Accurately monitor real-time performances of your website pop ups and forms with Poptin’s built-in analytics. It helps to ensure your tactics are working and get a glimpse on how your visitors are responding. This gives you a better idea on how you can improve your lead generation strategies to acquire better results. With an easy-to-understand dashboard, you can monitor the number of visitors, views, conversions, and conversion rate depending on your specified timeline and device used.

No strings attached. No credit card required.

Track performances per device used

You have the power to monitor your performances per device. This allows you to check and analyze your audience as you think of better ways to reach them.

Available guides and descriptions

Even though you’re new to analytics, Poptin makes sure you are well-guided with helpful descriptions so you can easily understand the interface.

Unique Analytics Elements

Real-time Results

Analytics dashboard provides accurate figures and data.

User-friendly interface

Everything is easy to understand even at first glance.

Custom Time Tracking

Monitor your data based on your specified date, month or year.