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10 Marketing Experts Share Their Best Lead Conversion Strategies

A lead is a person who has shown some level of interest in what you offer. They might not be ready to buy yet, but they have expressed interest in your product. The goal of lead generation is to turn those leads into sales. How do you do this?

Well, there are many different methods for generating leads and converting them into sales aside from creating high-converting pop ups and contact forms.

Following are some strategies from the marketing experts that can help you convert your leads into customers.

Milosz Krasinski, Founder & CEO, Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

Be creative

Being unique or creative can go a long way in marketing. With so many companies around that are all selling the same stuff to the same people, it’s important that you take some time out of your schedule to let people know how unique your products are. Explain why someone will have to buy them no matter what.

Create trust through being creative enough for individuals to want to purchase from you over another company, which is selling something similar.

It’s important that before you come up with any marketing strategy, you plan ahead and decide how much money you’re willing to spend on each aspect of your campaign. Being different doesn’t mean spending more than everyone else. Your product or service should be just as good as anyone else’s available on the market.

Once you’ve worked out how much money you can spend on your marketing campaign so it won’t fail, it’s important to take a step back and think about what your audience wants. What makes them tick? What can you offer them that is different from everyone else?

Doing research will help you understand the needs of your audience. Once you know what type of content they want and what they’re searching for, it should be easier to come up with creative ways to sell them something.

Justin Herring, Founder & CEO, YEAH! Local

Build a relationship with potential customers

The best way of leads conversion is to develop a relationship with your potential customers. In other words, you need to take the time to meet them where they are. Talk about the things that interest them and create an environment where they feel comfortable connecting with your company.

And content marketing is the best way to build a relationship with customers. You can create a blog or website that shares information about your industry and creates an environment where people can speak freely without feeling like they’re being sold something every time they visit. People will come back again and again because they know you care about more than just selling them a product or service.

If you have a customer database, emailing those customers with relevant posts is another great way to establish a relationship. Emails should be targeted towards people who have shown interest in your company or products in the past, but don’t send out emails blindly without any thought put into it!

Mike Sadowski, Founder & CEO, Brand24

Create a personalized experience for your customers

Your audience does not want to feel like just another number out there in cyberspace, hoping for some marketing expert to read their minds so you can win them over with your cleverly crafted message.

Your audience wants you to show them that they are getting a personalized experience regardless of how many other people you have to deal with.

When you are personalizing messages, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the message is as effective as possible. It would be best if you addressed the people by their names. You can also use information about their interests or what they have purchased in the past to personalize the message.

Finally, make sure that the tone of the message is appropriate for the person you are addressing.

Jack Zmudzinski, SEO Expert & Marketing Consultant, Future Processing

Emphasize your expertise

Many marketing experts think they know best and, as a result, try to cram as much information into their lead generation channel and content as possible.

While it may be true that the more knowledge you have about a subject, the better you will be able to speak about it, there is also such a thing as too much knowledge for a potential customer’s liking.

Potential customers would rather hear from an expert who has made mistakes so they can learn from those mistakes instead of hearing from yet another person who seems perfect but doesn’t have much real-world experience.

Being authentic means being an approachable, relatable person. You are not perfect; you’ve had your fair share of struggles—that’s what makes you who you are today! People want to hear from someone they can relate to—not some unreachable figure, whether in the form of a marketing guru or your competitor on Google search results.

You need to show that you’re human and flawed but also good enough at what you do that people will want to work with you instead of your competitors. Customers don’t want to work with someone who is always selling; they want to work with someone they can trust.

Bianka Pluszczewska, Content Marketer, Brainhub.eu

Nurture leads through email marketing

One of the best ways to lead nurturing is by developing relationships with potential and current customers. This can be done through email marketing, providing content relevant to their interests, or offering discounts or incentives to purchase a product or service.

Email marketing can be an effective way to nurture leads and convert them into customers. Businesses can improve their conversion rate by providing content relevant to their interests or offering discounts or incentives to purchase a product or service by building relationships with potential and current customers.

That said, your email message must be relevant to your audience. You can’t simply blast an email message that you’ve used before to all of the contacts in your database without targeting it for each segment. Emails must be personalized based on attributes like gender, age, location, and interests to be effective.

Antonio Wells, Director, NAMYNOT Inc.

Target the right people through lead scoring

The better way to generate leads is to target the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. This is where lead scoring comes into play. Lead scoring allows you to segment your audience by their hot-lead score, which is a value that show’s how much of a “hot prospect” they are for your business.

Some factors that go into lead scoring are:

• How much your product costs

• The likelihood the person will buy what you’re offering

• How many times they visit your website

• What they do on your website

Lead scoring helps you assign a numerical value (1-10) to each person’s interest level in whatever it is that you’re offering. You can then target this “hot prospects” group with tailored advertisements.

This strategy is helpful because it shows you which people are more likely to want what you have before even reaching out to them. It also allows you to tailor messaging and content specifically for these individuals so that they feel like the message was made just for them and leaves them feeling like they should take action now!

Michael Batalha, President, Emercury

Leverage email marketing to create a sense of urgency

One of the most effective lead generation strategies is email marketing. You could even start by sending a welcome email to new subscribers. This can help you create a sense of urgency and make people feel valued when they sign up for your newsletter.

You can also use email marketing to create an offer that will incentivize people to buy or sign up for your product. For example, if your business sells an e-book on how to do something, you could offer an incentive like a free chapter from the book or access to a webinar in exchange for an email address.

Following are some important email marketing tips that will help you to convert your leads into sales in the long term:

* Send out one or two emails every following week with updates about sales, updates about products, and new blog posts

* Offer discounts on products or services in exchange for an email address of the potential customers

* Like countdown pop ups, send email to create a sense of urgency by offering something that will expire shortly (this creates FOMO)

Dima Suponau, Marketing Consultant, Number For Live Person

Understand your customer’s needs

When trying to convert leads, it’s important to know exactly what they are looking for. If you can provide them with what they need, they are more likely to become customers.

Understanding your customer’s needs and wants allows you to personalize the sales process and make them feel like you provide them exactly what they need. This is a key factor in converting leads into customers.

To make sure that you hit the nail on the head, you should carry out some research into what your target audience’s pain points and needs are. Try speaking to them directly to find out how you can better meet their needs and wants.

For example, if your product is a performance management tool for corporate businesses, speak to business owners to learn about the difficulties they face throughout the year when managing their employees. Once you have a better understanding of your customers’ pain points, you can create content that speaks directly to their needs.

Christian Belmont, Marketing Consultant, Plixpay

Keep “em” interested with drip campaigns

Drip marketing involves sending several emails or other messages over time instead of one message at once. These messages are usually sent out within a few days and offer value to customers with each new piece of content shared.

This is yet another way to nurture leads through consistency without overwhelming them all at once with too much information or content that they aren’t ready for yet. By easing into your offers gradually, you’re giving prospects time to get comfortable with your message and potentially become a customer down the line.

And the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your drip marketing campaign is to plan it out carefully. This means mapping out all of the content you’ll be sending, when it will be sent, and what you want recipients to do as a result.

You’ll also need to create templates for the content like abandoned cart emails so that it’s easy to send out regularly and design attractive visuals that will capture attention and encourage recipients to read further.

Ryan Sartre, Marketing Consultant, Fast Accessories

Highlight testimonials

My favorite lead conversion strategy is to highlight testimonials. For a client like Fast Accessories, the customer base prioritizes reliable customer service.

What do testimonials do? The first thing that comes to mind is probably that it’s a “trust signal.” While not wrong, this neglects much of the benefit. Not only can testimonials increase trust in your brand, but they also provide greater trust in specific features that your customers value.

For example, with a client like Fast Accessories, one of the greatest customer pain points is the speed and reliability of customer service.

One way to reassure them is a headline on the page that says, “Great customer service!”

Does that sound inspiring or believable? It logically approaches the answer, but it is forgettable and reads like a generic marketing copy written by someone who knows nothing about the company.

Instead, a customer testimonial highlighting the customer service experience not only gives you the “trust signal” of customer activity but one that specifically addresses a customer pain point.

To Sum Up

The digital marketing space is such a huge universe and there’s a lot to explore. Although there are do’s and don’ts in marketing, there’s definitely no perfect format. Successful marketers have achieved their current status because of long years of experience in failing and succeeding.

If you’re afraid to try and take a leap of faith, you might just miss out terribly. Start with the basics. Perhaps, a simple popup can go a long way in getting you more leads for your business. Besides, their one of the most effective conversion strategies that marketers love for decades!

If you want to start your lead conversion journey now, consider starting with pop ups. Poptin is a free popup builder that has a user-friendly interface and customizable templates. Sign up with Poptin today!

Author Bio: Vidyarthi Ram is a digital marketer from India, specializing in SEO and Content marketing. He loves to write stories in his free time.