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How to Get Your Pop Up Timing Right

How to Get Your Pop Up Timing Right

When customers come across your e-commerce store for the first time, you must wait to expect them to purchase something. However, what you can do is encourage them.

With the unbelievably short attention span of customers in today’s world, you have around eight seconds to do this. 

Consumers claim they want substance but refuse to stick around for it. This is why you mustn’t waste money on popup ads that will be ignored, skipped, or avoided. 

With the correct type of encouragement towards visitors and, at the right time, you can push them towards engagement. This will allow you to build a relationship that may eventually lead to a conversation – and, ultimately, sales. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to design compelling pop ups and ensure you get your popup timing perfect. 

What are Pop ups? 

Pop ups are overlays that appear on a website at a specific time during a visitor’s browsing experience. They usually pop up over the main content to get the visitor’s attention. 

There is no doubt that pop ups are intrusive, but when used properly, they are the perfect tool to grab the attention of any visitor. Grabbing a visitor’s attention generally opens the door to a lasting relationship with your brand. 

This is why it is best to use professionally designed templates to grab customer attention. Using these templates alongside pop-up timers – relatively easy to use – you may boost email subscriptions and increase your sales, increasing revenue.

Types of Lead Generating Pop Ups

Usually, there are several types of popups, and each one has a perfect time. To increase the chances of conversion, you must use the right one based on the mindset of every visitor. 

#1 Exit-Intent Pop ups 

An exit-intent popup is for when a page visitor shows a clear intention of wanting to exit a website. To put this into perspective, it is when they move their mouse pointer towards either the close button or to go off the page. Exit-intent pop ups are a helpful attempt at recovering leads that would otherwise be lost. 

You can make the most of these popups in many ways, and because they are there to reach out to a visitor who is already on their way out of your website, you need to give them a good enough reason to stay. 

This is why you should consider using an exit-intent popup to offer visitors something that will allure them into making a purchase.

Limited-time freebies or a special discount will hopefully address any reasons that kept your shopper from checking out before. 

#2 Timed Popups 

A timed popup is precisely what it sounds like – it is a popup that appears after a visitor has been on your page for a specified amount of time. Timed pop ups are effective because they will only show your lead-generating offer to customers who have been on your site for a long time. 

If a visitor had to leave your page in five seconds, then they are most likely not be interested in your industry or company and probably would not be a significant email lead anyways. Many popup builders, such as Poptin, allow you to set the timing of your popup in little increments. 

#3 Sign-Up Pop ups 

A sign-up popup is a way of collecting information from your audience. They are a valuable tool for developing customer relationships that will hopefully lead to conversations – and repeating purchases. 

However, asking customers for their contact information is not much of a pitch, as many will want something in return. Naturally, you would like to make these email pop ups more alluring and exciting to them.

This is where the offering of benefits comes into play. You will want to give customers an incentive, such as a discount code, to get potential customers to engage with you. 

There are also many other ways in which you can increase your chances of engagement. Measuring your viewers’ behavior is a good way to ensure that you are reaching out to those more likely to be engaging. 

You can measure this by setting up pop-ups that only appear after a certain level of engagement is met, for example, after they have spent a certain amount of time on your site or after several page views.

What Is the Best Time to Display These Popups?

Being able to get your pop-up timing perfect will depend on the purpose and the content of your popup. An exit-intent popup, for example, is obviously for those visitors who have demonstrated a clear intention of wanting to leave your site. 

Therefore, these tend to work best after visitors have already added items to their cart or have viewed several products. However, the best time to display this popup proves to be a little tricker. Before asking visitors to sign-up, it helps that you ensure a certain level of engagement is met first. 

To do this right, you should use your popup timer to make pop ups appear only after visitors fulfill specific criteria. Poptin refers to these criteria as trigger options, which are namely:

Poptin Triggers

Why is Timing Important for Capturing Leads? 

Knowing exactly where you have been is a crucial step in finding your way forward, and it is no different regarding online marketing. Understanding the history of digital marketing is vital if you want to figure out how to leverage current technologies and practices. 

Before the advent of online marketing strategies, businesses relied solely on many offline strategies. These included avenues such as newspaper ad placements, sales calls, billboards, radio and TV ads, postcards, direct mail, brochures, catalogs, other print materials, and so on. 

Even today, some of these traditional marketing tools remain effective, as many companies scramble to reach as many customers as possible. The older targets of a brand’s audience may even feel more comfortable reading an ad in the physical copy of a newspaper rather than its online equivalent. 

Digital marketing refers to product and service promotion via the internet. Like traditional marketing, the goal is to create brand and product awareness among the general public. 

However, one of the most significant differences between these marketing forms is the reach they both offer. Traditional marketing, like radio and newspaper ads, may effectively target local customers.

Still, digital methods are your best bet if you are looking to attract a global market.

In some cases, they may be much more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts. Digital methods include pop ups, videos, tweets, emails, podcasts, blog content advertising, and more. 

Additionally, it has become much more difficult for a business to market its products and services to the younger generations. Often, it takes a lot of convincing to get them to commit and purchase something from you.

Pop ups and other digital marketing campaigns can help you reach and sell to them over the long term. 

Overall, digital mediums provide businesses with a far better way of staying in touch with their audience and building connections.

Why is it Important to Use Pop Ups at the Right Time?

Popups are a tricky advertising tool to master and, more so, to use effectively without irritating your customers. This is mainly because they are disruptive to a customer’s journey, even though some may argue that this is why popups are so effective. 

Regardless, for you to utilize pop-ups successfully and engage with your visitors, you need to nail your popup timing perfectly. 

Showing a popup form too soon risks losing visitors, as it is probable that they won’t have seen enough to know whether they are interested in developing a relationship with your company.

Likewise, showing a popup too late risks the chance of your customers missing you entirely. 

As previously mentioned, it is also essential to consider the intrusive nature of a popup.

By making pop ups appear too often, your business might seem too pushy. Worse, you may even come across as desperate for subscriptions, and desperation is not a good look to have. 

Next Steps

Getting your popup timing and location right does not just encourage a better conversion rate and keeps your leads from slowly dropping off. This success lies in understanding your audience and their thinking at all stages of experiencing your website. 

Having this level of insight will help you work more effectively with popup timers, increase your subscriptions, and find yourself in a much better position to drive more revenue for your business. 

You can boost your subscriptions and increase sales using perfectly timed pop ups and conversion-focused designs.

Try Poptin today and see how you can make the most of your website pop ups.

She is the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.