New Popup”. Click on it.

Scroll down and select a template from the list provided to get started.

3. Enter the Popup Details

Once you select your template, you are asked to give the popup a name and to enter the domain name.

4. Create, and Edit Your Pop-up

Use Poptin’s editor to design and edit your popup. You can edit the background color, the text color, add buttons, and text input fields, and so much more.

5. Preview

When you are done editing your pop-up, you can go ahead, and preview it. You can see the mobile, and desktop views by clicking on the preferred option in the taskbar above the popup.

Click Next to set the trigger and targeting options.

6. Publish

If you are happy with your design, click “Next” in the top right corner. Next, click Publish to finalize your popup ad.

Key Takeaways

Valentine’s Day is a great way to drive revenue by creating popups. Some of the best ways to do this are through video popups, exit-intent popups, social pop-ups, surveys, countdown popups, and popups that encourage email subscription.

Sign up with Poptin today to create the perfect Valentine’s Day pop up to grow traffic to your website and encourage conversion.

What’s Next

Another idea to boost sales during this holiday is by creating a newsletter to send to your subscribers. You can also edit your homepage for the holiday to include Cupid, or heart designs to pique the interest of your visitors.

There is no better tool to create the perfect popups than Poptin. Sign up with Poptin to get started with a free subscription today!

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