Click Count Trigger

Captivate your visitor’s attention by showing them a pop up once they reached a specific number of clicks on your website. The click count trigger ensures that you engage with interested visitors only, giving you more chances of converting them into email subscribers, leads, or customers. That’s one of the advantages of using the click count trigger compared to other traditional ways of showing opt-ins. The click count trigger is beneficial in terms of boosting website engagement, optimizing customer support, and improving your overall conversion rate.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

Let visitors enjoy browsing first before you engage

The click count trigger allows visitors to take a moment of privacy to enjoy browsing your website first. This gives them more time to get to know your brand without any distractions. After a specified number of clicks, you can now show a pop up along with an attractive CTA that can drive successful conversion.

Know how many clicks to set for a successful conversion

It might be hard at first to determine the best number of clicks to set before you trigger a pop up. The good news is, Poptin has a built-in A/B testing tool to help you figure out what would work best for your visitors.

Unique Click Count Trigger Elements

Powerful Editor

Create pop ups with our user-friendly and innovative interface

A/B Testing

Easily determine the best trigger that’s best for your visitors

Conversion Code

Track conversion on your favorite Analytics platform