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5 OptKit Alternatives to Boost Conversion Rates on Your Websites 

If you’re looking to boost conversions on your websites, there are a lot of tools and strategies that are available to help you achieve your goals. From A/B testing tools to live chat tools, analytics tools, feedback & survey tools, heatmap tools, personalization tools, and exit-intent popup tools. There are so many options for optimizing leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Pop-ups are a popular option for optimizing your conversion efforts for success. However, adding a pop-up is not as simple as just putting it on your website since you first need to design it and understand when’s the right moment to use it. 

So, how can you take the most advantage of these tools to boost conversions? You should start by using the right conversion rate optimization tool. There are many options available online. Each of them focuses on addressing a different situation. 

OptKit, for example, is ideal for people looking forward to improving their digital marketing campaigns and tracking their progress throughout your marketing campaign. Regardless of that, there are many other options available out there, so it’s up to you to pick the one that best fits your company’s styles. 

Do you want to know the best OptKit alternatives on the market? You’ve landed on the right page. Read on to know the five best options you can try if you don’t want to use OptKit for your website. 

What Is OptKit?

OptKit is a conversion optimization tool made to support big enterprises in digital marketing campaigns. You can use it to share your software goals and evaluate what you should do to improve your current efforts to engage with your target audience. 

Naturally, this includes analytics and metrics features that help you track customer satisfaction. How can using this platform help you outsell your competitors? Well, as we mentioned before, OptKit is a conversion optimization tool, so it focuses on getting your lead and turning them into sales. 

One of the main issues of many companies is they have tons of leads but don’t know how to turn them into sales. It’s meaningless to have many people talk about your website and visit it without paying for your products or services. This is when platforms such as OptKit come in handy. 

You can use this platform to understand what the current marketing trends are and develop a decent marketing campaign throughout the process. Besides that, you can compare your campaign to other teams to see what you are doing better than them or what you should learn about what they do.  

As we mentioned before, there are many ways to turn your leads into sales, and you can use more than one platform to get more conversions. Some platforms, for example, may help you create a decent contact form to talk to your customers, while others may help you put exit-intent popups on your website to show your newest promotions. 

Regardless of that, OptKit doesn’t focus on a specific feature, such as other platforms that only help you with email automation or other stuff. This platform, on the other hand, guides you throughout the conversion process and gives you the data you need to understand it. 

Best OptKit Alternatives for Boosting Conversion Rates

Now that you know more about what OptKit is about, you can feel free to browse the internet to find an alternative to it. We encourage you to do this instead of picking OptKit as your first option without checking your priorities first. 

Why do we recommend this? Because you need to know what your customer needs and what may work best for your target audience before picking an option or paying for a subscription. 

Do you want to start converting your leads into sales? These are the right OptKit alternatives to do it:

#1 Poptin 

Poptin is a conversion optimization tool you can find on the market, and although it can help you at many stages of the conversion process, it focuses on helping you use pop-ups to boost conversions on your website.

You can create slide-in popups, email popups, exit-intent pop ups or lightbox popups with this platform and decide where the pop up will show up to make sure it appears at the right time without annoying the user reading it. As for the other features this software offers, you can make embedded forms to collect website leads and get more information from your customers. 

This software allows you to create autoresponders, embedded and call-to-action forms, and you can customize them however you want in a matter of minutes. Call-to-action forms are the best option to find conversions since their main goal is to get your prospects to take action.

Autoresponders also help you stay in touch with your clients without needing to put someone on the job. You can customize the answer you want the platform to send to your customers depending on what they say or ask. 

Besides that, you can program this feature to send welcome, thank you, coupon, and link emails. Poptin also allows you A/B test your pop ups so you can determine which ones are working best to get you more sales, signups, and conversions.

#2 HelloBar 

Do you want to use another plugin that focuses on pop-ups? You should consider using HelloBar! 

This software is excellent for beginners due to how intuitive its platform is. You don’t need to be an expert to customize your pop-ups through HelloBar, but you can use it for more advanced features. 

Users can, for example, send target messages to their users. How can you know what messages to send? HelloBar helps you target your audience by device, location, and many other factors! This information is priceless, and it keeps you from sending someone a message that may make them get second thoughts about buying your products. 

HelloBar helps you create all kinds of pop-ups, but the main ones are bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and full-page takeovers.

Using this conversion optimization tool helps you turn your leads into conversions thanks to all the information it gives you before you start sending messages randomly. Hence, you can know the marketing approach that may work best for each customer. 

#3 HotJar 

While Poptin focuses on making creative pop ups like slide-ins and gamified pop ups, HotJar is your must-go option if you want to get all into analytics and tracking. 

You can’t undergo a successful marketing campaign if you don’t track it progressively. Why’s that? Because doing that tells you the things you are doing right and what you should change about your current marketing strategies. 

The first thing HotJar tells you is what the current marketing trends are to keep you from trying an old-fashioned marketing strategy that may not work now. After that, you can study what your visitors see and collect feedback from them by adding feedback widgets to your website. 

Whether it’s through forms or pop ups, you can communicate with your customers using the information HotJar gave you to tell them what they need to hear to pay for your services. Naturally, marketing approaches based on what you know your customer wants work better than just trying something before targeting your audience. 

Apart from learning what you need to do, you can also spot problems with your current customer experience and change anything you need to change before losing clients. HotJar also offers decent integrations. 

#4 OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the most popular companies focusing on pop ups, and you can use it to make lightbox popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, and many more features! You can, for example, use geolocation targeting to know what your customers may like better depending on what they need. 

How does OptinMonster help users? It does it by helping you create a visually stunning pop up to show your promotions. The average website conversion rate is 2.35% per website across all industries, but there are many ways to change that number.

People will only see your pop-up if they see something that surprises them, so you need to catch their attention as fast as you can with your pop-ups. 

#5 ConvertBox 

ConvertBox is the last conversion optimization tool on this page. Apart from just showing popups, you can embed all your marketing tools with what this software offers. You can, for example, add shopping cars, connect with messenger bots, or schedule meetings through this platform. 

You can use this platform if you want to only use one conversion optimization tool for your marketing campaign. How can this software help you with that? It does it thanks to all the different features it offers. 

Instead of focusing on several different things, ConvertBox gives you almost anything you may need to optimize your website and find more conversions. 

How to Choose the Right Alternative

The best way to choose the right alternative is to understand what your target audience wants to see and what parts of the sales funnel you want to focus your conversion optimization efforts on. If you sell your services to people who like visual marketing approaches better, pop ups are your must-go option. 

Bottom Line 

It’s challenging to find a decent marketing tool for your business due to all the options available on the market. However, once you pick the right one, you need to benefit as much as can from it. 

Try any of the tools mentioned here especially Poptin to see how your conversion rate can skyrocket.

Idongesit ‘Didi’ Inuk is a Content Marketer at Poptin. She's driven by conversations about technological products and the impact they have on the people they're created for.