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Create Engaging Pop Ups For Your Cafe24 Store

Creating an online store comes with risks and challenges. The biggest challenges one may face include lack of infrastructure for communication, lack of staff to support e-commerce websites, cybersecurity issues, shopping cart abandonment, and many more. Converting visitors to leads, customers, and subscribers is also part of the challenge.

If you are planning to create an online store, you have probably come across Cafe24. This is one of the popular and high-performing CMS platforms today, especially in South Korea. With its almost two million K-style store owners and online shopping brands, Cafe24 is now leading Korean beauty and fashion and more other global markets.  

This allows users to create their store online, but considering the challenges associated with this pursuit, things aren’t easy as it seems. This is where pop ups become a life-saver. As an easy-to-install tool for creating high-converting website popups, Poptin launched its app on the Cafe24 platform and can now be used to increase their online store’s conversions.  

How pop ups can grow your Cafe24 website

Pop ups are considered great tools for online marketing and advertising. These somehow influence the actions and decisions of your website users and visitors. Pop ups must appear at the right time and the right audience if you really want to benefit from their full potential and increase the sales of your eCommerce website.  

According to statistics, a popup can bring an average conversion rate of 3.09%. This is actually a good opportunity to grab if you aim to take your online business to the next level. Using popups in the best way possible can work on your sales strategy effectively.  

Your online store can benefit from pop-ups in many ways, such as: 

• Reduce Cafe24 cart abandonment with exit intent

One of the biggest benefits of pop ups is reducing the rate of cart abandonment. A high percentage cart abandonment rate is faced by a lot of eCommerce businesses nowadays. It doesn’t need to be this way.

You have to combine popup with email campaigns for you to be able to bring this number down. You can effectively remind your shoppers and customers that they have quality products that await them in the cart through emails.  

However, this can be your last resort. One good option to prevent your shoppers from leaving their shopping cart in the first place is using an exit-intent popup. This type of exit popup shows up the moment a user thinks about clicking away or leaving your site, asking them if they would like to complete the order before they leave.  

So, why exit-intent? If you have never used the exit-intent pop up, then you’re missing out on a lot of great opportunities. An exit-intent popup is a big opportunity to maximize your conversion. These pop ups can be easily installed on any page, such as the shopping cart and checkout pages, and function by detecting when customers and shoppers are about to leave your page. This will eventually send a message encouraging shoppers to stay by giving them more information or offering a good deal.  

Exit-intent truly works because it demands attention. Adding this popup with a good offer to your shopping cart page indicates that every visitor attempting to abandon a cart will be allowed to convert.  

• Drive more Cafe24 email sign-ups and grow your email list

There are various ways on how you can use popups to grow your email subscribers’ list. Having an email popup with enticing offers showing up when users are scrolling down. This can show up anywhere on the page, such as the bottom, middle, or top. Gauging users’ interest is the idea behind this. Popups are definitely the best way of boosting the number of email signups on your site.  

• Boost customer engagement and shopping experience

Pop ups are not just for collecting emails but also for improving conversions and boosting the customer engagement experience. There are many ways to improve customer engagement, such as making your brand meaningful and relatable, using push notifications, focusing on retention, sharpening social media marketing, and, of course, using website pop ups as part of your business strategy.  

• Improve social media following

Popups are useful in collecting social media followers. The moment your visitors decide to leave your site, they’ll gain a clearer and better understanding of what you have to offer. Exit pop ups, in particular, can give you a high chance of turning these visitors into social media followers.  

countdown popups ecommerce valentines day pop ups

Through social pop ups, you can also motivate your webpage visitors to notice you on social media pages. You can also encourage them to like, share, and follow your content on social media with the help of applications. In such a way, you’ll be seen by numerous users.  

• Increase your eCommerce sales

Another huge benefit of using popups is increasing your eCommerce sales and boosting your revenue. Adding a sales popup to your website is an easy and quick way of convincing more visitors to stick around and finally make a purchase.

You just have to make sure that popups must relate to the page where they will appear, make them worthwhile and keep them quick yet impactful. Studies have also revealed that popups drastically increase conversion rates. The average conversion rate for all popups is about 3.09%. This is higher than the majority of PPC conversion rates.  

• Cheaper than other marketing tactics

Popups are less expensive as compared to other advertising tactics. You should therefore use pop-ups in your eCommerce store because these are proven cost-effective, some are even for FREE.

Getting people into your websites isn’t cheap, but with pop ups, you can now accomplish this without spending all your money. This is an advantage, especially for those who are just starting to create an online store.  

• Grow brand awareness and exposure

Popups are customizable, and these are the first things that users see. These are, therefore, great places to start putting your best and most impressive content to showcase your brand and tell you what your business can offer.

Since one of the objectives of eCommerce stores is to gain ultimate visibility, pop ups can help accomplish this goal. Popups play an essential role in capturing the attention of users with effective triggers and targeting options. It is something that users can’t visually ignore. If you are planning to create an eCommerce store, you can rely on popups to improve and growing your brand visibility.

Creating Your Cafe24 Popups with Poptin

In every strategy in business, it is tantamount to have a reliable and strong tool for customer retention and lead generation. This is where Poptin comes to the rescue.

cafe24 popups pop ups poptin

There might be various tools and plugins available, but creating your Cafe24 popups with Poptin gives you the confidence to achieve the desired results. Poptin is built for online marketers and eCommerce website owners seeking to boost customer engagement, get more email subscribers, reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment, capture more leads and increase sales.  

Poptin is a free lead capture platform that helps owners of websites convert more visitors to subscribers, leads, and eventually to sales using beautiful forms and popups. You can create these pop ups easily, as well as embedded forms. You can use Poptin’s drag and drop editor, customizable templates, and trigger them on how you truly want them, including pages visited, scroll, time delay, exit-intent, and more.  

Poptin’s user-friendly features for maximum conversions

All the features of Poptin are specifically designed to achieve the fullest potential of your popups and get the best possible results for your business. These awesome Poptin features play essential roles inefficiently, quickly, and easily converting visitors to subscribers, leads and sales. 

The major and most user-friendly features of Poptin you can use to maximize the fullest potential of popups are as follows:  

  • Exit-intent technology
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Over 40 customizable templates 
  • 50+ native integrations
  • Smart triggers
  • Targeting rules
  • A/B Testing
  • Autoresponders
  • Built-in analytics
  • Friendly customer support

Types of popups you can do with Poptin

  • Lightbox popups
  • Countdown popups
  • Exit intent pop-ups
  • Full-screen overlays
  • Slide-ins
  • Social media widgets
  • Video popups
  • Email forms
  • Contact forms
  • and more!

The Benefits of Using Poptin  

The key benefits of using Poptin are immense, but the major ones include the following:  

  • Unveil offers to users who plan to leave upon scrolling after few seconds of after checking a link
  • Select from a wide range of designs and a variety of overlays such as slide-in, floating bars, full screen, lightbox, and many more
  • Compare the conversion success of different poptin by testing diverse triggers, patterns, and timings  
  • The autopilot trigger of Poptin can learn website visitors’ behavior and run series of tests and eventually select the best, Poptin

These are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from Poptin. If you use this, you will surely realize more other perks and benefits that Poptin has to offer.  

How to Install Poptin in Your Cafe24 Store 

Install Poptin in your Cafe24 Store to support its sales and growth. Poptin is of great help, especially to online store owners, because it is set to expand its horizons and help these owners achieve higher conversion rates and sales.  

Installing Poptin is made easy for you. You just need to follow these steps, and you’re on your way to enjoying Poptin’s features and potential.  

Step 1: To get started, you first need to log in to your exclusive Cafe24 admin account.

Step 2: Proceed to the “Apps” section and then click the Go to Cafe24 Store button found on the top and in the right corner.  

cafe24 popups pop ups

Step 3: Click the search icon. You then need to search for Poptin and click the Poptin app.  

Step 4: Click “Install”

cafe24 popups pop ups

Step 5: To authorize Cafe24, click on the Accept button and install Poptin on your online store.  

Step 6: Make sure that the Poptin installation is verified. Proceed to the app section of your Cafe24 store and ensure that you’re able to see Poptin.

cafe24 popups

Step 7: Create your Poptin, then publish it.  

Step 8: Go to your site, and you’ll now see Poptin installed on your website.

These are the essential steps you need to follow in installing Poptin in your Cafe24 Store. For the complete help guide, click here.

Note that the steps that need to be followed concerning Poptin installation vary depending on where you plan to install Poptin. As soon as you install this successfully, you can get started using it in ways that will benefit your website and your eCommerce store as well.  


At the end of the day, you surely would want a strategy that will allow you to get better traffic and leads, then convert these to customers and sales. This is where the beauty of popups shines. Using website popups to grow your business is therefore highly recommended. Poptin is an intuitive, affordable, and feature-rich option you can use to make your online business campaign an ultimate success.  

Poptin is worth checking out. This can be a great addition to your list of digital marketing strategies and won’t fail to give you fruitful results. If you plan to create your own eCommerce store on Cafe24, or you’re an existing user who wants to boost conversions, make sure to use Poptin in creating engaging pop ups.

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