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Make Awesome Email Campaigns with RedCappi Alternatives

Email marketing software can help you streamline your efforts. It takes less time to create emails, and you can personalize them to your heart’s content.

RedCappi is low-cost and great for beginners. This email marketing software has a free plan, but it doesn’t offer pre-designed templates or complex/advanced features.

Therefore, you may be searching for RedCappi alternatives. We’ve made a list of the top six choices to help you figure out what email marketing tool is best for you. Check them out:

1. iContact

Those who want affordable email marketing software are sure to appreciate iContact. You can have tons of features, and it’s quite simple to use.

iContact Welcome


Whether you’re a creative person or not, you can find the right design solutions to meet your needs. When compared to other RedCappi alternatives, iContact has better deliverability rates, access to forms and landing pages, and smart sending.

Email automation is much easier with this email marketing tool. In fact, it integrates with SalesForce and many others. The best news is you can create newsletters and can have as many templates as you want in your library.

You’re going to find the A/B split testing feature to be essential. That means you can send two different emails and check to see which one is more engaging. With multi-user access and audience segmentation, you’re set for anything that you need to do.

iContact Features


  • Personalized interface
  • Easy-to-understand navigation
  • Many support options


  • Basic segmentation features
  • No email scheduling options
  • Pages load slowly


You’re going to be amazed at the forever-free plan from iContact. It lets you have 500 contacts and send 2,000 emails a month. Plus, you get a drag-and-drop editor, welcome series automation, single-hosted landing page, and email support.

Standard is the next one at $15 a month for 1,500 contacts. You get the same features from the free plan. However, there’s also live chat support, unlimited sending, and multi-use functionality.

Pro only costs $30 a month and comes with everything from Standard. You also get marketing automation, smart sending, and unlimited landing page hosting.

iContact Pricing

Who Is This For?

We believe that iContact is suitable for people who don’t want to spend tons of time learning about their email marketing software. It is perfect for startups, SMBs, and larger companies, too.

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2. Pinpointe

Pinpointe is quite easy to use, and this email marketing software can simplify your tasks. You always get quick support, and there are tons of great features to enjoy.

Pinpointe Welcome


When you use Pinpointe, you have A/B split testing. This means you can create different versions of a campaign. Select the sample groups, and send each variation. From there, you can find out which options work best for you, including time-frames and which day is ideal.

There’s also a way to track everything you do. Email marketing software needs to measure results, and Pinpointe does that effortlessly. Because it uses Google Analytics, you get to measure who’s clicking on the links, visiting your site, and much more.

Automation is the key to any email marketing campaign, and Pinpointe offers this feature. You can send automated emails based on specific actions from your customers. In fact, you can set up various drip campaigns to go out at a particular time.

Deliverability is often forgotten about when it comes to email marketing software. However, Pinpointe makes sure that your emails get to the inboxes and don’t hang out in the spam folder. Ultimately, it requires contacts to consent to get emails from you, which saves a lot of time.

Pinpointe Features


  • Easy to use 
  • Reliable (up to 99.9 percent uptime)
  • High-volume support with enterprise edition


  • Must have a business address
  • Have to use a free trial, which takes time to set up


With Pinpointe, the pricing structure is based on how many contacts you have. There are different send limits, and you can save money if you pay six months in advance.

Here is the pricing list:

Pinpointe Pricing

Who Is This For?

Though the prices aren’t that much, we feel that Pinpointe is best suited for larger companies. The enterprise solution lets people send over 10 million emails each month!

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3. Vision6

Vision6 is an email marketing software that helps you create and send your SMS and email campaigns. Because it’s so straightforward, it’s a favorite among beginners.

Vision6 Welcome


Everyone has a vision about what they want to accomplish, and Vision6 makes it easy to stay on track. You have a marketing calendar to see what needs to be done. Plus, you can give access permissions to others for full collaboration.

When it comes to designing your email marketing campaigns, there are pre-built templates. You can also customize them with the drag-and-drop editor or use HTML if you know how.

It’s so easy to personalize the email messages you send, making this a top choice when compared to other RedCappi alternatives. 

Advanced segmentation is available, so you can pick the people to send messages to. If that weren’t enough, you get real-time insights and reports to help you measure the success of your email campaign.

Vision6 Features


  • Can be customized for your needs
  • Has beautiful template designs
  • Can create emails with HTML if you know how to code


  • Quite expensive for beginners
  • Doesn’t have a lot of guided help to get started


The Starter plan is first, and it costs $9 a month for 250 contacts. With it, you can have unlimited users and audiences. You can also send 2,500 emails a day and have access to standard automation, support, and transactional emails.

Business starts at $29 a month for 250 contacts. With it, you get all the features from Starter, but you also talk to a deliverability expert, have increased sending speeds, and priority support.

Pro-Marketer is the final plan at $99 a month for 250 contacts. Every feature is opened to you, such as advanced automation, unlimited inbox testing, and one-on-one support.

Vision6 Pricing

Who Is This For?

We believe that Vision6 is ideal for SMBs, but it also works well for financial institutions, government agencies, and larger companies. However, it’s based out of Australia, so that might throw some kinks in for American-based enterprises.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is ideal for B2B and B2C marketers. Ultimately, it focuses on personalization and segmentation, but it also ensures high deliverability rates to keep you coming back for more.

ActiveCampaign Welcome


When compared to other RedCappi alternatives, ActiveCampaign seems to have it all, but it also costs more. Though you must create a list to start your email, everything is set up to be easy to follow.

Ultimately, ActiveCampaign wants you to follow specific steps when setting up your email marketing campaigns. This works well for some, but it can be a bit annoying if you like to freestyle it.

Still, you can’t deny that there is plenty of segmentation options. You can even create very concentrated conditions. For example, it’s possible to set up a list of all the people who subscribed on a particular date and from a specific location. That’s almost unheard of by email marketing software solutions.

ActiveCampaign Features


  • Advanced segmentation
  • Highly personalized for your needs
  • Sticky-help button (go directly to the article you need)


  • Limited email scheduling capabilities
  • Takes a long time to get set up
  • Must go in a fixed order to complete tasks


With ActiveCampaign, there are four pricing plans. Lite starts at $15 a month for 500 contacts. You have marketing automation, unlimited sending, subscription forms, and much more.

Plus is $70 a month for 500 contacts, and you have landing pages, contact scoring, and SMS features. If that weren’t enough, there’s custom branding for landing pages and forms.

Professional is $159 a month for 500 contacts and comes with all the features from Plus. You also get split automation, site messages, conversion reports, and predictive sending capabilities.

Enterprise is the final option at $279 a month for 500 contacts. Every feature is unlocked, which includes custom reports, custom domains, and unlimited testing for email designs.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

Who Is This For?

We believe that ActiveCampaign is most suitable for marketers who already know how to use email marketing software. It’s more advanced, and it also works great for B2C and B2B marketers because you can manage business/personal accounts.

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5. AWeber

If you want to go with a more well-known email marketing software, AWeber is the one. When compared to other RedCappi alternatives, it’s reasonably priced and easy to use. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours or days getting set up to send emails.

redcappi alternatives email marketing


There are plenty of great features to like here, such as A/B testing, segmentation, landing pages, and dynamic content. 

You’re going to like the subscriber functionality. Here, you can add a subscriber manually and customize all the fields. This can include oddball things like favorite color or favorite sports teams. Plus, AWeber auto-suggests tags and appropriate campaigns based on the entries you’ve made in the past.

With AWeber, you’ve got many ways to create an email. We are particularly excited about the artificial intelligence email builder (Smart Designer). With it, you enter your website URL, and it produces tons of templates in mere seconds. Save the ones you like and begin editing them.

AWeber Features


  • Easy-to-use automation builders
  • Contact management included
  • Advanced analytics 


  • No email preview
  • Easier navigation is needed
  • Basic email builders


With AWeber, the pricing structure focuses on how many subscribers you have. If you’ve got 500 or less, you can use the forever-free account to start growing your business.

Once you reach 500 subscribers, the price goes up to $19 a month. It then jumps to $29 a month for 2,500 subscribers, $49 a month for 5,000, and so on.

AWeber Pricing

Who Is This For?

We feel that AWeber is ideal for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a creative or eCommerce store owner. Plus, there are advanced features to satisfy the most complex email marketing campaigns.

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6. Sendlane

Sendlane markets itself as an email automation platform, but this email marketing software does so much more. It helps people manage their sales funnels from start to finish and is easy to use.

Sendlane Welcome


Those who want intuitive email marketing are sure to appreciate Sendlane. It gives you a detailed guide to get set up and prepare your email lists. Plus, you can segment the audiences to make sure that the right people see your message. 

You’re also going to get a real-time reporting tool to measure the success of your campaigns. There’s even a live counter to show clicks and opens. That way, you know what’s working and for who to incorporate that into future promotions.

There’s also smart retargeting. With that, you can automatically resend emails that never got opened by changing the subject line. It’s a great thing for digital marketers and creatives.

Sendlane Features


  • Advanced workflows (automation)
  • Landing page editor included
  • A full knowledge base of information


  • Few integrations
  • No way to instantly migrate from another email marketing software
  • High cost


The pricing structure for Sendlane is a bit confusing at first. The Starter Pack is a one-time payment of just $497. With it, you get six months of the Growth Plan, but there are also tons of training courses and help.

Growth is $99 a month, which gives you access to all the features. You also get support for onboarding and access to live chat assistance when needed. Plus, you can have 5,000 contacts.

Professional is $249 a month for 10,000 contacts. With it, you have unlimited sending capabilities and custom onboarding. You can also talk to a successful manager and get program reviews each month.

Sendlane Pricing

Who Is This For?

We believe that Sendlane is ideal for digital marketers. You can easily generate more brand awareness and get more leads through various digital channels with this email marketing software.

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Conclusion: RedCappi Alternatives

Since email marketing software is so essential for your business, you shouldn’t skimp on the features and capabilities. However, if you’re on a budget, you have to consider low-cost RedCappi alternatives.

We’ve talked about six different email marketing solutions to help you find the right one. Many of them have free plans or trials, which makes it easier to test them out. Start searching for the right email marketing software to streamline email sending.

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