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I Have Tried 3 Best OptinMonster Alternatives & Here’s My Feedback

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Are you looking for OptinMonster alternatives? Then, you landed on the right page. I have tried all OptinMonster alternatives, and I’m here to save you the time you need for research.

This blog is specifically written to give you an unfiltered and honest review of Optinmonster & its alternatives.

In this blog, I’ll share the following:

  • Criteria to choose a lead magnet/popups
  • What you can and can’t get from OptinMonster
  • 3 best OptinMonster Alternative

In the end, I’ll share the comparison table that will help you further and save you time.

Criteria to choose a lead magnet/popups

You’re choosing a lead magnet with the sole purpose of converting website visitors or engaging with them.

These are the criteria you should look at before choosing a lead magnet.

  • It should be easy to use.
  • Changing colors, sizing, and fonts to match your brand should be quickly done with those popups.
  • When you’re deciding on popup apps, do look at mobile responsiveness. Many popups apps are good with websites but not good with mobile responsiveness. 
  • Integrations with crucial email marketing tools such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Autopilot, etc.
  • Must-have features when you’re choosing a lead magnet:
    • Exit-intent technology for the right triggers
    • Scroll & time-based technology to trigger at the right time
    • Advanced targeting tools such as:
    • Ready-made templates: Many people like ready-made nice, looking popup and form templates that could help them immediately put the popup live without designing. 
    • Different kinds of popups: Not all of those popups work similarly on each page. Hence, you need different kinds of popups, such as:
      • Lightboxes
      • Top and bottom bars
      • Poptins specially designed for mobile
      • Gamified popups (spin the wheel, scratch cards, and pick a gift pop ups)
      • Countdown popups
      • Full-screen overlays
      • Slide-in
    • A/B Testing: Marketing isn’t done well if you have not done A/B testing. It is a must-have feature for marketers to know which popup, copy, images, and messaging work better.
    • Analytics: You should be able to analyze and understand how different popups are performing based on different pages, triggers, and more. Without analytics, a popup app is incomplete.
    • Inline Forms: Inline forms are a subtle way of asking for emails without disrupting the user experience. 

See the full list of Poptin features here.

What you CAN and CAN’T get from OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a great lead magnet. They’ve recently updated their UI with analytics. 

With OptinMonster, you can enjoy these advanced features…

OptinMonster has exit-intent technology, geo-location targeting, a coupon wheel option, and an inactivity sensor. The best part is that you have sub-accounts and can host multiple websites under one. Also, it has Shopify, WordPress, and Google Tag Manager platform integrations.

…but you might miss out on some of these:

OptinMonster does not offer a free trial or free version, which most customers really want. Its custom branding/watermark can only be removed from its most expensive plan subscription. The basic plan doesn’t include relevant features such as A/B testing, inline forms, location-based triggering, and device targeting.

In terms of pre-made templates, their page features mostly conventional designs that may not be suitable for those businesses looking for more versatile and creative templates. But what’s nice about their editing platform is that you can freely utilize its diverse customization features. You just need to make a little effort to learn its interface on your own.

Moreover, OptinMonster’s customer support often takes a while to respond and address a particular issue. This might be because they cater to several customers at a time, however, if you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have the luxury of time, this might not be the perfect fit.

If you can’t afford to miss these key features, this article will give you OptinMonster Alternatives that you can try!

Poptin – The Smart Popup Tool (Free)

Poptin - popup builder

I’ve been using Poptin, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Here are some reasons why:

Poptin Feature Overview

Interface: It’s the easiest to use for non-programmers

Customer Support: They have a live chat, and my problems are resolved immediately.

Pricing:  Free for some, then starts at $20/month (the best part)

They have all the features I need without compromising the basic features such as A/B testing, Inline forms, location-based & device triggering.

Talking about the features, you can see all the features available in the free plan here.

Poptin has all the Integrations, such as:

  • MailChimp Integration
  • Constant Contact Integration
  • iContact Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Nutshell Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Poptin has more than 60+ integrations. More information on it is here 👉 Poptin Integrations

Why Poptin is a better OptinMonster Alternative?

Poptin is a user-friendly lead generation software that allows users to create visually appealing popups and forms. These opt-ins enable businesses to engage with more visitors, boost customer retention, rescue abandoned carts, improve email lists, and skyrocket sales.

With the help of Poptin’s advanced features, you can maximize the potential of your opt-ins and increase your conversions faster.

Here are some of the top-of-the-mind points for you: 

  • It’s easier and faster to use
  • It has 40+ fully responsive templates
  • Poptin puts a priority on customer support
  • Poptin has a FREE plan
  • Poptin has all the essential features compared to OptinMonster
  • Their interface is modern and intuitive
  • It has various templates for any purpose
  • Poptin supports marketers and digital agencies
  • You can add any number of domains
  • You can use a popup with Poptin without opt-in, too (OptinMonster does not let you do that). 
  • Accessibility – Poptin popups have auto-focus, accessibility aria tags, ready for screen readers, etc.
  • You can treat the mobile version differently than the website version.
poptin popup builder - optinmonster alternative

With these Poptin features, you can decide if this is the right time to try this alternative. I’ll add a comparison table at the end to further help.

Meantime, if this convinces you, then try Poptin for free!

Sumo – The Email List Building Tool (Free)

Sumo is probably as old as OptinMonster. 

Sumo is also very user-friendly and has good design flexibility. They divide popups based on goals and have manual mode offering granular control over form visibility.

The great thing about Sumo is also that you can start using it for free.

Click-trigger popup is fantastic because it waits for user behavior. I love that Sumo feature. 

Sumo_optinmonster alternative

The focus on user behavior and activity type of features is excellent.

Sumo’s limitations

How many integrations do they have in the free plan? Many features are unclear on their pricing, which you only understand once you subscribe.

The design editor takes a little time to understand, and only a few integrations are available in the free plan. You will quickly outgrow the free plan.

They call the “smart-mode” feature only exit intent, so advanced triggering is not available in the free plan. Also, the A/B testing kind of essential feature is not available in the free plan.

They do have better customer support than OptinMonster.

You should choose Sumo if:

  • You are okay with basic integrations
  • You’re looking for the free or cheaper alternative of OptinMonster
  • You do not need A/B testing or advanced trigger (Poptin is way better here)
  • Accessibility and mobile versions are not a priority 
  • If you need a simple tool with various types of popups
  • Limited designs
  • If you want a simple tool that helps you with fundamental user triggers and support

Since Sumo uses the freemium model, you’ll have access to all their tools, but there will be several restrictions, such as:

  • 200 subscribers limit
  • Limited templates
  • Basic email integrations
  • Essential email support (no live support)
  • Basic visitor targeting
  • Less control over the design

Some of the other cool features they have, such as Heatmap, image sharer & highlighter, and discovery app for me, are nice to have. 

Sumo is an excellent Optinmonster alternative. It’s great for content marketing and list building.

Perhaps, this helps you to choose a better alternative.

If you’re in eCommerce & Shopify, perhaps Vitals will help- Lightweight All-in-One with a Popups feature.

Sleeknote – The Enterprise Ready Popup Software

Sleeknote probably has the best website design of all. It’s even more feature-rich and must have more integrations than OptinMonster.

Sleeknote - optinmonster alternative

Sleeknote gives you several use cases to use such kinds of popups like the image below:

Sleek is focused more on E-commerce Marketers. So, if you have a considerable number of visitors, look no further. Sleeknote is your answer.

Also, their pricing page validates the same assumption.

Sleeknote_optinmonster alternative

Why is Sleeknote a better alternative than OptinMonster?

 Here are some of the reasons:

  • Sleeknote performance comparison & goal tracking are advanced features that nobody has
  • It has the most significant amount of templates out there
  • More customizable templates and popup positioning
  • You can show teasers and social proof
  • It has interactive elements such as radio buttons and dropdowns
  • It has the most amount of customizable elements to add
  • It has the most significant amount of triggering and segmenting features
  • It has the most number of integrations

You probably won’t need that many features if you’re a small business or an agency.

There’s no freemium model, but you have 7 days trial for all features.

However, it’s one of the best contenders in terms of features as OptinMonster Alternatives.

As promised, here’s the table below to give you an overview.

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 12.56.40

To Sum Up

All the tools have different features, markets, personalities, and benefits. If you’re considering an OptinMonster alternative, then here are the reasons why you should choose these tools:

  • Poptin: A free tool, feature-rich, 40+ integrations, the best customer support, and beautiful templates.
  • Sumo: A free tool with limited features and subscribers, easy to use, and basic integrations.
  • Sleeknote: Enterprise software for E-commerce marketers with all the features possible and high website traffic companies.

If some way or the other, this article has convinced you to try Poptin – Give Poptin a Try. It’s free, and your first 1000 views are on us. 

Aazar Ali Shad is an entrepreneur, growth marketer (not a hacker), and a seasoned SaaS guy. He loves writing content and sharing what he learned with the world. You can follow him on Twitter @aazarshad or aazarshad.com