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AVA Email Marketing Alternatives and Competitors

AVA Email Marketing is one of the highest-rated email marketing apps on Shopify, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect one.

While this app has excellent features and an ideal customer support service, it lacks some functions when talking about email automation.

Whether you have a big enterprise or a small startup, at least one of the apps named below can help you increase your leads, prospects, and customers.  

Here are AVA Email Marketing Alternatives:

#1 Zoho Campaigns 

Zoho Campaigns is the first email marketer on this list, and it focuses on addressing the first steps of your leads’ customer journey.

Therefore, it has features that convert marketing campaigns to leads, those leads into prospects, and those prospects to sales. 


Salesforce Automation 

When we say automate the marketing process, we mean email automation, marketing automation, support features, and even routine sales automation. You can use this feature to get, automate, and manage leads by giving them all the information you want them to get at the moment you want them to get it. 


As it happens with analytics features of other email marketing platforms, you can use the one from Zoho Campaigns to study how your business grows over time and measure the performance of your current marketing strategies and sales activities. This includes CRM reports and forecasts. 

Design Studio 

One of the things users love the most about this app is its Canvas Design Studio. People use this feature to create email template and redesign their whole Zoho CRM to something that adapts to their company. Zoho offers you to do this with a drag and drop editor, which simplifies things for beginners. 

Performance Management and Predictive Sales 

When we said Zoho Campaigns want to automate some parts of the process for you, we were talking about the Performance Management feature. Here, you can make accurate forecasts and geo-manage your customers correctly. 


  • It notifies all your customers of your newest promotions
  • Automates most parts of the marketing process for you.
  • Zoho CRM integrations allow you to work without using other apps, like Poptin


  • It has too many features, and it can be overwhelming to use them all 


  • Standard plan – $12/month billed annually 
  • Professional plan – $20/month billed annually 
  • Enterprise plan – $35/monthly billed annually 
  • Ultimate plan – $45/monthly billed annually 

Who is Zoho Campaigns for? 

We mostly recommend Zoho Campaigns to mid-sized companies and enterprises that want to expand their leads but need software that automates other parts of the process for them.

#2 ReachMail

You can see ReachMail as email assistance software that guides you through the world of marketing and helps you achieve your business goals through email marketing. 

ReachMail is useful for both experienced marketing teams and people who don’t know that much about eCommerce, so it’s a decent alternative for startups.


Marketing Automation 

This is the feature that people looking for AVA Email Marketing alternatives want to hear about. Marketing automation includes email automation, so don’t worry about having to manually send all your emails. 

Send Like a Pro

What ReachMail users know as ‘Send Like a Pro’ is the features this software has for you to create emails that can engage new leads in the best way possible regardless of how experienced you are at marketing. 

Detailed Reporting 

Analytics and statistics are crucial for you to improve your marketing strategies in the future since they tell you what you are doing right and wrong. Thus, ReachMail gives you thorough campaign reports, auto-responder reports, list reports, survey reports, and advertiser reports. 

Grow Your Audience 

Using email for business platforms helps you grow your audience and get more leads daily. ReachMail optimizes this process with customized sign-up forms, custom social media posts, segmenting and targeting features, and even automated drip campaigns with auto-responders. 


  • It’s excellent for small business owners 
  • Its email editor gives you many designs opportunities 
  • It features full marketing automation 


  • Its customer support takes some time to respond 


  • Free plan – $0/mo
  • Basic 5K plan – $9/mo 
  • Pro 5K plan – $29/mo 

Who is ReachMail for? 

ReachMail works its best for startups and small businesses that need some help to get more leads and sales. 

#3 Vertical Response 

One of the keys of email marketing is communicating with your clients in the smoothest way possible, and that’s what Vertical Response gives you.

All its features simplify the communication channels you have with clients and make emails friendlier for them and easier to send for you. 


Automated Emails

Businesses trying email marketing often struggle with leads or prospects not answering or noticing their emails. However, sending follow-up emails to all clients takes a lot of time for you, so this app sends automated follow-up emails to people who didn’t catch to see your first email. 

This feature includes auto-responders and email series.

Advanced Reporting 

Vertical Response’s Advanced Reporting feature includes deep insights on how your subscribers perceive your marketing strategies and if they are doing good at the moment. That includes how your strategies work for segmented groups and new users. 

Landing Page Builder 

Email marketers don’t often add landing page builders or editors to their features, but it’s always a good thing when they do. You can use this app’s Landing Page Builder to capture leads and show them how your company truly looks. 

Marketing teams often take a lot of advantage of this feature to create wider brand awareness. 


  • It has an effective landing page builder and editor 
  • It offers easy-to-use templates 
  • Its Advanced Reporting feature includes valuable insights 


  • Some features are too basic and not that customizable 


  • Basic plan -Starts at $11/mo (based on email list size)
  • Pro plan -$Starts at 16/mo (based on email list size)

Who is Vertical Response for? 

Vertical Response is for marketing teams of all sizes that want a platform that allows them to communicate with their customers more easily. 

#4 Moosend 

While Moosend wants to make your business grow with email marketing, its features mostly consist of marketing and email management, which helps big enterprises a lot. 


Send an Email 

As it happens with the Send Like a Pro feature from the first app on this list, Moosend offers a feature that helps you personalize and add value to your emails. The ‘Send an Email’ function includes segmentation, A/B tests, and analytics. 

Audience Management 

You can’t send emails if you don’t know your audience. Therefore, this app allows you to segment and target your audience with the latest CRM technologies.  

Marketing Automation and Growth 

Marketing automation is one of the flagship characteristics of eCommerce, so you need an app that offers you the highest level of automation.

Moosend gives you that with top-notch landing pages and subscription forms, as well as eCommerce AIs and recommendations. 


  • Subscription form templates are creative and appealing 
  • Its interface is intuitive 
  • Top-tier customer support 


  • It lacks some integrations 


  • Free Trial – 30 days 
  • Pro plan – $9/mo
  • Enterprise plan – Custom plan 

Who is Moosend for? 

Although Moosend works perfectly for small businesses, big enterprises can benefit more from its advanced features and CRM technologies. 

#5 ActiveTrail 

ActiveTrail prides itself on being an all-in-one email marketing automation app that offers you all the features you need to stop using any additional apps. That includes mobile compatibility, email templates, analytics, and page builders. 


Email Marketing Software

The Email Marketing Software feature gives you numerous templates for you to fill and send whenever you want. Personalizing them is not difficult, either. 

Landing Pages 

Landing page builders help you control the first thing your leads see when they get to you, which is a huge plus when using a marketing automation app. You only need to choose the email marketing templates you want, design your page, and publish it. 


Popups and signup forms are available for all ActiveTrail users. You can design them by yourself or use templates offered by the platform. 


  • It offers dozens of email and landing page templates
  • Creating contracts is simple 
  • It has excellent customer service


  • Its interface is difficult to understand at times


  • Basic plan – $8/mo 
  • Plus plan – $11/mo 
  • Premium – $298/mo

Who is ActiveTrail for? 

ActiveTrail is ideal for people who want appealing templates as a top priority. 

#6 SendGrid

Getting to the last app on this list, we have SendGrid. This email marketer is trusted by apps such as Uber and Spotify, and it offers outstanding inbox delivery. 


Using SendGrid gives you access to numerous features that you can classify between email marketing and email API. 

Email marketing features include automation, signup forms, email testing, statistics, and templates. As for email API, you can find in it email validation, more dynamic templates, and deliverability insights. 


  • It uses advanced technical features to improve deliverability 
  • Email API features give you a better server uptime 
  • The app’s dashboard offers valuable insights 


  • It’s too complex for beginners 


  • Free plan – $0/mo
  • Essentials plan – Starts at $14.98/mo
  • Pro plan – Starts at $89.95/mo 
  • Premier plan – Custom pricing 

Who is SendGrid for? 

SendGrid is for big enterprises that have enough funds to pay for advanced features. You need an experienced marketing team to use it. 

Bottom Line

All the apps named on this page offer a unique service that can help different companies grow and expand their leads.

However, you need to first look at which one suits you best and make the most of it.

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.